Can Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil? Here’s What You Should Know

Can truck drivers use CBD oil?

Marijuana continues to be a really hot topic across the country. With its medical and recreational use now being considered legal in a number of states, you probably have the same questions as most people: Can you use CBD products when working? Will it show up in a random drug screen? And with reports of … Read moreCan Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil? Here’s What You Should Know

5 Differences Between CBD and THC


It has been noted that there has been a rising quest for natural drugs, cannabis compounds like CBD and THC. These two substances are turning to be gradually famous because of their vast range of health benefits.
The two elements may be confused by some individuals that they have the same effect on your body. On this pretty fascinating article, it reveals that CBD and THC compounds are not similar.

What is THC

THC is the primary psychoactive substance of the cannabis plant. THC is the principal agent which is accountable for generating the high connected compound with recreational cannabis use.
THC operates by mimicking the impacts of anandamide and 2-AG. These neurotransmitters are created naturally by the individual and assist in modulating eating and sleeping habits. Also, it helps in recognizing pain, and other limitless bodily functions.

Impacts of THC include:

• Lessening fatigue
• Altered senses of hearing, sight, and smell
• Reducing Aggression

The Natural Benefits of THC

• Fighting cancerous cells in the body
• Combating the sclerosis illness
• THC boosts the immune of the body
• THC compound lessen the occurrence of tremors in your body
• It overcomes vomiting and nausea symptoms
• It reduces chronic pain in the body
• THC helps greatly in digesting any kind of food in your body

What is CBD

Cannabidiol is one of the essential cannabinoids comprises in the plant of cannabis. It subsists both in medical cannabis and also in agricultural hemp. Cannabis is the only type of plant that contains CBD.

CBD has dissimilar atoms arrangement compared to THC. CBD does not create a psychoactive effect while THC produces. When you take medical compounds containing CBD, you will have high chances of getting relief of your undesirable discomforts.

The Medical Benefits of CBD

CBD is hugely useful in the following:

• Fighting epilepsy
• Lessening pain in the body
• Reducing the occurrence of Sclerosis
• CBD strengthens your bones
• Reduces stress
• CBD reduces any mental stress or depression
• Fights the occurrence of heart illnesses
• CBD overcomes Nausea

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CBD Oil versus THC Oil: Side Effects

CBD Oil is accessible, even in bigger doses. According to the research done, it shows that the CBD Oil side effects are probably due to drug-drug interactions between other medications and CBD you may be taking in your body.

THC Oil causes temporary side effects, such as:

• Increased rate of the heart
• Problems of coordination
• Brings red eyes
• It slows the rate of bodily reaction in the body
• THC can result in memory loss

High consumption of THC oil can lead to long-term negative psychiatric impacts. This is particularly manifested in adolescents who take a large quantity of THC oil. The increased amount of THC oil brings mental disorders, like schizophrenia.

CBD versus THC Effects

The compound that is contained in Marijuana CBD is popularly used in different communities, for its purported health usefulness. A new survey has manifested that marijuana’s primary active ingredient THC the one that makes users feel so high- may result in the plant’s therapeutic impacts.

The research that was done by competent experts’ shows that higher THC levels were powerfully connected with evaluated symptom relief. Oppositely, CBD levels were not associated with symptom relief.

CBD has medical significance while THC usually makes one high, results suggested that THC may be more useful than CBD in creating therapeutic benefits. According to an investigation carried between CBD versus THC effects shows that; THC levels is highly connected with symptom relief.

THC levels were also connected to both negative and positive effects. The adverse side effects of THC include dry mouth and feeling foggy while the positive effects of this compound include feeling peaceful and relaxed.

CBD levels were usually not connected with researched symptom relief or impact effects.

In the comparison of CBD versus THC, it’s apparent that the two elements are broadly different. They interact with the receptors of the human body, but they give dissimilar impacts.

THC has the following Positive Effects on the user:

• Analgesic: It lessens inflammation
• Relaxing: brings a sense of well-being and relaxation
• Sleepiness: Triggers Sleep
• Euphoria: results in the body being high
• Appetite Drug: increases the urge to eat

CBD Positive Effects

• Anti-inflammatory: CBD fights pain and inflammation
• Anticonvulsant: It tries to overcome seizure activity
• Antiemetic: Lessens vomiting and nausea
• Antipsychotic: overcomes psychosis
• Anti-oxidant: it combats neurodegenerative illnesses
• Anti-depressant: CBD overcomes depression and anxiety
• Anti-tumoral: fights cancer and tumor cells
• Neuro-protective: CBD compound probably protects neurons in the brain

THC compound: is used in treating stress, depression, pain, sleep apnea, or nausea as well as combating the side effects of spinal injuries, numerous sclerosis, AIDS, chemotherapy, or glaucoma.
CBD compound: on the other hand CBD is used in treating anxiety, inflammation, depression, or stress, while also is used to fight arthritis, cancer, schizophrenia, migraines, and epilepsy.

CBD versus THC Chart

cbdthc chartAccording to various charts that has been made between CBD and THC Chart shows the following:
-CBD is obtained from both industrial hemp plants and cannabis plants, while THC compound is got from cannabis plants.
– CBD versus THC chart shows that; CBD fights depression and anxiety while THC relieves inflammation and pain.
-CBD suppresses activity of seizure while THC brings a sense of well-being and relaxation.
-According to CBD versus THC chart shows that CBD overcomes degenerative illnesses while THC induces sleep.
-CBD versus THC chart reports that CBD compound has long-term and immediate impacts which appear to be minimal. THC element have long-term and acute adverse impacts on the brain parts that are useful for memory and learning.


The term cannabinoids is defined as every chemical compound; the substances make up the plants marijuana and hemp. Cannabinoids are extracted from the Marijuana plant that comprises THC which make the users feel so high.

Cannabinoids give relaxation and euphoric feelings. They also contribute to memory and attention to your body. This element joins the cannabinoid receptors to the human brain and body. It has similar impacts to those created by the Cannabis Sativa L plant.

Benefits of Cannabinoids

The following are the well-known benefits of cannabinoids.

• Lessens anxiety
• Reduces pain and inflammation in your body
• Cannabinoids control vomiting, and nausea by chemotherapy
• Cannabinoids kill any cancerous cells and slow tumor growth
• It stimulates appetites and improves weight especially to people living with AIDS.

Cannabinoid Addiction and Abuse

The cannabinoid is stimulants that share powerful agents got in Cannabis. They are vastly becoming legal in most of the countries but may become addictive to the users.

Wrapping Up

CBD and THC share numerous similarities, but they also have dissimilar differences. Neither THC nor CBD is better than the other. THC is highly dominantly got in marijuana, CBD is profoundly got in hemp. THC and CBD function in your body to lessen an excess of various symptoms and ailments. THC highly contain psychoactive elements while CBD is not.

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