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  • anorexia-brain-marijuana-cov-09-08
    Study Explains Relationship Between Anorexia, The Brain and Marijuana – It’s no secret that marijuana helps to increase appetite, but its potential to treat anorexia may not be that simple. What scientists now know is that anorexia actually leads to changes in the brain –...

    • Posted 1299 days ago
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  • schizophrenia-memory-marijuana-cov-08-15
    Marijuana Linked To Better Memory, Brain Function In Schizophrenia – Marijuana may offer a number of benefits to patients with schizophrenia, according to new research out of Canada. Published online in the journal Psychiatry Research, the study found that heavy marijuana users performed better on...

    • Posted 1323 days ago
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  • cbd-brain-deficits-cov-08-14
    CBD May Reverse Brain Deficits In Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s – Scientists have identified a role of cannabidiol (CBD) in countering chemical imbalances in the brain, which they say could be useful in treating a number of disorders. The chemical in question is iron. Despite being...

    • Posted 1324 days ago
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  • facial-benefit-thc-cov-08-12
    Recognizing Facial Expressions: A Surprising Benefit Of THC – The ability to recognize how someone else is feeling by their facial expression is essential to how we interact as humans. And interestingly enough, cannabis users may have an unique advantage – according to new...

    • Posted 1326 days ago
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  • marijuana-aggressive-study-cov-08-11
    Marijuana Makes You Less Aggressive? Study Explains Why – In 1972, a report from the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse identified a major difference between marijuana and alcohol use. That is, marijuana probably won’t throw you into a drunken spiral of rage...

    • Posted 1327 days ago
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  • cannabinoid-pharmacologist-research-cov-08-08
    Interview: Robert Laprairie Talks Cannabinoids And Huntington’s – Robert Laprairie studies an unique class of compounds known as cannabinoids and how they interact with different systems of the body – work that he describes as ‘cannabinoid pharmacology’. Currently a Ph.D candidate at Dalhousie...

    • Posted 1330 days ago
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  • research-marijuana-anxiety-cov-08-06
    Marijuana Research Paves Way For New Anti-Anxiety Drug – Marijuana and anxiety have a complicated relationship. While anxiety can sometimes be a side effect of using the substance – especially in new users – others find marijuana helpful for relieving anxiety. But researchers at...

    • Posted 1332 days ago
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  • cannabis-cognitive-effect-cov-08-06
    Cannabis Has No Negative Effect On Brain Or Mood: Study – On Monday, GW Pharmaceuticals announced the results of a 12 month follow up study confirming that Sativex – an oral spray made from natural cannabis ingredients – has no long term negative effect on mood...

    • Posted 1332 days ago
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  • chronic-stress-marijuana-cov-07-29
    Marijuana Protects Brain From Chronic Stress, Study Finds – Stress can have an obvious impact on your emotions, but did you know it can also change the way your brain functions? Suffering from stress not only puts you at higher risk of conditions like...

    • Posted 1340 days ago
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  • chocolate-marijuana-chemicals-cov-07-28
    Your Brain On Chocolate: Marijuana-Like Chemicals Explain Why We Crave It – Chocolate can be more than just a comfort food, although many have yet to realize this. But it turns out chocolate also contains a number of chemicals that act on the brain, including anandamide –...

    • Posted 1341 days ago
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