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  • cannabichromene-brain-grow-cov-08-20
    Cannabichromene In Marijuana Helps Brain Grow, Study Shows – Contrary to popular belief, the brain doesn’t stop growing after reaching a certain age. In fact, brain cells are constantly being generated in adults through a process called neurogenesis. Now groundbreaking research from Italy shows...

    • Posted 1312 days ago
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  • facial-benefit-thc-cov-08-12
    Recognizing Facial Expressions: A Surprising Benefit Of THC – The ability to recognize how someone else is feeling by their facial expression is essential to how we interact as humans. And interestingly enough, cannabis users may have an unique advantage – according to new...

    • Posted 1320 days ago
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  • chronic-stress-marijuana-cov-07-29
    Marijuana Protects Brain From Chronic Stress, Study Finds – Stress can have an obvious impact on your emotions, but did you know it can also change the way your brain functions? Suffering from stress not only puts you at higher risk of conditions like...

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  • depression-marijuana-sleep-2-07-15
    Why Patients With Depression Use Marijuana: It Helps Them Sleep – Doctors have long been wary of the link between depression and marijuana use. While some accuse marijuana of being a cause for depression, others think of it as an effective form of self-medication. But as...

    • Posted 1348 days ago
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  • Image source
    Marijuana For Bipolar Disorder – Bipolar disorder may be one of the world’s oldest known illnesses with records of its existence dating back thousands of years. But today, doctors are faced with a greater challenge when it comes to treating the...

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  • ADHD affects 5% of adults but is mostly diagnosed in children. Image source
    Marijuana and ADHD: The Facts – Irritability, anxiety, depression, insomnia and mood swings. These problems may seem like just a part of everyday life for some people, but they also happen to be symptoms of a condition known as attention deficit...

    • Posted 1453 days ago
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  • marijuana-neurogenesis-03-30
    Marijuana and Neurogenesis: What’s It All About? – Contrary to popular belief, research continues to show that marijuana does not kill brain cells. In fact, recent studies shine a more positive light on the effects of marijuana on the brain, suggesting that it...

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  • Up to 15% sufferers of depression commit suicide. Image source
    Can Marijuana Help Manage Depression? – A link between marijuana use and depression is often suggested, as studies show that marijuana users are more likely to suffer from depression. However, research suggests depression is not directly caused by marijuana use. Instead,...

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  • Tourette's syndrome is most prevalent in young children. Image source
    Medical Marijuana and Tourette’s Syndrome – In 1884, a French neurologist published an account of 9 patients with similar symptoms of an unknown disorder that he dubbed “maladie des tics“. His name was Georges Gilles de la Tourette and his early...

    • Posted 1518 days ago
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  • donald-abrams-11-29
    Interview with Dr. Donald Abrams: AIDS, Pain and Cannabis Expert – Donald I. Abrams, MD, is a leading expert on the use of medical marijuana for the treatment of AIDS. He has seen and experienced its benefits firsthand through his involvement with some of the first...

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