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Marijuana Could Treat Pain From Bone Cancer, Research Shows

By on July 24, 2013
Metastatic bone pain is the most common cause of pain in cancer patients.

Metastatic bone pain is the most common cause of pain among cancer patients. – Pain is a common reason for cancer patients to use medical marijuana. And while pain can accompany almost any form of cancer, patients with bone cancer tend to experience the most severe and difficult-to-treat pain of all. Now, new research out of the University of Minnesota suggests that marijuana could provide relief for these patients too.

Published in the latest issue of Neuroscience, the results show that cannabinoids – chemicals found in cannabis – can act to inhibit pain signals caused by bone tumors. These signals come from nerves called nociceptors and travel to the brain where they initiate feelings of pain. However, when cannabinoids bind to specific receptors on these nerves, the signals seem to slow down.

Although the study only looked at rat models treated with the synthetic cannabinoid WIN 55,212-2, THC is also known to activate cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2). As such, the authors believe their findings could have much wider applications.

“These results provide additional rationale for targeting both CB1 and CB2 receptors in the periphery for the management of cancer pain and perhaps for other persistent pain states as well.”

Each year, over 1.6 million people are diagnosed with some form of cancer and approximately 50% will eventually suffer from chronic pain. The percentage of pain sufferers is much higher in bone cancer.

While the new findings still need to be confirmed in humans, the researchers remind us that treating cancer pain is a “major clinical challenge” and that evidence continues to suggest that “cannabinoids may be a useful treatment” for these patients.

The study was conducted at the University of Minnesota’s Department of Diagnostic and Biological Sciences and funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Institutes of Drug Abuse (NIDA).

  • Bulvas George

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    I was diagnosed with a Grade 2 oligo-astronomy brain tumor back in 2007 undergoing further surgery in 2009 again in 2011 when it was diagnosed as a grade 3/4 aggressive surgery followed the majority was taken but certain sections couldn’t be removed due to quality of life a course of radiotherapy for 6 weeks followed.

    Knowing I was still not in the clear for several years to come, I decided to look at other options.In 2014 after a climbing accident, my head and back took a fair beating on my way down so off to hospital I went with a lump on my head the size of a melon and unable to walk. I was informed they had found several small tumors 5 in all within my cerebellum and four along my spine; so I was in a very bad state indeed! The medical teams treating me elected to transfer me to another hospital to under go Gamma Knife Radio surgery at Sheffield Hospital UK.
    However, a miscommunication between the medical teams resulted in me not being transferred in time, each team thinking the other had it in hand.“Stunned”

    Informing me that as I had slipped through the net my only option left was chemotherapy, I rejected their suggestion reminding them chemotherapy was medically proven to be ineffective in treating spinal tumors, and they should already have been aware of this, naturally I declined that option. So after many an argument and denial my oncologist finally agreed with me that he knew this was correct but thought the only option left was chemotherapy as it might help in delaying it until they could figure out a way forward. I pointed out that as it had been proven ineffective I would almost certainly be dead before they could find a way forward emphasizing, there was no need for me to endure all of the side effects that come with this treatment?
    Palmed off to die.It was like trying to convince a caveman the word was not flat!

    I then made my decision to seek an alternative hospital and my remedy WAS be Cannabis Oil,I was still skeptical, you have to be your playing with your own life here walking away from conventional medicine is not easy even when you know it will not work.
    After following my supplier’s instructions Dr Palmer via email: “” to take it three times a day I could hardly function, electing to take it all before bedtime proved to be far better, this way I did not suffer the after effects nice though it was one still needs to function to some degree. Within 3 weeks, I had my MRI scan and met with my oncologist, informing me that it seems to have reduced, smugly patting himself on the back. I was delighted and relieved I then informed him I had withdrawn from all of North Staff’s treatment suggesting he should take the time to read my files, once again questioning his competence! No confidence at all with them.

    I transferred to another hospital The Clatter bridge Center Wirral after a further two MRI scans came back clear showing NO SIGN of the tumors. Leaving my consultant baffled, as he had not treated me whilst under his care, I could not share my little secret, as he is a little old school. So all I can say is it has worked for me I took a very hard and brave decision to withdraw from conventional medicine believe me it was a hard choice but it has worked. Thanks to DR PALMER for providing me with the oil and helping me through the treatment with a lot of his counseling. You can contact him directly via email: “” or “” DIRECTLY for your own cure.

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    Bulvas George