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Best-Selling Writer Lee Child Credits Success To Marijuana

By on August 19, 2013
Jim Grant (better known as Lee Child) says most of his writing is done under the influence of marijuana.

The creator of the Jack Reacher series says he does most of his writing while high on marijuana – Last week, Jim Grant, better known by his pen name Lee Child, admitted to using marijuana on a near daily basis for the past 44 years in an interview with the Daily Mail.

“I’ve been smoking weed for 44 years, five nights a week… I have a guy on speed dial in New York who comes over with a huge range of marijuana.”

The best-selling thriller writer says he does most of his writing while high and “claims that it should be made compulsory,” reports the Daily Mail.

Artists from a wide range of backgrounds have credited marijuana for its ability to stimulate creative thought.

Born in Birmingham, UK and later relocating to New York, Lee is best known for crafting the character Jack Reacher.

His novels have now sold 70 million copies worldwide and are so popular that one is sold every two seconds. They were also the inspiration behind last year’s Jack Reacher film, which featured Tom Cruise as the lead actor.

Lee’s incredible success as a writer just goes to show that the negative stigma surrounding marijuana use is undeserved – as he points out himself.

“I’m the poster boy to prove it doesn’t do you much harm.”

His latest Jack Reacher novel, the 18th so far, will be released on August 28th.

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