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  • chemotherapy-pain-cannabis-08-20
    Cannabis Medicine Relieves Pain From Chemotherapy – Medical marijuana is commonly used for nausea relief by patients undergoing chemotherapy. Now research shows that it can help manage the painful side effects of cancer drugs as well. Published online in the Journal of...

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  • bone-cancer-marijuana-cover-07-24
    Marijuana Could Treat Pain From Bone Cancer, Research Shows – Pain is a common reason for cancer patients to use medical marijuana. And while pain can accompany almost any form of cancer, patients with bone cancer tend to experience the most severe and difficult-to-treat pain...

    • Posted 1345 days ago
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  • acupuncture-marijuana-cover1-07-17
    Scientists Finally Explain How Acupuncture Works… And It’s Related To Marijuana – Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years and so has medical marijuana. But the two haven’t been connected until now, thanks to a group of outside-the-box thinkers at a university in China. Their findings,...

    • Posted 1352 days ago
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  • Younger patients find cannabis more useful for emotional relief
    ‘Thank God For Pot’: 1 In 4 HIV Patients Use Marijuana To Cope – Patients living with HIV are using marijuana not only for symptom relief, but to deal with stress as well says a recent study. Published last week by the National Institutes of Health, the findings suggest...

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  • John Berfelo finds marijuana more effective than pills
    B.C. man gets off painkillers with marijuana

    Source: Vancouver Sun John Berfelo had always been what he calls “a recreational smoker.” But after falling 8.5 metres onto concrete, he credits marijuana with not just getting him high, but saving his life. In 2005, the...

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  • The cause of migraines is still unknown
    Medical Marijuana For Migraines? – Migraines are a severe form of headache that are estimated to affect 15% of the worldwide population. Patients describe the attacks as throbbing sensations in a specific area of the head, usually accompanied by nausea,...

    • Posted 1373 days ago
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  • Stomach ulcers are a common side effect of NSAIDs
    Study: THC May Block Gastric Side-Effects of Common Painkillers – New research suggests that THC could be used to prevent dangerous side effects associated with a common class of painkillers. The study, published by researchers at West Virginia University’s Department of Psychology, shows that low...

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  • Parkinson's affects 1% over the age of 60 and 4% over 80.
    Study: Smoked Marijuana Provides Relief in Parkinson’s Disease – Medical marijuana could be effective at relieving symptoms in Parkinson’s disease, according to early findings from an Israeli clinical trial. Reported by Medpage Today, a group of Tel Aviv University researchers presented data at an...

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  • diabetes-marijuana-06-12
    Marijuana and Diabetes – Diabetes mellitus (also known as primary diabetes) affects approximately 8.3% of the US population and 6.8% of Canadians. In 2007, diabetes contributed to over 200,000 deaths in the US alone. Although the early development of...

    • Posted 1387 days ago
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  • vet-recommends-pot-05-06
    Vet recommends medical marijuana for pets in pain

    Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer LOS ANGELES – Until she introduced “magic cheese” to her sick and aging bulldog, Laura Bugni-Daniel watched him suffer for two years. He’d spend his days lying down or throwing up. Today, at age...

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