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Not a Joke: NIDA Thinks Marijuana Causes Domestic Violence

By on August 23, 2013
The U.S. drug research agency is funding a study that will try to prove a connection that no one thinks is true.

The U.S. drug research agency is funding a study that will try to prove a connection that pretty much no one thinks is true – It should be common knowledge by now that, unlike alcohol, marijuana reduces violence and aggressive behavior.

But the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) appears oblivious to this fact.

On Thursday, the University at Buffalo announced that the federal research agency is giving them a $1.86 million grant with hopes of proving otherwise.

According to Maria Testa, Ph.D, a social psychologist at the university and lead researcher of the new study, there is “a lack of research regarding marijuana use and aggression.”

Yet according to the same press release:

“Testa says that despite the commonly held belief that marijuana suppresses aggression, many studies have found a positive association between marijuana use and intimate-partner violence.”

So which one is it: A “lack of research” or “many studies”?

Sadly, not only do Testa’s statements contradict one another, neither seems to be true.

In fact, marijuana’s ability to reduce aggression is well documented by decades of research.

A federal report published in 1972 concluded that “rather than inducing violent or aggressive behavior,” marijuana was “usually found to inhibit the expression of aggressive impulses.”

And just last month, a group of researchers from Spain explained exactly how marijuana could do this through its interaction with the brain’s endocannabinoid system. They showed that THC “significantly decreased the aggression levels” – albeit in mice.

But that doesn’t seem to deter Dr. Testa – or her supporters at the NIDA.

Testa now has a very comfortable budget to conduct a study entitled “Proximal Effects of Marijuana in Understanding Intimate Partner Violence.”

The social psychologist will spend the next four years trying to identify a link between marijuana use and domestic violence.

Good luck with that.

The full press release is available online at

  • Anne Cripps

    What a joke,you show be doing the research on what really counts..the wonderful medical properties!Sheesh you people are desperate!

  • lmktacwa

    Any “institute” that focuses on “drug abuse” will always want to find the dark side, and even make stuff up to shore up their 12-step addled “narrative”. Case in point was Patrick Kennedy on Bill Maher a few months back. Saying that mj is addictive and harmful to families. The NIDA is ONE sided. It is NOT scientific, and it has an AGENDA… which apparently is to help fund the “Addiction Industrial Complex” that consumes the spoils of the “War on Drugs”. The 8% addiction rate in our population stays constant over time for, I believe, the last 50 years… regardless of the war on drugs and the trillions spent on it. My mom is an retired cop. I asked her recently: Which would you rather encounter/arrest… a drunk person or a stoned person? and she said “stoned… they are happy and easy going”. She’s 72 and a HUGE Fox News Republican. Just sayin’.

  • Joe Smoe

    There is another funded study that is exploring Universities that get research funding. Do they have a higher rate of violence than Universities that don’t?Stay tuned, we will always get the results we are paid to get.:)

  • vongoh

    2 million dollars?! Really?? For this?!?


  • medcannabis1

    well God Bless her for her much needed research….It is sad when people whore to NIDA for funding knowing full well the research is tainted. The outcome is pre-determined as negative..or NIDA does not fund the study..Just another sad reality that our Federal drug agencies are out of even general scientific study and their positions are now becoming laughable at best, but certainly harmful to the citizens because of institutionalized bigotry and an agency of the US government the DEA has become a military force of it’s own..and they do not listen to anyone but their own protect their fiefdom and this “scientist” is just as guilty as they are in contributing to propaganda thatdoes nothing but promote needless suffering among the sick and dying..
    Shame upon this academic…where is your honesty and professionalism…..

  • Brown Sugar

    This is so stupid. Everyone knows that alcohol cause fights , not marijuana. What a waste of time and money.

    • Ja Neider

      that was always true at my house.

    • port carbon

      That’s the U.S. Government way of wasting more of the taxpayers money. @People against parents opposed to pot

  • Ben Rollin

    What a bunch of ding dongs…what else is there to say?

  • Alex

    So I guess their motto is, “If at first you don’t succeed make shit up!” And lets blow more money on a study that no one needs done and everyone already knows the outcome of.

  • Christopher todd

    LOL!! Where do they get their logic? The BIBLE? Lmao!! Alcohol makes people STUPID and Wild.. Pot makes people CALM. Run this through your research retards. Less stress > Better health > Better mind > Less violence. Easy way to look at it? Why do Female Lions pick the male lion with the DARKEST MANE? Because More stress = Worse Health = Chances the male will hurt the young. These people are just NAZI’S! Look at the Research that proved Marijuana Increases brain cell growth. OH NO! THE BIBLES WORST NIGHTMARE!! lmao

    • Michaeljohn Slone

      Don’t laugh at the bible,you should instead read my favorite passage an run with it..Genesis 1:29 …Mj

  • Jacob King

    That’s an expensive joke. I only wish they’d report on the true findings when they realize it increases intimacy and decreases aggression, but I don’t expect they will.

  • Paul Cardosi

    our tax dollars are going to fund this farce? i usually am all for conducting cannabis research because it always ends up they learn something positive about it but this is a bridge to nowhere kinda deal. a total waste.

  • Steve

    Or that money could go into our public school systems as apose to being wasted on redundant research. What bullshit, i cant believe we’re paying for this.

    • Therese Smith

      Well Steve…you must not know how it really helps, its not bullshit, its prolong lives of cancer patients, and chronically ill people like myself, it works!!!!!!

      • Randy Bobandy

        Do you have reading comprehension problems?

  • MikeParent

    This explains it all! “Narcotics police are an enormous, corrupt international bureaucracy … and now fund a coterie of researchers who provide them with ‘scientific support’ … fanatics who distort the legitimate research of others. … The anti-marijuana campaign is a cancerous tissue of lies, undermining law enforcement, aggravating the drug problem, depriving the sick of needed help, and suckering well-intentioned conservatives and countless frightened parents.”
    – William F. Buckley,
    Commentary in The National Review, April 29, 1983, p. 495

  • Cannon

    The only thing that should be afraid when someones stonned is the food in their refrigerator.

  • Thomas Tony Vance

    NIDA can only fund research that will show harm. They cannot support any research by virtue of the 1970 Controlled Substances ACT that is designed to show any good, only harm.

    • william russell


  • Gerry

    well maybe when it’s all said and done and she is proven wrong and sits there in front of the world with egg on her face , maybe just maybe, we can start to turn this more in our favor and see the light at the end of the tunnel!! We all know that cannabis inhibits aggressive behavior, that’s one reason I use it!! duh!

  • White Widow 2007

    OMG! That is so wrong and SO MISINFORMED!

  • Wayne Phillips

    apparently opportunism trumps science . . . NIDA should change their name to the National Institute of Stupid Abuse (NISA)

  • Ken G

    No doubt the study will find there may be a link. That way Testa and NIDA will be able to apply for more funding to conduct further research into this non-fact. We must keep these researchers in business even at the expense of human rights, dignity and unwanted persecution.

  • Acebass1

    Why doesn’t anyone make them defend their stupid rhetoric?

    • william russell

      Gov workers need makework

    • Michaeljohn Slone

      They don’t have to back up what they say,an at this point in time they know the truth there just trying to slow down the inevitable. Hell pay a politician enough money and you can get them to say there own mother was the original whore of Babylon …Mj

  • Freedom

    Germany says: This is Stupid!

  • René le Fou

    Don´t trust in a statistic you not faked by yourself ;)

  • Justin Kentrus

    The sad part is that even though we all know her statements are false they will falsify reports and findings of the study to try and prove their point. They will mislead the generally stupid public into believing their BS! I’m all for America but fuck the government spend my tax dollars on something useful.

    • william russell

      See my post I did call her and tried to get straight answers but could not, she is deceptive and unclear about what it is she is doing

  • Catstop Thespam

    dont know why u all bother listening to these ppl. especially when it comes to their political views.
    they constantly attack weed so much im startin to think that its NWO enemy #1.

  • Richard

    The ‘Indian’ peoples have in their old medical texts the us of cannabis for marital problems. The lack of cannabis is the problem!

  • Geoff Fisher

    HAHA its just the way to get the gov’t to pay 2 million,so the person can smoke choice pot for 4 years

  • John

    What a waste of money and time. It’s unlikely they’ll find any direct link, or anything significant for that matter. I can’t believe these anti drug groups will waste money studying something as stupid as this, when alcohol and tobacco are killing people at this very moment, yet these ignorant dumb shits are still focusing on an issue that they still can’t prove is significantly bad. I guess they still can’t accept the fact that cannabis is becoming increasingly popular, and not just with smokers, but with the medical community concerning cancer and other diseases.

  • Stonedteacher




  • william russell

    Well it depends if she gets police to hurt couples saying its illegal then that would cause aggression against herself the person conducting said study…shes really gonna have to pull a lot of tricks she probably won’t mention in her report to say anything negative…..I hope she likes the money cause it will surely put her down in history as the worst of governme t moochers and troublemakers….and shes a psychologist not psychiatrist. ?..big big difference

  • william russell

    I see her decption already in all her research so far she always lumps everything together and just says either drugs and alcohol or addictive behaviors…so we must stay on top of this one going to be funny, especially if she calls herself a researcher and puts cannabis users into a fals3 category

  • william russell

    Just spoke with the woman and the study IS NOT to study cannabis and violence or aggression between couples, she did claim couples who use cannabis report more violence but I asked her several times if there were any other factors such as alcohol use along with cannabis use or alcohol use abuse alone and the gist is she sounds deceptive with what it is she is trying to do and would not be very straightforward but again for what it is worth this study is not studying only cannabis use and agbression they are lumping things all together so whoever wrote this is misinformed but I can understand why after trying to get a straight answer out of her myself…..she says sh3 hasnt done so called study yet but probably spending the govs money to prepare herself to be able to conduct a study so unclear and misleading already you might as well just let her keep the money and go on vacation as the report unless highly specific as to what intoxicants she is actually studying etc will be meaningless except for the people who had to pay taxes to pay for basically a non study and a propaganda type of ww2 german expose on jews

  • Boo

    Actually if you look at almost every case of violence in the case of violence that has involved cannabis you find alcohol and many other factors that often lead to violence alone. Its called a confounding variable. To reflexively blame cannabis for violence when someone who smokes it commits a violent act is outright confirmation bias and is like blaming ice cream on drowning because when people eat more ice cream, more people drown because both happen when it is warmer.

    Also there is the problem of tainted or street weed that is has high levels of THC but often virtually no CBD. This is the garbage can provoke anxiety attacks and other problems. The only reason this stuff is out there (and is the kind most easily available to kids, too) is the ignorant government laws that stand in the way of access to clean, high quality cannabis grown by people who care about what they do and the people they grow it for.

    You want a substance that is proven and well known to be a factor in violence, you have no further to look than alcohol, something that is available in grocery stores and gas stations in some areas. Anyone that has worked in retail can tell you that some kids are very, very skilled at shoplifting and it is easy to find someone to bootleg for them.

  • Bruce Clark

    No fights unless she smokes the last joint without you!

  • snptime

    Our tax money goes to fund all kinds of research like this. The NIDA wants some of that money. and that is what this is all about, it has nothing to do with what kind of drug it is. They do know Marijuana does NOT make people violent like alcohol does. They just don’t care. Big corporations don’t care about the tax payer. Money is power and they have it. Cannabis makes people mellow. NOT mean.

  • seti111 .

    The institution is rife with utter nonsense

  • Sandi Hornsby White

    What a waste of money.

  • Jeff Brown

    Marijuana is known as a peacemaker and is associated with peace. one love

  • fayedaniels

    I divorced a verbal and physically abusive alcoholic years ago. Had he been a cannabis user, I would probably have stayed.

  • Will

    1.86 million dollars. A waist of our money to do this study.
    How many test do they need? Every test they do shows marijuana relaxes the body.
    The ONLY thing that I can see that marijuana may be bad for a person is, you may laugh yourself to death.
    They will continue doing studies til they use up the 1.86 million dollars and then they will come up and say that they need more money for further studies.
    I have smoked marijuana for many years and I’ve not yet caused nor been in a fight, domestic violence ,wrecked a car. These are things you do when you drink alcohol.
    Why do they never do studies with alcohol to see what it cause.
    I do not understand why things are the way they are.
    But who am i ?

  • janice

    NIDA is nothing more than a bunch of ill informed moronic idiots that only want pharmaceutical drugs around. They are no better than the rest of the ignorant politicians who only care about money instead of what is good for the health & preservation of human life. I DONT care what they say they don’t live my life I do & if marijuana is gonna cure me then I’m gonna smoke it & the NIDA CAN KISS MY WHITE ASS

  • James “JT” Thompson

    DO YOU BELIEVE THE HYPE?? Am I the only one that remembers Slick Dick Nixon having NIDA, CDC and FDA research this in 1973 and then had the reports destroyed in 1976 to ‘protect society from itself’.. Does anyone still believe government hype?? WHY?? Do you believe our government has your best interests at heart?? The world revolves on gold.. or something that can be redeemed for gold… got some?? Expect more of the same in many varying manners and ideologies.

    • Brian O’Connell

      Nixon wasn’t president in 1976. Ford was.

  • anne_48503

    Kids are underfunded in school. Really!

  • Zoran Ilic


  • Yehuda Pa

    They are getting free money. And the NIDA has a vested interest in proving that Marijuana is bad. They are afraid that they will lose their funding. But no worries they have serious drugs to investigate and prevent abuse like C and H so they will still be in business. Just hope they are objective in their studies but sounds like they have their minds made up and are trying to slant the study to prove their point. That’s not objective reseach when you try to make the study come out to prove your hypothesis. A true study tests for the hypothesis and accepts the result however they come out.

  • Debris 54

    Obviously the conclucion is foregone in this woman’s mind. The REAL issue is the complete waste of $ and resources invoved. Someone needs to be fired .. Who approved this irresponsible nonsense?

  • richy rich

    Well here is something that everyone here should know.
    Over the past 25 years, The International Cannabinoid Research Society has been doing scientific research in all fields of the cannabinoids.

    While they are impartial, the main role of the ICRS is to provide an open forum for researchers to meet and discuss their research. In fact there is a symposium
    in Canada THIS June 28, 2015 – July 3, 2015 where scientists from around the world will gather to share the results of the research they have done in the past.

    I went to the NIDA website and asked how many of their researchers will be attending this years symposium. I expect that I will be ignored then banned, which is standard operating procedure for groups like NIDA who have no interest in the truth about cannabis.

    If these ASSHOLES really want results of scientific studies they have 25 years of International research they can learn from. If they do not attend then it will be obvious that they don’t really care about scientific research. If they do attend they will have proof that cannabis has many benefits and few risks.

    Either way they lose. Or rather they would, if they weren’t so blatant about the fact that all they really do is vomit propaganda to advance their own agenda and there’s nothing that any logical human being can do about it.

    I hate lying scumbags. Let’s see what they say. Feel free to contact them and ask them if they will be comparing notes with the rest of the world in 12 days. The more people who call them out for being the lying pigs that they are, the better!

  • Jim Jackson

    Will the national institute on drug abuse NIDA add in the no real ownership,no guaranteed God money to pay for the slavery,The high cost no one but a few pay as you go education leaves the majority illiterate to disabled,the pollution,toxins,psychiatric pharmaceuticals,and more into this study or will it be a paid off by Government and Corporations study to outlaw the competition of their pharmaceuticals,alcohol,and more while leaving out all of these and other proven truths by sciences and more?

  • Elle Onasis

    If the NIDA genuinely had public interest as a goal, they would use this funding to create a logical cannabis education system based in facts, as opposed to the current trajectory of perpetuating prohibitionist lies. Alcohol, opiates, tobacco withdrawal, these cause violence. Cannabis, and cannabinoids inclusive of thc, strengthen the body, balances chemicals in the mind, makes people well, and well adjusted. The problem with cannabis consumption is that genuine quality of product, and strain matters. If you see someone becoming lazy from cannabis use, the strain and quality is off, there is an adjustment to the medication called for. Cannabis is the single most researched plant on our planet, with 100′s of double placebo, gold standard human and animal trials stating the safety and efficacy of cannabis for adult use, and for medical use. Take your money NIDA, and turn the atrocity of cannabis misunderstanding to awareness. If thc is your concern, it is time to embrace the idea that “feeling a cannabis high” is 1: a great side effect for a healing patient, and 2: a safer way to relax after work than vodka.