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Marijuana May Be Key To Healing Injured Brain

By on August 23, 2013
The activity of marijuana compounds may be essential to recovering from traumatic brain injuries

Research suggests a direct role of marijuana compounds in treating traumatic brain injuries – The activity of marijuana may help repair the brain after traumatic injury, according to new research from Spain.

Scientists found that pathways in the brain associated with marijuana (cannabinoid receptors) were also responsible for the effects of a chemical called minocycline.

The results were released last week in the Oxford journal Cerebral Cortex.

“Our findings confirm that minocycline decreases brain damage caused by traumatic brain injury… the activation of cannabinoid receptors is required for the neuroprotective actions of this compound.”

Inflammation is believed to contribute to brain damage that occurs after a head injury. Earlier studies show that minocycline can protect against this damage.

However, when researchers from the Complutense University of Madrid gave minocycline along with chemicals that block the activity of cannabinoid receptors, its protective effects were prevented.

Interestingly, other studies suggest that marijuana may play a direct role in protecting against brain damage – including research by Professor Yosef Sarne of Israel’s Tel Aviv University.

While still in its early stages, Prof. Sarne told Science Daily that the main chemical in marijuana, THC, showed incredible promise.

“THC could be applicable to many cases of brain injury and be safer over time.”

THC’s anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are thought to protect the brain from further damage following injury.

While THC is also responsible for the marijuana high, Prof. Sarne found it offered significant protection at doses 1,000 to 10,000 times less than that in an average marijuana joint.

The study was supported by GRUPOS UCM-BSCH 951579; Delegación del Gobierno para el Plan Nacional sobre Drogas; Instituto de Salud Carlos III; Redes temáticas de Investigación Cooperativa en salud, Red de Trastornos Adictivos; Ministerio de Economía y Competividad, Spain, and the nonprofitable organization Fondation des Gueules cassées.

  • Kimber

    It also helps FAS effects in patients.

  • Rose

    I truly believe this! my brother sufferd a TBI and he was a regular smoker. He is doing really good. its almost unbelievable.

  • elizabeth

    I have been saying this for 10years i suffer from tbi and i tell everyone cannabis saved me i no i would not be where i am today without it thank you for proving what i have always believed

  • Green Solution Collective

    This is a really promising research. Where can we get more information or updates about this? This is truly a breakthrough.

  • Ed

    .THC shrinks blood vessels while every hit makes the heart pump harder, making the blood vein ends grow in the brain. Known as a “head rush”. Thus, CANNABIS heals brain injuries ! I know & a test would prove this.

  • Ed

    I wrecked a harley wide glide on 08-30-2008. No helmet, Montana highway patrol said is worst wreck to date to live through. Not proud of, just letting know it was bad. I received a recorded 5.5 brain injury, died 3 times in a coma 87 days. I had to go through rehabs to learn life again. Upon returning home had a friend ask me to get a medical card and try cannabis. I was amazed. After much research and testing I know that it is in the blood flow every hit.

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  • 67Catalina

    My TBI accord in 1996. The current psychiatrist I see has told me that the only way he’ll work with me is when I am no longer using medical marijuana.

    • william russell

      Must be a VA doctor

  • Cam

    I suffered a tbi last year in a car accident. I fractured my skull and almost every bone in my face, I had to have a crainotomy and was in a coma for a week. My recovery was the fastest they said they’ve ever seen, I owe a lot of that to marijuana I’ve always said this.

    • B. S.

      What strain are you using for daytime alertness and function?

      • piper.maria

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  • Jasmine

    I wonder if marijuana could help a child who suffered an intraventricular hemorage after birth. Basically she had a bleed (like a stroke) and has a shunt (small tube) in he brain draining fluid into her belly where it’s excreted. When she initially had the bleed, where the blood rushed into her brain, brain matter didn’t grow back. She smart and normal except she doesn’t walk and has trouble with her right arm. She’s 6 now so if it does help that type of injury at all, I wonder if it’s too late. Does anybody have any insight into brain bleeds and if canibis could help at all?

    • cj

      Doesnt hurt to try it lol

    • Tanya

      Id like to know as well. My son is a sh ahaken baby survivor but has severe tbi. That was nearly 15 yrs ago thou.

    • Veronica Giragossian

      My nephew is the same exactly, and We give him CBD oil by charlotte s web and we are going to try thc-a very soon.. We have seen improvement in balance and hoping to see more improvement from thc-a from realm of caring in ca

    • Veronica Giragossian

      My nephew uses CBD oil from charlotte web, for 4 months now.. We have seen improvement in balance … but we are planning to start thc-a we are sure that thca will be way more beneficial while taking the CBD oil .. Both together

      • rick maggi

        Together is the key. Not the synthetic bs either. Plant harvested concentrates. The zero thc stuff is crap. A higher cbd and med to medlow thc is gods nectar. Straight up medicine. It should be in every households medicine cabinet. I suffered a bad tbi, used mmj heavily after the injury by coincidence. It help infinitely. Now, when taking a break from mmj, my life turns upside down. Everything goes out the window. Memory, health, organization, empathy, cognition, sanity…. kiiinda important if u want to participate with society. Maryjane will be my partner for life. A life i will enjoy. Mmj is meds. Item 9 exists. Its the bees knees.

    • syam

      I would like to know as well if its a perfect healing as my son suffered intraventricular hemorage Grade 4 and has entered into 5th month.

    • Shaz

      Did u get any response from this? Im 28weeks pregnant and our unborn little boy has jst had a major bleed on brain. Im doing my own research into cures as they arent telling us anything good and we jst dnt want to accept this. Plz let me kno if u seeked this help plz

      • sue

        I would start consuming cannabis oil, smoking it, all of the above if I were you, I have been researching mmj for months, I read a 30 year research on mothers who smoked mj and most of them had high IQ’s, after following the effects, these kids went to harvard MIT. There are mmj drs you can consult.

  • Dylan

    On April 31st 2010 I was ran over by a jeep walking home from school and suffered a TBI which lead to a craniotomy and left me in a coma for 21 days. When I awoke I was released without any OPT and was well back onto my way of living life (Of course with half my skull missing.) Come to learn that smoking 11 days before the accident (420) saved my life, and my continues smoking furthered my healing process. I would like to continue getting updates on this study.
    Pealy Amazing :D

  • greg dave

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  • RileyH

    I’m in almost 3 years into my tbi. I have a gym at home. I smoke. And I workout 5 days a week. On and off. All day smoking lets me relax and enjoy my time. As I am prone when not at appy or in the gym. Riley

    • RileyH


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  • Mike k

    When my daughter was 3 her immune system attacked the myelin sheaths in her brain destroying a lot of them . The doctors say she has irreversible brain damage . She is now 9. Does anyone know it’s the THC-A would help repair any damage to her brain ?

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