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WATCH: Drug Policy Alliance Talks Federal Response To State Marijuana Laws

By on September 1, 2013 – Bill Piper, director of national affairs at the Drug Policy Alliance, appeared on CNN to share his opinion on the Justice Department’s recent decision to allow Washington and Colorado to move ahead with marijuana legalization.

Appearing slightly less excited than most would expect, Piper acknowledged the importance of the decision – calling it a “game changer” and a “green light” for other states to do the same – but also noted that ultimate victory has yet to be had.

“I think the next really big change is changing federal law. That’s probably a few years away, but support is growing really quickly.”

  • massvocals

    the federal jurisdiction should be stop and there excuses are foolish state rights rule over federal venue that simple

  • massvocals

    who do the federal government think they are its[ we the people } not king federal law we are in charge and we will end the federal laws CSL and add the d too DEAD