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CEO Of Massachusetts Health Giant Will Also Lead Marijuana Non-Profit

By on September 2, 2013
Susan Stubbs, President and CEO of ServiceNet, explained her decision to lead a marijuana non-profit in an email to her staff.

President and CEO of ServiceNet Susan Stubbs informed her staff of her involvement with Farm House Compassionate Care in a heartfelt email. – The largest mental health and human services agency in Massachusetts, ServiceNet, may soon be sharing its longtime director with a non-profit marijuana dispensary, reports The Greenfield Recorder.

Susan Stubbs, president and CEO of ServiceNet, recently announced her plan to lead the newly established Farm House Compassionate Care in an email to her staff.

While acknowledging that some may be upset to hear of her involvement with medical marijuana, Stubbs outlined why she felt compelled to do so.

Her email mentioned a recent consultation with a pharmacy that supported marijuana’s safety as a medicine.

“A doctor I know recently confessed to me privately that he wished he could prescribe marijuana instead of oxycodone for pain management, not only because it’s less addictive, but also because it has fewer side effects.”

She also noted its benefits in the treatment of cancer.

“As you probably know, marijuana can bring enormous relief to cancer patients. In addition to reducing their pain, it can also reduce nausea and allow people to eat again. There is no way to measure these gifts.”

Farm House Compassionate Care was one of five groups to apply for a license to open in Hampshire County.

In total, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health received 181 medical marijuana dispensary applications for different counties in the state.

Stubbs expressed her desire to participate in helping patients access medical marijuana through the Farm House by committing herself to ensure that the dispensary is “launched responsibly” if selected for a license.

“I believe that medical marijuana should be available to people who need it, and that patients should have the opportunity to seek this treatment in a respectful, safe environment where they don’t feel stigmatized by their needs.”

35 licenses are planned to be given out near the end of the year, including one in each of the 13 commonwealth counties.

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  • massvocals

    its a drag to see the rich only be allow to afford the cost of a marijuana dispensary fighting for legalization was for our right also to grow our own and that policy has been restricted and the cost of an OZ being 400+ is outrageous its become a money grab , even working at one grow will cost 500. 00 license fee for the worker its beyond the poor or disable even care givers are restricted presently then what when you can not afford it > ? when in fact all you have to do is plant a seed and raise your own or clone the poor and disable better get big discounts all I have to say when it cost was 15 .00 OZ in 1970

  • massvocals

    I agree we should not get harassed for uses = heath

  • massvocals

    its funny in maine retired police took up the business ( everyone knows there millions to be made ) if not billions with cannabis being legal and its best this way at first the law enforcement must be removed

  • massvocals

    fact we many of us need to juice the plant for benefits so we need more then 10 oz if not 2 lb every 60 days we must be allow to grow our own

    • william russell

      I have the state required paperwork and contacted them months ago for a so called hardship gig so I can grow my own and juice I don’t even want to get high just cancer free but they never get back to you….maybe a sign their ability to do their work irrelevant and or insignificant, a white flag hung ona mannequin, but keep paying them fo3 doing nothing but hurting