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CBD May Reverse Brain Deficits In Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s

By on August 14, 2013
CBD could protect the brain from degeneration and reverse memory impairments.

CBD could protect the brain from degeneration and reverse impairments in a number of disorders, according to new research out of Brazil. – Scientists have identified a role of cannabidiol (CBD) in countering chemical imbalances in the brain, which they say could be useful in treating a number of disorders.

The chemical in question is iron. Despite being an essential nutrient, high levels of iron can damage brain cells and lead to impairments such as memory loss in Alzheimer’s. Abnormal iron levels have also been linked to the progression of Parkinson’s Disease.

Using CBD, researchers from Brazil were able to reverse markers of brain damage caused by high doses of iron in rats – restoring them to normal levels. The results were able to confirm observations from an earlier study, where a single dose of CBD was “able to recover memory in iron-treated rats.”

Writing in the July issue of Molecular Neurobiology, they concluded that CBD has significant potential in restoring brain function and protecting the brain from further damage.

“Our findings support the potential of cannabidiol in reversing cognitive decline and its clinical use in treating neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Iron has been shown to cause brain degeneration by promoting oxidative stress. On the other hand, CBD – a non-psychoactive chemical found in marijuana – is known to have powerful antioxidant properties, making it “a promising candidate” for treating these disorders, wrote the authors.

The study was conducted at Pontifical Catholic University and funded by the National Institute for Translational Medicine (INCT-TM).

  • Fudgenut

    Interesting, I wonder if it would help Hemochromotosis?

  • Bryanp1975

    My brother has pretty advanced stage Parkinson’s. He took half of a CBD fruit flavored jelly that a friend gave me. After about half an hour he noticed that he had stopped trembling. He was noticeably under an influence, but it was his first time and is not a smoker normally. It had been over 4 hrs when I checked back and still nothing.
    Does anyone know good maintenance dose numbers?

    • uuberdude

      I recommend you administer it with a vaporizer a little at a time. When an adequate level of titration is reached he will know. In short order he will come to know how much works best. With continued use he will need a little more as his body becomes accustomed to the drug, and intoxication becomes much less pronounced.

    • K Ka

      You as well friend as long as you are legal

  • uuberdude

    I am a caregiver in the State of Michigan and know first hand that cannabis helps Parkinson’s patients, some of whom I provide for. The stuff is self titrating, meaning that patients use enough to do its special magic and calm their symptoms. Less than a gram smoked or vaporized is usually adequate, and repeated as necessary. There is no know toxic dose of cannabis. Overdose is impossible and negative side effects are minimal to non-existent.

    • K Ka

      Send me your email I would like to give you a couple high cbd clones to help you patients.

      • uuberdude

        Got it covered. Thanks anyhow.

  • James

    My 67 y/o mother is currently suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. We have seen a massive decline in the past year. We have secured her license and are now ready to administer CBD to see if it helps. Unfortunately after exhaustive research we have not been able to locate a suggested dosage for my 130 lb 5’7 mother. I am honestly afraid to give any to her without a solid recommendation after reading that too little or too much could deem ineffective. Might you have any insight that can help my mother begin the path to recovery? I am out of options. Thank you!!

    • Jimmy Dean

      James do you have any follow up on your mom/ Did she try and did it work? My 74 yo mother is going down quickly, and my dad has also been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Would love any feed back from you or any others with mid to long term outcomes. Thank you.

      • Jackie

        Join the private Facebook group Cannabis Oil Success Stories. Cannabis oil can definitely help your mother.

    • paul80033

      If you can get the hash oil start with eating 1/2 grain of rice size amount. if she would be smoking flower start with 1 hit off a pipe twice a day or make some brownies with 3.5 grams of good weed made into the butter and make a 8th of a brownie a serving.

  • J. Lopez

    CBD Works