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  • new-zealand-lessons-cov-08-23
    How To Deal With Drugs: Lessons From New Zealand – Here’s a simple solution: Legalize them. And that’s exactly what New Zealand did last month to address the problem of synthetic drugs. While its too early to tell how the country’s strictly regulated industry will...

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  • kids-marijuana-right-cov-08-21
    Medical Ethicist: Marijuana For Kids Is ‘Absolutely Right’ – What makes marijuana less safe for kids than pharmaceutical drugs with well known side effects? Nothing, according to medical ethics expert Arthur Caplan, Ph.D. The ethicist outlined his opinion on the hotly debated issue –...

    • Posted 1317 days ago
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  • new-jersey-gov-cov-08-16
    New Jersey Gov. Delays Medical Marijuana Access For Kids – On Friday, Governor Chris Christie conditionally vetoed a bill that would allow children easier access to medical marijuana in New Jersey, reports CNN. He said the bill went further than he expected. However, Christie said...

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  • child-proof-marijuana-cover-07-25
    Child-Proof Packaging: Is It Necessary For Marijuana? – Child-proofing may not be a top priority of many who use marijuana, perhaps for good reason. While over-the-counter medicines like Tylenol can be lethal when taken in large quantities, marijuana doesn’t seem to pose that...

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  • parents-marijuana-safety-cover-07-16
    What Do Parents Think of Legal Marijuana? Safety First, Says Survey – With a legal market for marijuana on its way in Washington and Colorado, parents are beginning to wonder how legalization might impact their children. While it’s no secret that marijuana can easily be bought on...

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  • epilepsy-marijuana-07-01
    Medical Marijuana and Epilepsy – Epilepsy affects approximately 50 million people worldwide, causing frequent and unpredictable seizures that cannot be cured. While long-term drug therapy can help most patients control their seizures, about 30% of cases are resistant to standard...

    • Posted 1368 days ago
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  • parents-epileptic-delays-06-22
    Parents of epileptic N.J. tot lament medical marijuana delays

    Source: The Inquirer A 2-year-old with a bouncy pigtail and colorful eye patch may be the youngest patient to obtain a medical-marijuana card in New Jersey. Children in the state who suffer serious ailments can legally use...

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  • Mykayla Cormstock is a 7-year-old leukemia patient who uses medical marijuana.
    Is Medical Marijuana Safe For Children and Teens? – Success stories of medical marijuana use in children range from the treatment of behavioral disorders such as autism and ADHD to life-threatening conditions such as epilepsy and cancer. But while a growing number of doctors...

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  • child-proof-brownies-05-29
    Pot Brownies Should Be Childproofed, Doctors Say

    Source: National Public Radio As some states become friendly to medical marijuana, many users are opting to eat their pot instead of smoking it. And that means marijuana dispensaries are doing heavy business in brownies, cookies, sodas,...

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  • gov-christie-responds-05-20
    Gov. Christie said he’s ‘not inclined to allow’ children in N.J. medical marijuana program

    Source: New Jersey’s medical marijuana law states the program is open to minors, but Gov. Chris Christie said today he is “not inclined to allow” children to participate. “I’m very concerned, if we go down this...

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