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  • juicing-raw-cannabis-cover-07-07
    The Health Benefits of Juicing Cannabis – Cannabis is one of the most versatile plants that exists on this planet, but separating its health benefits from ‘getting high’ remains a challenge. However, some say there is a simple solution. The solution is...

    • Posted 1362 days ago
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  • Terpenes make up 10% of trichomes
    Marijuana and Terpenes: An Overview – Ever wonder why Orange Kush smells so citrusy or why Blueberry actually tastes like blueberries? Smell and taste happen to be two of the most distinctive features of many cannabis varieties, yet neither has anything...

    • Posted 1385 days ago
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  • marijuana-combat-aging-06-03
    Can Marijuana Help Combat Brain Aging? – While there are many health products that make claim to having antioxidant and anti-aging properties, none come close to the benefits of cannabis. As studies have shown, cannabinoids – the active chemicals in marijuana –...

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  • Image source
    Self-Medicating: What Is It? – Have you ever heard someone refer to their drug habit as ‘self-medicating’? Well, it certainly sounds better than having an addiction. Before passing any judgment on this topic, it’s important to note that health experts...

    • Posted 1466 days ago
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  • Shelled hemp seeds. Image source
    Hemp Seeds: Nature’s Superfood – ‘Superfood’ has become a popular term in the health food industry used to describe foods that are low in calories and high in nutrients. But when it comes to determine what foods fall under this...

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  • vaporizers-01-28
    How Vaporizers Can Improve Your Health – Vaporizers seem to be growing increasingly popular, especially as the fight for medical marijuana takes center stage and consumers of all categories drift towards a more health-conscious lifestyle. But just what is a vaporizer and...

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  • munchies-11-22
    Why Does Marijuana Cause The Munchies? – It is a well known fact that marijuana stimulates hunger, usually resulting in the ferocious consumption of potato chips and other snack foods – a phenomenon known as the “munchies”. But what is it about...

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  • marijuanawithdrawal-11-09
    Marijuana Withdrawal: What to Expect When Quitting – Symptoms of withdrawal are common to all major substances of abuse, including marijuana. However, cannabis withdrawal has been traditionally overlooked as a condition due to the mild nature of its symptoms and is not outlined...

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  • braindamage-11-01
    Does Marijuana Cause Brain Damage? – Many people still believe that marijuana kills brain cells and that chronic use will eventually lead to brain damage. This frightening belief was popularized in the 1970s when Ronald Reagan famously stated, “the most reliable...

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  • Image source
    Cannabis: A Powerful Antioxidant – Antioxidants have received growing public attention in recent years, thanks in part to aggressive marketing of their numerous health benefits. Blueberries, blackberries and raisins have long been touted as health foods rich in antioxidants, but...

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