Medical Marijuana: The Future of Breast Cancer Therapy?

Summary: Breast cancer accounts for 30% of all cancers in women worldwide Studies show that the compounds found in marijuana (cannabinoids) have anti-tumor properties in a variety of cancers Evidence suggests that cannabinoids have the potential to treat all 3 types of breast cancer A combination of conventional and cannabinoid-based treatments may be more powerful … Read moreMedical Marijuana: The Future of Breast Cancer Therapy?

Indica vs. Sativa: What’s the Difference?

Photo via DevianArt Cannabis has two main species, indica and sativa, each with their own unique characteristics and a distinctive high. Anyone who uses marijuana likely knows that there are various strains available with different benefits and effects. Yet, what some novice users may not know is the role that indica and sativa play. Learn … Read moreIndica vs. Sativa: What’s the Difference?

Does Marijuana Cause Lung Damage?

Summary: Marijuana and tobacco smoke contain similar cancer-causing compounds Marijuana smoke also contains anti-cancer and anti-tumor compounds known as cannabinoids (eg. THC and CBD) Studies show that regular marijuana use does not harm lung function or lead to lung cancer Experts believe THC may have a protective effect on the lungs Marijuana smokers are still … Read moreDoes Marijuana Cause Lung Damage?

Marijuana and ADHD: The 2019 Facts

Summary: ADHD affects up to 9% of children and 5% of adults ADHD is commonly treated with stimulants, such as Ritalin and Vyvanse Marijuana works similarly by raising dopamine levels in the brain Studies suggest medical marijuana may be an effective alternative Some doctors have already begun prescribing marijuana to patients with ADHD – … Read moreMarijuana and ADHD: The 2019 Facts

Can Marijuana Treat Anxiety Disorders?

Summary: Ancient Indian medicine was the first to suggest that marijuana could reduce anxiety Regular marijuana users report that cannabis helps to lower anxiety levels On the other hand, panic attacks occur frequently in new users Studies show that low doses of THC can reduce anxiety, but high doses seem to increase anxiety CBD has … Read moreCan Marijuana Treat Anxiety Disorders?

Medical Marijuana and Chronic Pain

Summary: Chronic pain affects 10% of the Canadian and US population Chronic pain is defined as pain that last over 6 months or past the expected recovery time Chronic pain may be a symptom of a variety of underlying conditions Scientific evidence has found medical marijuana to have powerful pain-relieving properties 84% of medical marijuana … Read moreMedical Marijuana and Chronic Pain