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  • arizona-boy-marijuana-cov-09-04
    5 Year Old Arizona Boy Approved For Medical Marijuana – Zander Welton may be the youngest patient to use medical marijuana in Arizona. Last week, Zander’s family received a license from the state government, allowing them to purchase marijuana as a treatment for their child’s...

    • Posted 1303 days ago
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  • cannabis-stops-seizures-cov-08-15
    Cannabis Extract Stops Seizures, Study Shows – Scientists in the UK have shown for the first time that natural cannabis can be used to combat seizures. The results were published online in the British Journal of Pharmacology late last month. Using a...

    • Posted 1323 days ago
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  • sanjay-cannabis-cbd-cov-08-14
    Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Whole Cannabis Is Better Than Just CBD (Or THC) – Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent and accomplished neurosurgeon, recently became a medical marijuana advocate after many years of fighting against it. His change of heart came while filming the documentary “WEED”, which premiered...

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  • toronto-couple-cover-07-22
    Parents of Epileptic Toddler Want More Marijuana Research, Funding Cut 7 Years Ago – A Toronto couple is asking the Canadian government to sponsor research on medical marijuana for kids, which they believe could save their daughter’s life. Kaitlyn Pogson is nine-months-old and suffers from a rare form of...

    • Posted 1347 days ago
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  • epilepsy-marijuana-07-01
    Medical Marijuana and Epilepsy – Epilepsy affects approximately 50 million people worldwide, causing frequent and unpredictable seizures that cannot be cured. While long-term drug therapy can help most patients control their seizures, about 30% of cases are resistant to standard...

    • Posted 1368 days ago
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  • parents-epileptic-delays-06-22
    Parents of epileptic N.J. tot lament medical marijuana delays

    Source: The Inquirer A 2-year-old with a bouncy pigtail and colorful eye patch may be the youngest patient to obtain a medical-marijuana card in New Jersey. Children in the state who suffer serious ailments can legally use...

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  • THC was given at doses 1,000-10,000 times lower than a regular joint.
    Study: Low Doses of THC May Fight Brain Damage – New findings suggest that THC could provide protection from brain damage associated with epileptic seizures, lack of oxygen and exposure to toxins like carbon monoxide. Marijuana’s effect on the brain has been debated by health...

    • Posted 1400 days ago
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  • Brandy Zink uses medical marijuana to control her epilepsy
    Legal questions cloud medical marijuana use in Michigan

    Source: Toledo Blade DETROIT – Brandy Zink stammers, repeating words over and over before she’s able to complete a thought. Sometimes she suddenly tastes or smells food. It’s small things that signal the onset of her seizures....

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  • gov-christie-responds-05-20
    Gov. Christie said he’s ‘not inclined to allow’ children in N.J. medical marijuana program

    Source: New Jersey’s medical marijuana law states the program is open to minors, but Gov. Chris Christie said today he is “not inclined to allow” children to participate. “I’m very concerned, if we go down this...

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  • Two year old Vivian Wilson in her Scotch Plains home.
    Relief elusive for N.J.’s youngest medical marijuana patient

    Source: Two-year-old Vivian Wilson sleeps with a heart and oxygen monitor attached to her toe. When she wakes up, the toddler must wear an eye patch and be kept from direct sunlight. An overnight bag, oxygen...

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