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What is Dabbing?

By on July 2, 2014

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  • Dabbing is the process of ingesting cannabis concentrates called “dabs”
  • Dabs are made by extracting THC from marijuana and are smoked or vaporized using specific utensils
  • Dabs can contain up to 70-90% THC
  • The health effects of dabbing have not been studied
  • (Photo: Symic/Flickr)

    Photo via Flickr

    Dabbing is a new way of ingesting cannabis that involves highly concentrated preparations, known as dabs or butane hash oil (BHO).

    These hard, wax-like concentrates are made by extracting THC — marijuana’s active ingredient — from cannabis through a process that uses butane gas as the solvent. Dabs can also be made with extraction methods that involve CO2 or ice-water instead.

    Dabs are popular because they often contain up to 70-90% THC, which is much more than the typical cannabis flower. Dabs are sometimes called butane honey oil, budder, shatter or wax.

    How Does It Work?

    Dabs are usually smoked using a water pipe (bong) or vaporizer pen.

    When using a water pipe, a blowtorch is used to preheat the heating surface, which is referred to as a “nail”. The nail is usually made of titanium or glass. After the nail is heated, the concentrate is “dabbed” on the surface, resulting in a vapor that can be inhaled.

    What Are The Effects?

    Dabbing is popularly known as the most efficient way to get high. Due to the high concentration of THC, just a small amount of BHO is needed to achieve the desired effects. Because of this, some have referred to dabs as the “crack” of marijuana.

    Some say dabbing provides a different, more powerful high. Most dabbers are experienced marijuana users who have developed a tolerance to the effects of THC. Likewise, dabbing is believed to pose risks to novice users and is not recommended for those who smoke cannabis infrequently.

    Risks and Precautions

    The most well known risks of dabbing involve the process of making BHO. A number of accidents have occurred when people have tried making BHO at home. Because butane is highly flammable, improper production practices can lead to explosions and fires.

    On the other hand, the health effects of dabbing are not well documented. Since dabbing is so new, no study has investigated the health impact of dabbing. Still, a 2014 paper published by University of Albany researchers highlights a number of possible risks of dabbing, including a higher possibility of developing marijuana tolerance and withdrawal symptoms.

    Dabs are also at risk of being contaminated due to the largely unregulated industry of producing dabs. However, according to the National Institutes of Health, ingesting trace amounts of butane is not harmful to one’s health.

    • Pesmaniac

      Smoke Weed Everyday!

    • NewGirl420

      I smoked a dab yesterday (4th time), I’m fairly new frequent smoker. I’m a thin petite female (5’4, 118) and I knew i took a pretty hard hit when the employees at the dispensary commented on it. My side effects were instantly. I first fainted, after I woke up I didn’t have the balance to stand up, and then when I got in the car I had an extreme anxiety attack. I couldn’t control it! I was very quiet on the ride home and all you could hear was my sobbing. I felt that the cars were going to collide with us; car accident. I couldn’t close my eyes without getting car sick. Most horrible thing I’ve ever experienced, but I took it in like a champ. I just sucked it in I knew it wasn’t real but i just could not get over the symptoms and so i had to pay the waiting game. Not to mention i tried drinking water, and then OJ. Swallowing was very difficult due to the anxiety and my breathing was erratic, sped up, heart rate was elevated including cold sweat. Just a warning for all of you who have been regulars for <1 year.

      • jenn

        You sound like a wuss. Good job “champ”

        • ShutUpJenn

          A champ isn’t someone who doesn’t have problems, a champ is someone that can handle it and come out on top. Way to be a cunt to someone trying to provide insight to newbies considering dabbing.

          • poboy

            Yeah definitely use to take dabs on the regular when i was in high school. Hung out with friends who had very high end pieces got oil extract canisters from Colorado. I had took a month tolerance because i had moved i had came back to my friends house took a decent sized dab and had a anxiety attack heart started racing oxygen level depleted and scary thoughts felt like i was going to die it was like a roller coaster. Then i let my friend know the next time and he started giving me smaller dabs and i was golden but now i regained my tolerance.

            • James Albright

              Thank you for an honest answer and not calling someone a wuss an putting them down for having an anxiety attack for God sake it happens… Dabbin ain’t for everyone but does get heart racing I bet

            • dasadsgdafgd

              Amazing Grammar.

        • Rachel

          Why are you hateing?This is not good representation of the plant.LOVE,NOT-HATE!!!!

          • Alex

            The problem is Rachel we aren’t talking about a plant, we’re talking about dabs.

        • Pamela Lynn Beatty

          Jenn u are a huge dick

      • 593shaun

        I had a panic attack on dabs once too, but that was on a half gram hit, so idk.

        • Cheyenne Leo

          any kind of weed can cause a panic attack, not nice! I don’t partake anymore because of it, but my panic attacks are pretty extreme.

      • No he didn’t

        Hmm, a new girl to weed tells us veterans advice.
        Sounds like personal health problems.
        I smoke the shit as I rig rock concerts 80 feet in the air, before that blame game starts check your health.
        Check your weed, check your sources, and check what meds you take that don’t mix with weed , you could be speed balling an upper with a downer.
        I said it once ill say it again, THC is already dubbed the performance enhancer in the WORLDS eye. Poor Jason got screwed over a lot of gold medals, and we all know he’s part sword fish.
        Remember the Olympics?
        Its better to make it yourself but outside, and purge it as best you can.
        Buy good gas, not a 12x refined hmm looks clean gas, research!
        And they say pot makes you this or that, what are you smoking, and how clean is it, did the wash the weed?
        BHO is not 100% clean, but my stuff is so low in toxins that your body can poop it out…lol The human body is capable to clean its own internal self, hell I had a piece of glass come out of my skin from a car wreck long ago like a zit.
        Most Americans have digestive problems, I heard a good 80% of Americans in fact.
        Were a fast food nation, its hard to find a healthy pot smoker.

        • Rachel

          The butane your body takes in from dabs is said to not be harmful to your body.
          You don’t have to defend the seed,weed is winning the war on health.We are just promoters of it’s miraculous works.It was here before us and it will be here after we’re gone.Weeds don’t die they flourish.

        • Rational Raccoon

          She said “Less than 1 year” so it clearly wasn’t addressed to a “veteran”.

        • Nice bedside manner.

          Jesus you fucking dork. Way to belittle the patient and not take her seriously. You’d make a shit doctor. Next time you get sick i’m going to lay into you and be like “you probably can’t handle your caffeine because you’re a coffee bitch. I go to starbucks and expensive dispensaries every day. Try ordering decaf if you’re too much of a baby bitch, or ask the employee to throw half of it away and have a half coffee”. Men (and its always men) like you piss me off. Get bent.

      • CannabisIsNotEvil

        Well, for starters, if you got in a car after a dab, you’re a moron.

        • Rational Raccoon

          Reading must be hard. The implication in the story is that she was riding in the car, as opposed to driving her car.

          • CannabisIsNotEvil

            Reading must be hard for you – that wasn’t implied at all.

            • Rational Raccoon

              The word ride was very specifically used, instead of drive. So yes, it is very much implied that riding and not driving is the action which took place.

            • Rene

              Actually it was implied that she was riding in the car not driving. For one she said “the ride” home not the drive home. She also stated she couldn’t close her eyes without getting car sick…who tried to drive with their eyes closed?

            • Johnny Chan

              I’ve successfully driven my car for about 13 seconds with my eyes closed once before. Ive also fell asleep behind the wheel a few times, but not for more than 2-3 secs I’m sure.

            • Luke Connor

              Classic comment. Haha

            • Matt Sullivan

              not being a cunt must be hard for you- it was very clear.

            • CannabisIsNotEvil

              You’re the cunt – only massive losers post comments to a thread that was over 4 months ago. I only saw this because I received a notification. Get a life, dumbfuck!

            • Phani Hunt

              Shut the fuck up cunt, let m eknow when you are notified of this.

            • FOOK


        • Mrkoenig

          That’s right, who drives or let’s someone drive while on any meds… Duh

      • Alex

        This is a very common reaction to a actual OD on weed/dabs, if you have a low tolerance and can’t handle the amount you ingest this could happen off of regular weed smoking as well, it’s all about tolerance and moderation. Just because something can make you feel good doesn’t mean it will if you take too much of it. I personally won’t dab not because of health concerns but because my personal moderation doesn’t require a dose so high that I would need to.

        • ju

          i know someone that has OD on wax not a pretty site

        • Miguel Vazquez

          If you dabb for like 2 days and you get drug tested does it go in show up on the drug test?

          • Alex

            It should yes, it’s a high amount of THC and very concentrated it will likely take weeks to leave your system.

          • jesse mcvittie

            Well what do you think???? Of course it will show up…..even one or two tokes off a normal blunt would cause a positive result when tested for THC…assuming the test was done within a week or two time frame from the time you inhaled.

        • Lady Pharexsys Mage

          i thought the same……….im happy with nature little flowers.

      • stickykola

        Try it again hon, take a smaller hit and if you ever feel the anxiety again put some black pepper on your tongue, it will stop it instantly

        • kimberley.joseph

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      • Ryan Brymer

        you were just too new to the experience. The second time it dabbed i took three HUGE snakes in a row and didn’t cough or experience any “symptoms”. You need to learn your limits, this is the reason people say marijuana is so unhealthy, because people like you don’t know how to use responsably. im sorry that happened to you though, i accidentally smoked MDMA (which feels similar to meth when smoked) and that was not fun.

        • Shad Tunison

          Im a PTSD ,high anxiety and hypertension person..and flower and dabs take ALL my anxiety away…OD is a shitty deal for all things..hell, you can die from too much water.

      • GypsiesGold

        Wo wtf is wrong with everyone. She’s telling her experience. Which is basically the same experience I had. It was like smoking acid. Trazzzzy..

      • Tony

        you really haven’t had a chance to smoke dabs if you’ve only done it 4 times. Iv been smoking wax for quite a while now and never have I fainted or got sick from it. Some people are just light weights and cant handle a BIG high. One of my friends throws up and feels sick after like 1 dab or a bowl. Its just some people cant build a tolerance or there body get confused with the extra THC molecules and thus the sickness.

      • Tz

        Champ is someone that stays away from drugs no matter what

        • Hank Missenheim_Jr


      • shadyside4fyr

        Lol the most adorable thing I’ve read all day

      • Martha Browne

        thanks for driving while high. those of us on the road appreciate it.

        • Lisa Hoffman

          didn’t you read anything in this thread Martha? Jesus it is full of idiots calling ea. other names debating and misspelling about whether or not this girl was driving or riding, and she said she was “RIDING” and she said she got car sick when she closed her eyes; perhaps you don’t open your eyes either when driving as you surely don’t when reading – and pot people don’t jump me I am not saying a thing about dabbing or smoking just about this statement. Thanks (with a capital “T”) for driving with your eyes closed. Man you people need to go to work make some money for more weed or something!

      • jjmah11

        You’re full of it. I live in Colorado and no legit dispensary would let you smoke there. I can’t speak for the ones in Washington or overseas, but this seems like a bunch of horse hockey to me.

        • Anonymous

          Can confirm, have smoked a dab in an illegally ran dispensary in Washington. Its common to have all sales done in a no window room deeper in the store.

      • Alan T.

        Your All Idiots!!! Respectfully and caringly speaking!!!

    • Blake

      jesus girl dont be a pussy! Dabs are awesome, dont take such a fat rip if its your first time smoking… especially dabs, stick to flower lol YA ROOK!

      • Fenix

        She probably didn’t mean to, you asshole. At least she has the sense to warn people that it could happen to them as well. People like you really make me sick. Grow up.

      • Berserker Rage Rabbit

        “Most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are
        so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to
        protect it.”

        You, sir, are showing signs of addiction.

        • BG4Right

          Hate to say it, but hes right. Better stop now! haha no one ever listens.

      • Berserker Rage Rabbit

        Without a reason defensive, fear-filled loser.

    • peternel

      Fenix calm down smoke a joint and chill, New girl, Hi, you just had an over dose, this has happened to me a few times, as I like to experiment, the best thing to do is to go asleep, I get all the symptoms that you got, and its not nice, so the herb wants you to sleep so she can do her magic. Blake best not to judge as some one will be pointing at you.

      • ghkoyrdnkug

        So what was the overdose on? Perhaps you could explain to us what happened medically since you’re a doctor. It’d be the first time I’ve ever heard of that. But I’m not the doctor…

        • RubyLynx

          THC is a vasodilator. Too much causes the blood pressure to drop rapidly. The body responds by increasing the heart rate (hence the feeling of a panic attack) along with the other symptoms, like feeling breathless. The body is struggling to stay oxygenated. It’s not uncommon, even smoking flower can trigger it, if the person over-does it.
          Sleep is the best remedy.
          Some, who have a tolerance, say a benzo (like xanax or valium) or a beta blocker (like atenolol) will help. But they actually continue to lower blood pressure and/or heart rate. So be sure someone is checking your breathing.
          Moderation is the best thing.
          Peace out.

          • No he didn’t

            And pot balances blood sugar, question are you over weight?
            Sounds like you have fat problem, and yer new to weed.
            I hike in high latitudes around 8 miles in and 8 out as we rip on dab goo balls mixed with super dry weed,I’m talking bowl after bowl with my girl in high altitudes.
            We laugh at you and your friends, learn where you get it,and how its grown you could be smoking fertilizer and other crazy things too, then concentrating the good and the bad at high levels of not bweno.
            Some people sell non washed weed for a good price to the idiot that knows it all…lol
            Look a famous swimmer was stripped of many gold medals cause of it called a performance enhancer.
            As long as its grown correctly and purged of all bad things yer cool.
            To me you sound like you have a cardiovascular problem cause you don’t move, some people weren’t ment to smoke it.

          • Lisa Hoffman

            LOL omg that is the funniest explanation I have ever heard of a panic attack, your blood pressure drops? Haha – uh, no it does not. Like, try hyperventilating and having low blood pressure YOUR FREAKING OUT Dude! Oh lord I have seen it all. I use to have panic attacks when I had to drive on the highway before my hormones expired. So I did not drive on the highway for one. This started happening really bad after someone hit me and my baby girl in my car while I was stopped at a stop sign – a drunk driver behind me (or maybe he was dabbing lol) – not it was before then, passed out and rear ended me. Changed my entire life. My little girl was fine, she was in a car seat. I suffered mentally with Panic Attacks until my hormones expired (so the attacks were tied to my hormonal imbalance). The body is not struggling to stay oxygenated lol it is our ancient “fIght or flight” response reawakened, once very important to our survival now counterproductive I guess unless you live in a crime ridden area.

            • Aron Fitz Wylde

              No dear, fight or flight does NOT happen during a cannaboid overdose, itS pure unadulterated ANXIETY ..thus raising your breath rate and LOWERING YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE.. What youre talking about is losing your hormones? Wtaf has that got to do with DABBING??

        • Carbon Master

          I am a doctor.
          Getting the “Heebie Geebies” is part of life.
          She hung in there and should be commended.
          Out here, on the periphery, there are no stars
          We are stoned … Immaculate.

      • ya, veterans of the dab

        They have strains of weed in Washington state for every aliment, anxiety you guys need dabs made from like a train wreck strain.
        Dont blame the dabs, you just smoke what ever weed dabs is given to you.
        Make it, but safely, research it, understand the process, then choose the strain that fits you.

        • CannabisIsNotEvil

          not just Washington – the entire world.

      • CannabisIsNotEvil

        She didn’t overdose – she simply didn’t enjoy the effects from smoking more than she’s used to.

        • Alex

          She did overdose, what people don’t understand is that getting high is overdosing, It’s not bad or lethal but it very literally is taking a dose that’s more then your body is used to which when it comes to weed is any dose that has any effect because your body naturally creates cannabinoids so any dose more then your body naturally produces is an overdose. I think you’re thinking of overdosing in terms of death and harm, and to that effect yes weed doesn’t have those effects.

          • yayaya

            She doesn’t puke, its not an OD.
            Ask a doctor she has an under laying problem she’s not tell anyone that intensifying her anxiety could be a heart, kidney,pancreas,or liver.
            Simple and safe, go get checked and stick to herb. In fact make some keef its a upity high.
            Oh it could be two chemicals making you do this.
            Ok when you smoke cigs and pot notice the high is more heavy and more intense try quiting cigs, not in her case but theses are something to researcher there is no wrong or right just lists of things to research your body.
            Its health, dont blame weed dabs first, check you self go to an herbiest cause a doctor will just give you something like valium.
            Treat the problem straight on, herbiest. Now can we get back on a better note dabs are a fun activity for the healthy.

            • Alex

              Are you saying that puking is the measure of an OD? If you are this conversation will end right here.

            • n

              Just because she had a bad experience from her first dab doesn’t mean she has an “underlying problem”. Weed effects everyone differently, when I take a too big of a dab its too much for me to handle and my blood pressure drops significantly and my heart starts pounding so fast and hard that it feels like someone is smashing the sides of my skull. Yet I could take a smaller dab and have a much better experience. So if I have some medical issue doc please explain to me why it only happens when I have too big of a dab that I can handle. Dabs are fun for people that can handle them and fun in moderation, for people that are extremely sensitive to THC dabs are sometimes not all that fun and it is neither because of the weed or some condition a person has. Weed is only fun within a person’s limit dumbass

          • CannabisIsNotEvil

            No, that is not overdosing. I can’t believe you actually think that.

            • Aron Fitz Wylde

              Oh my, the word OVER means or incinuates “bigger” “more than” ..then there is the word DOSE, reffering to the “amount of” ..thusthe word OVERDOSE means she had MORE than her BODY was USED TO?? No??

            • CannabisIsNotEvil

              i always laugh when an idiot shows up to the thread 2 years later to add ignorance. Go back in your hole, Aron.

    • PBJ

      I accidentally smoked honey oil from a vape pen. I thought it was just the vape oils. I could instantly tell even before I exhaled. Be careful with this stuff, one reg puff and I was good for about 4 hours! A good rule to live by is “one and done!” Everything in moderation! This stuff is no joke, but enjoyable if you majorly pace yourself. Give yourself 20-30 min before you keep going, I see too many people take things too fast and end up not even enjoying the experience. What’s the point? Just to be self destructive? Respect nature! :-)

      • 593shaun

        A regular dabber can smoke several grams in a day, one and done just doesn’t cut it.

        • gotta mess with ya

          Maybe because yer stuff ain’t good, one one dab of my stuff would get you there and then some for 4hours.
          Should look like a nice golden amber chunk that shatters out like amethyst rock, not a wet goo.
          Hope you purge your stuff and use a good bottle of gas like Stolk.

          • CannabisIsNotEvil

            Has nothing to do with quality – the more THC you ingest, the higher your tolerance will be, hence, you will need to dab more concentrates to get the same level of “highness”

    • Mikey

      Bahaha “new” seriously ? maybe the yanks are just catching up but this has been a common way to smoke weed in New Zealand for decades!

      • 593shaun

        Been doing this on the East coast for years too, mate. I think it’s just the recent legalizations that’re bringing out this “news.”

        • The dude

          Don’t bogart that joint my friend…..

      • Yes, its clean

        Yea, what kind of butane did you use back then, hmmm?
        The game now in Washington state is who can make the cleanest shit. Not just any can of butane works, yer only smoking a bunch of chemicals that change that good goo to poo…lol

        • clean is good

          I’m sure you didnt blast in a glass tube back then, instead in bvc piping too that my friends is going into the product.
          I dont care who started it, I care about health, how clean is it, was it purged?
          Go hawks…lol
          Washington Oregon and California should be a sovereign nation to the US, we have the whole west coast ports to sell weed products to the masses.
          Fuck the feds, with there propaganda and false info to control the pharmaceutical market….lol

          • same dude

            Super clean, super tasty, Washington made.

      • CannabisIsNotEvil

        nah, we’ve been doing dabs here for decades as well – whoever wrote this article is new to dabs, therefore, worded it incorrectly.

    • 593shaun

      I like how inaccurate the statement on alternate names is. Shatter, wax, budder, and honeycomb (which I also noticed wasn’t listed here) are all different TYPES of oil. Shatter is the glassy stuff, wax is self explanatory, honeycomb is the crumbly stuff that forms in almost combs when it’s made (and is also my personal favorite), and I think budder is the soft sticky stuff, though I’m not sure about that one.

      • hehe

        What is the best in your opinion?
        I’ll choose shatter made clean over all.
        Honey comb is a term when you vacuum the gas out, it causes its look under pressure as its warm and under a vacuum. Good weed makes shatter, wax and the others are not bonding together as good cause of lower quality of the product soft means lower quality from leafs.
        Most people blast leaves, I choose straight bud chopped up with a low temperature double boiler. I use water that you can touch by hand, vs hot hot hot water.
        Then i let it sit in warm water till no bubbles then i wip, it wip it good, into shape, shape it up, then it goes in the vacuum to get most of that crap out. Above all I choose to buy expensive butane gas cause I believe in clean shit. Good to me is clean, not the high cause we all know the west coast has better weed period! Climate!

        • Matt Sullivan

          not true, all concentrates are vaccumed. shatter is generally the higher THC while the others have a more balanced cannabonoid blend and inert compounds that effect things like taste.

      • Rational Raccoon

        Budder is the live cream, they call it charas in Jamaica and India. It’s also known as Moroccan hash creme.

    • CannabisIsNotEvil

      Dabs aren’t new….

    • Brian Keith Smith

      Dabbing is not that new. We have been making BHO & CO2 extract & doing dabs in Seattle for at least 5 or 6 years. The BHO started a year before the CO2 if memory serves. The butane method was bought back from Amsterdam & taught to us by the Cannabis Defense Coalition. The CDC was a group of mmj patients who taught each other growing, extracting & medicating methods while showing up & attending cannabis involved court cases & other activism.

    • myla07

      Wow seriously… lol no disrespect to those beginners,but I use a vapor pen and have NEVER had any of those side effects… It totally relaxes my muscles and makes my pain so much easier to handle. But then I am 52 years old, been smoking since 18 a newbie I am NOT LOL

    • red

      Hello everyone ! My name is Red . I never tryed a dab but i must say im really looking forward to doing so .

    • Pantera Steve Chukra

      “dab city Bitch”

    • Brad Rodgers

      Never heard of watching how much one smokes. Sounds ridiculous to me. I must admit I don’t smoke weed anymore as no matter which strain, I get paranoid and it just isn’t a feeling I want, especially one that costs money. But there were times in my life I smoked or ate massive quantities, a fellow once bet that a person couldn’t eat a quarter pound of Gold Seal Black Hash, was baked, but of course one can do it. You can’t OD on THC, that’s what I mean by sounds ridiculous.

    • Cara

      I just had foot surgery one week ago. I never rely on the doctors controlling my pain, and again my pain pump broke after the first day. So instead of increasing my pain medicine, I had my boyfriend go buy me wax. Man was that the best decision of my life, now a week later, I do a dab every 4 hours and I’m great, no pain at all!! I don’t understand how the government and doctors don’t make it legal everywhere, not only for pain but also, seizures, cancer and a lot of other serious illness that ruin people’s life’s.

    • Cara

      Also, my mom just had a knee replacement, she was in intense pain, so I had her take a dab, then she was flying around the house….it works wonders…spread the word!!!

    • DragonFearz

      I’m 58 years old back in the 60′s n 70s it was called hash oil nothing new here just the name has changed ! Like everything else

    • iMarijuanIt

      Dabs get me super medicated

    • Morgan

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    • yeahhhh buddy

      Only problem I see with dabbing is tolerance level SKYROCKETS. I could smoke about a ounce and prob get a head change at most because it takes so long to smoke. The people who fight mary jane this please HELP ME by stopping, I was shot in Iraq and broke my back in 2 places, 3 surgery’s. I could not function on oxy, couldn’t take care of my kid, couldn’t drive. Marijuana saved my life, I now live in cali and it’s the only thing keeping me from extreme pain 24/7 365.


      6 dabs and not high. time for a detox? LOL

    • That Girl

      I had an edible, it had wax in it & I can’t come down from the high.. it’s been 2 days. Anyone know what this is?

    • Lisa Wells

      What do you all think of a seven month pregnant dabbing?

      • What

        you should be completely 100 percent sober the entire pregnancy and when breastfeeding. you should breast feed for as long as reasonably possible, until the baby eats normal food. and you should be sober for the breast milk too. during the entire time a great diet too.

      • Aron Fitz Wylde

        They a fuckin retard and i wont be suprised if the baby turns out to be.. 70-90% THC? Need i say more

    • Love_weedbaby

      Started dabbing a while back. Had my own rig and source. Picked up a few grams at a time, but nothing too big. Had a few weird experiences with it before I had actually gotten into it completely and passing out was what generally happened last time. My last dab I took was really big. We call them globs. Well my guy globbed me with a big hit. I took all of it, I instantly got the sensation of being high. They offered me another which I refused because I was at this point really stoned, at an uncomfortable high. It seemed as though everyone in the room was laughing at me and telling me that I had to take this hit. I ended up freaking out and believing that they were trying to kill me. After swinging at my friend really hard I darted out of the room and ran all the way back home. My heart was pounding the whole time and I felt as though I kept forgetting to breath as if I was going to pass out. After a few hours of situations kept swirling together and I became confused really fast. My roommate wasn’t making any sense to me and apparently I wasn’t either. I was in and out having this trip that I was going to die. I felt that he was going to kill me half of the time for my people torturing his. I contacted a friend and they came to pick which I continued to have these weird delusions. At one point I had the feeling that she was with my roommate who’d she’d never eat before and tried to grab the steering wheel. Thank God I didn’t crash the car, but I could tell it freaked her out. She drove us back where I passed out. After everything I woke up on her couch still hazey from the night before. Still several hours after I’m feeling the effects. And I still just feel funky. Idk if this is gonna help anyone but I figured I’d share this. I consider myself a pretty regular smoker and this just topped it all.

    • Lisa B

      I must have a very high tolerance to the effects of thc. I do dab after dab and do not feel what many of you describe as a more intense high. In fact, I don’t feel much at all. However, it is much smoother inhale. I find it also keeps me up all night.

      • Matt Sullivan

        then youre smoking meth lol

    • Michele Butson

      I have a question. I’m not a drug user anymore so I do not know these new fades. If you “dab” in one area of your home, are others exposed to the vapors? Say a baby? Please nothing mean or harsh, I just need so e information on this dab thing.

      • Matt Sullivan

        no. 2nd hand effects are impossible

        • Ryan

          Incorrect. My wife smokes 0 herb products, yet has tested positive for thc in the past due to me dabbing around her. Dont give bad advice please.

    • just curious

      Okay I have a question about dabs. I’m not experienced in this type of drug. Can the vapors affect a baby? Even if it is done in another room?

      • Matt Sullivan

        probably not

    • Steven Garcia

      Okay. Question i haven’t smoked weed in a year. And i accidently smoked a little hit of wax at a party thinking it was an e cig. How long does it stay in my system?

    • Lovinglife

      I’ve had similar reactions in the last few years to really good/strong pot. Feeling like you are going to pass out or die doesn’t feel good. It’s a little scary. I smoked pot for years; started in my teens. My blood pressure often runs low, so I think when you get some potent stuff the combination can cause that reaction. I have always enjoyed pot, and want it to be legal. However, I need some that won’t cause me such a severe reaction.

    • Cheyenne Leo

      Wow- what an incredibly stupid thing to do…. it’s not enough now that people smoke pot they must enhance it and concentrate it to a point that one hit lasts for hours and hours and “chronic dabbers” and the like must not have any other part of their lives- just stoned all the time! What ever happened to contributing to society? What ever happened to holding down a job or living in a way that your memories years later don’t make you cringe with embarrassment- oh, that’s assuming you’re not too stoned to care, STILL? It’s one thing if someone needs it for a medical reason. People who need it for medical take it to help them feel better so they can live a more normal and happy life and there’s nothing wrong with that in any way.

      It’s another if they’re too busy getting stoned to be a normal and productive member of Society! #Disgusting

      • Ryan

        Whats considered “productive” in society? Overeating and gluttony? If so, then you appear to be a highly functioning, productive member of society!!

        Oh!! And btw, i dab daily… And i also work 8 hours daily, for the same conpany for the last 10 years. Take your fat agression elsewhere please!

        • Cheyenne Leo

          Was that supposed to be a continuation of another comment? The first one mustn’t have posted, as it certainly reads that way. I come on here and voice my opinion because I have a legal right to freedom of speech and the content is relevant to my life, just as you do. Telling me to F off or shut up is not going to change my opinion of the practice and is actually a violation of my right so why participate in such an act of futility?

          • Cheyenne Leo

            I mean, people build up tolerances over time, obviously. I just don’t see how this a safe practice unless you’ve been smoking like 8 joints a day for years, taking in huge amounts and building up your tolerance.

      • Aron Fitz Wylde

        Fuck society, the governtment own your ass if you “contribute” its probably why you have such an “opinion” on thw matter.. Brain washed sheep, follow the heard dear.. They’ll take you home

    • Miguel Vazquez

      If you dabb it for like 2 days and you get drug tested the day after does it stay in your lungs for a long time or what? PlzPlz help me

    • Argus

      Sounds like fake anti-ganja propaganda to me, or the worst case of reaction I’ve ever heard. You may also have undiagnosed medical problems like poor circulation, breathing or blood sugar issues. And for Gods sake consume at home, not when you will be driving/riding in a car when you have no clue what you are doing. What is this amateur hour?

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    • Kcb3rd

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    • Julian Ward

      do most detox drinks cover dabs since its a higher concentration of THC?

    • Cara

      Damn Jenn. You need to go buy some manners. You must not smoke pot. Are you PMS?

    • Aaron Sullivan

      I hate Dabber Dorks because they ruin good weed and sell the schwag…….

    • Dab_Is_Bad

      My grandson introduced me to dabs when I caught him smoking it in my backyard two weeks ago. I took a hit and I’ve been tripping since then. Can someone please tell me how to stop the effects? Please let me know soon, my family is talking of putting me in home.

    • john

      You want her to try it again? What is wrong with you. If it was that bad the first time why would you ever want to experience that again. Stay away from it , it is additive and the only people that would want you to keep trying it are those who most likely are already addicted. Misery loves company……

      • kc


    • D

      None of you people know anything about the industry. Smoking dewaxed distilled wax can cure cancer. If you smoke concentrate that’s not professionally made you will harm yourself. People wake up you smoking the black shit that why u pass out dumby

    • thaddeusbuttmunchmd

      But Why doesn’t this occur with concentrate in portable vape pens or Volcanoes? What’s the Difference??

    • Steve Perkins

      I cannot believe the comments of all the stupid people on this board. You risk your life (if it is worth anything to you) by using this drug in different forms. And you get excited at a new version??? I am able to deal with life head on without the benefit of getting stoned whenever things go wrong. No illegal drugs for me. Go to rehab all of you.

      • Aron Fitz Wylde

        People dont just blaze when things go wrong, so your judgement(which is a poor one) means fuck all and is redundent because your first mistake was calling it a “drug”. get a fuckin grip ITS A FLOWER

      • 420365kc

        You sir are a stupid cunt

    • rickhfx

      “I’m a thin petite female (5’4, 118) ” Thats the issue, You would probably feel the same thing after running for a long time. The same thing will happen to you if you skip a meal especially breakfast, or get over heated (like when tanning on a tanning bed that is not well ventilated to remove the heat,) or on a very hot day. When you have little fat and are very thin, low sugar can happen very easily and stressor even small stressors can cause such a reaction. I was very thin when I was under 20 years of age, and skipping breakfast was enough to make me pass out in the early afternoon, with all the same symptoms as you. Next time use flower buds and vape them, remember it takes about 5 minutes to feel the full effect so go slow. Another example is taking one medicine pill and then expecting the same effect by taking the whole bottle, common sense.

    • fluer maroon

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    • Johnny Chan

      Was a very very infreq user, when I tried a dab one night. I too went for a car ride, and my experience pretty much sums up like this: head is like spinning, had to keep eyes closed, see crazy “fractals” on the big screen that are the back of my eyelids, bursts of extreme centrifuge and centripetal forces pulling – spinning my head and rotating around in all 3-axis; seems “fun” in retrospect, but honestly it was hell, yet beautiful. I also engorged on a whole buncha edible and sublingual treats at a party once, and I was zombified for 6-8hrs(?)… managed to zombie my way a mile down the street back to my car w/my dog who seems anxious from insomnia (was prob only 500ft, and dog was prob empathizing w/me) after getting kicked out of the closed party venue, I got into my car, making sure my dog was comfy in the back seat and had to obey my eyelids and crash… for 1-2hrs? Then tried to get car started, which was easy, cuz I kept keys in ignition; then started driving, wondering how the fck do I find my way home; was THE EASIEST and most efficient and flawless drive home ever. Unconscious is supreme.

    • Grace Baye

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    • Nikki Strasser

      I, too, took my first dab at a small beach side dispensary. Nobody said don’t hold it in like pot either. I could barley walk. I had to sit on a chair and plopped down like bricks. I waited 5 mins had a panic attack and got in my car. Waited until affects went away and drove home along the relaxing coastline.Dabbing= A LITTLE DOES YA! Safe dabs and one love. Glad you got home and safe and now you know what it’s abt.

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