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Can Some People Be Allergic To Cannabis? Yes, But It’s Complicated

By on July 12, 2013
Allergic reactions to cannabis are rare and usually mild.

Allergic reactions to cannabis are rare and are more common in people with many allergies – In 1971, a middle-aged woman decided to smoke marijuana for the first time in her life, only to find out that she was allergic. Her doctors, baffled by her mild anaphylactic reaction, published her case in the first report to ever document this phenomenon.

Despite leaving behind a medical legacy, it’s unlikely that this woman was the first person in history to have this unfortunate allergy. As recent studies show, cannabis allergies are on the rise as more people around the world try the drug. Some workers in the hemp industry have also reported allergy-like symptoms, which may include rhinitis (nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, red eyes, etc.), hives, or swelling.

Still, cases of cannabis allergies are rare and little is known about what causes this effect.

Recently, a team of researchers from Canada and the U.S. set out to identify what was responsible for these allergic reactions. Their findings, published in the July issue of Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, did not point to a specific compound in cannabis as the cause.

Rather, subjects seemed to react to a wide range of proteins found not only in marijuana, but throughout the plant kingdom. The proteins identified – mostly enzymes – include RuBisCO (a photosynthesis catalyst and the most abundant protein in nature), luminal binding protein (also responsible for hazel pollen allergies) and certain parts of the ATP synthase enzyme (also responsible for wheat and fungi allergies).

Although subjects weren’t tested for other plant allergies, previous studies have found ragweed and pigweed allergies to be common in people who react to cannabis. What’s more, in a study involving 32 subjects with tomato allergies, all tested positive for cannabis allergies as well.

Overall, the new findings bring mostly good news: people who react to cannabis aren’t allergic to THC or any other medically useful compound in marijuana. The bad news: if cannabis gives you an allergic reaction, you’re probably allergic to a lot of other plants too.

  • Kimboslyce

    It was when I started working in the industry that I discovered my allergy to weed. Thankfully there are no maleffects when I smoke but if the growing plants touch me or dry bud touches my hands when I roll up a joint, I break into hives that itch and spread like crazy. It’s nuts. When trimming I’ve found only one specific sativa strain hinders my breathing. I think it’s because it’s a relatively new plant that we’re surrounding ourselves with, the more people exposed, the more that can become allergic, like gluten.

    • Anonymous

      Marijuana allergy is real. If I touch it, I break out in hives. However, I can smoke it no problem and enjoy the uplifting effects.

      • olcurmudgeon

        I can accept an allergy to marijuana.
        I do not accept a claim of instantly passing out and not knowing whats going on for days ..and then gets no medical help for such severe symptoms but takes a benedryl and is fine

        Nor is it acceptable that the majority of cannabis users who arent allergic should have to cater to the few who are.

        • Olicity Smoak

          I came looking for a solution. I am going to try that Vitamin C suggestion I saw earlier. I get a really bad headache and just feel a little sick for a day after I’m around someone smoking it in the same room. If I say, smell it downstairs, it’ll make my throat scratchy but I just close the window, and it’s fine. I usually don’t have issues because I avoid it, but sometimes out of nowhere someone will smoke in their home and I will feel so so badly about telling them it makes me sick. I usually would say, it’s okay. I’ll just go. I’m so sorry. But they’ll ask me to stay. I usually can’t. I feel badly because I feel like I’m being weird, but I really do get sick. It’s just a thing. It’s sad because it’s in the air and not like in foods where you can just avoid them. But I’m the same with strong aerosol scents and things like that. I can usually avoid them. Anyway, I don’t expect people to stop smoking. I just wish I wasn’t allergic or reactive or whatever it is more than anything. Many people are fine with just waiting til I leave, and I’m mostly really good at avoiding it. It’s just sad to have to. I guess that’s life.

  • Yesimallergic

    I am severely allergic to it and have many people “testing” me on this. If someone walks by me who has smoked it, has it in their pocket (in a baggy) or I walk into a room that someone has smoked it I instantly get a headache and will pass out. I will sleep for days without any knowledge of what is going on around me. When it is just a small reaction I have severe headaches and mood swings. I am begging people who “do not believe us” to not “test” us. Don’t tell us that we can’t be allergic because it’s natural (you really lose all credibility with that comment). I live in Colorado (yay for me, right) and I don’t care what you do just please obey the law and keep it in your home. I really hate that we passed that law and hope someday people may see us as they do those with peanut allergies. Unless you have experienced this you have no idea how horrible this is to those of us who are allergic.

    • Skyehack

      So we should also ban peanuts then?

      • Yesimallergic

        WOW…you are special kind of stupid, aren’t you! I posted a true and kind comment and simply said to keep it in your home WHICH IS WHAT THE F****ING LAW IS and you have to respond with an idiotic comment like this. This is why there is NO MORE COMPASSION in our world!

        • JANKE

          You guys both suck

        • Anon

          Damn. Peanuts should be kept in the owners home. Along with anything else that somebody can be allergic to!

        • Bob_Laublaw

          “someday people may see us as they do those with peanut allergies”-I’m assuming you’re referring to the trend of schools banning all kids from eating peanut butter because a kid or two would react poorly if they ate it. Guess what? if you are allergic to something -ts on you to avoid it not the rest of your community to ban it. Take some responsibility for your own survival and quit whining like an idiot incapable of protecting yourself. If you are allergic to smoke don’t hang around smokers. If you allergic to nuts dont eat them, and dont eat dessert either. It cracks me up when I see people at a restaurant practically harassing their server or a manager about dessert ingredients when you are allergic to nuts. Morons! Everyone knows most desserts are produced in facilities that use nuts. Its bad enough you have shit genes where touching a nut will kill you but then you are going to trust the dipshit at applebees to advise you on a matter of life and death because you think you have some inherent right to eat nut free dessert. People like this deserve to die young its called natural selection

          • Yesimallergic

            WOW, you mom must be so proud that you say a person deserves to die young. I DO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! You do NOT KNOW ME and it’s asses LIKE YOU that make this world SUCK!

          • Bob_Laublaw

            First of all the world and its maby inhabitants are beautiful and amazing. Im so sorry you got the genetic shaft. If you could just smoke a little kind bud you’d probably be a lot less bitter and be able to see the beauty in everything-even the things that cause you suffering. Secondly Sherlock Holmes, this is the web none of know each other fully we only know the content of the blurbs being posted and the ones you post are whiny and self-serving. Thats all I need to know. Somebody anywhere is allergic to something it is not for the world to ban all possible allergens it is for the individual to take personal responsibility and handle their shit. Thirdly wtf does my deceased mother have to do with this? Your mother might be pivotal she did pass along the shitty genes in question but mine…i’d like to think she’d tell you to pull up your fucking pants and handle your own shit too and quit being such a whiny little bitch

          • Yesimallergic

            AND YOU ARE A DICK! FUCK OFF BASTARD! Now, I have stooped to your level.

          • Yesimallergicisanidiot

            You pass out for days with no idea what’s going on around you from all that dick you suck. Yes, I’m allergic to your bullshit story too.

          • Yesimallergic

            I’m so sorry that your life is so miserable that you feel the need to prey on others. People have severe allergic reactions to many different things and just because you do not believe it does not make it false. Depending on how I’m exposed is how I will react. I can have a mild reaction which is an extreme headache, I can go into anaphylaxis shock or the blood vessels in my neck will constrict and cause me to pass out. When this happens it can create another reaction which causes me to sleep for days in which I don’t remember doing anything. It is my hope that you or someone you love never experiences any type of allergic reaction to anything that you do not believe can happen, as this could cost a life. Exactly why are “we” (those who are allergic) the bad guys? When did this world become so sickening that we are liars? When someone asks me when I bring a dish to a pot luck “does it have bananas, peanuts, etc.” I don’t go crazy and accuse them of lying when they say they are allergic. I simply say yes or no and go on with my life. I don’t spend any time “bashing” that person for something that is out of their control. With that being said, I wish you better treatment in your life than what you gave me.

          • olcurmudgeon

            Youve been underneath that level from the get go with the bs story

          • Ithinkimallergic too

            I agree. Many people have serious reactions and the fact that it is a plant with pollen on it further supports the point you are trying to make Yesimallergic

          • Reese Daniel

            Let’s just ban all plants then, because somebody, somewhere may just be allergic!! You should work for the DEA. They would LOVE you! (And I do NOT smoke weed in any form, I just despise liberal minded narcissists and their entitled way of elitist thinking and projecting THEIR responsibility for themSELVES onto others!).

          • Jen

            Absolutely anyone can suddenly become allergic. In part it is due to all of the other drugs we are exposed to. It has little to do with genetics and natural selection is irrelevant here. You have a chance of developing the allergy yourself; it can happen after a little exposure or after many years. I know someone who developed a life threatening drug allergy after fifty years and nearly died from it.
            Natural selection would be being hit by a bus before you are old enough to reproduce because you are too stoned to see it. Controlled allergies that develop after producing children ensure survival of the genes and the species.

          • Bob_Laublaw

            Jen, I was arguing with an absolute moron and took some liberties with my definition of natural selection to illustrate a point. This fucking idiot claims he/she will pass out immediately and “sleep for days with no knowledge of what’s going on around them” simply by being in proximity to a closed baggie of weed in someones pocket. That is batshit crazy. Instead of nitpicking the science of natutal selection-how bout taking issue with the fact that it is completely fucking impossible for yesimallergic or any other human being being to detect a sealed baggie of weed in someones pocket from across the room, much less turn into sleeping fucking beauty from it. How bout weighing in with some olfactory science next time instead. BTW nobodys ever been too stoned to not see a bus. Marijuana has never had a single overdose or accidental death attributed to it. If you don’t smoke it and merely vaporize there is no known adverse health effect. Weed relaxes you, occasionally makes you a bit giddy but it does not turn you into sleeping beauty or threaten you with invisible buses.

          • Yesimallergic

            So now I’m a fucking idiot? You, sir (and I use that term lightly) are the RUDE fucking idiot. Allergies are not “batshit crazy” they are a FACT OF LIFE! You can be allergic to ANYTHING but you keep smoking your marijuana and believing whatever you want because YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE PROBLEM NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION.

          • Bob_Laublaw

            Dear Retard,

            I did not state that allergies are batshit crazy. I am stating that your scenario is batshit crazy in that it simply isnt a possible outcome for human beings- “If someone walks by me who …has it in their pocket (in a baggy)…I instantly get a headache and will pass out. I will sleep for days without any knowledge of what is going on around me.”

            So there are a few possibilities here. One, You’re lying. Two, you’re batshit crazy. Or three, you were actually a police dog mutated by radiation and unfortunately the only super-power you were given is the ability to type and troll the internet spewing your bullshit nonsense.
            You see, a human being’s nose CANNOT detect a sealed marijuana baggy inside someones pocket as it enters the room. You fucking imbecile. Dog-sure. Human-fuck no, you fucking retard. Or liar. Whatever. I’m reasonably sure you arent the police dog. Then again I smoke pot so what do I know. I’m actually a zombie. I was hit by a bus which I couldn’t see because I was too stoned.
            I can say this for sure. If I was allergic and wanted to avoid marijuana smoke I sure as shit could. I wouldn’t hang with people who smoke it. I wouldnt go to hipster, hip hop, or hippie concerts. I’d realize that there are probably some people or places that I just shouldnt go around if i want to be comfortable and that it really isnt my place to demand that those people and places be pot-free just for my sake.
            I pointed out earlier there are a lot of idiots with severe life threatening allergies who dine out every night knowing damn well they are trusting their lives to a bunch of cooks with no dietary training, working long hours for minimum pay and then these idiots will sue the business when they get rushed to the ER. If I was allergic to shellfish I’m not gonna go to shrimpfest at red lobster, order a hamburger, and then tell my waiter I might die if anyone anywhere in the building touches my plate if they had previously contacted the shrimp. But that shit happens all the time my guess is the people “blowing smoke in your face” are at a concert or other event where you know damn well pot will be front and center. Again-Personal Responsibility.
            The other thing is if by some miracle of science you really are comatose for days every time a closed baggie of weed in someones pocket passes by you better get to planned parenthood and get checked out-I’m pretty sure you’re being raped. Like… a lot raped. Thanks for reading asshole.

          • Yesimallergic

            You are a sick, sorry excuse of a human being.

          • j

            And i think ur story is bullshit or batshit crazy. Ur lieing exaggerating or both. But i didnt beleive ur horse shit story for one second. Its complete bullshit. Take responsibility for ur survival you fucking lame ass. Ur story is bullshit!!!

          • Yesimallergic

            Wow, aren’t you just full of respect? See here’s the difference between us. If someone were to tell me that they were allergic to barley (just in case your education doesn’t go high enough it is an ingredient in beer) I would not call their story bullshit nor would I call them batshit crazy because I am able to and actually enjoy a beer now and then. So go back to your pipe and smoke some more as you just proved what some are saying…smoking marijuana can lead to extreme anger.

          • olcurmudgeon

            Im allergic to aliens from outer space…its just as believable as your story
            I have no respect for liars

          • Yesimallergic

            I have no respect for people who justify their drug use by slamming others

          • Jcp5605

            I believe you. It gives me serious headaches too. I stay in my own house an the people who smokes it seeps into my apartment I already had to move because of the severe headaches I have a brain tumor on brain stem an it smell of it affects me horribly.

          • Zenazzz

            Wow, Everyone!, I jumped on here to see if it were possible for someone to smell it and have an allergic reaction as in burning itching eyes, which seems to be the case.
            As for the smell detection through a sealed baggy.
            I must be part bomb detection dog then, because I can smell it in the next room in a ziploc baggy.
            If it is triple vacuumed sealed bagged, nope, can’t smell a thing.

            It’s possible that someone who is exposing themselves to it daily is nose blind to the smell.
            I am neither a smoker or a user, just have an interest in it medically for a friend. After a quick read here, I will thank you kindly for the info, but I can’t read through this crap. Thought this might be a support group, appears to be too much drama and little info.
            Hope you all feel better after a round of shit slinging.
            Where is admin on this group?

          • tressi

            I’m not choosing sides on this…but if I had to, I would side with Bob…and here’s why. I’m allergic to gluten, dairy, soy and a list of about 20 other foods. It’s not a life threatening allergy, however I do get very sick if I eat any of those things. If I don’t feel like going to a restaurant and ordering a salad with no dressing, I don’t go to the restaurant and make everyone else’s life hell bc I can’t eat anything I want. That’s my problem, not anyone else’s. So….Yesimallergic, If you hang out with people who blow smoke in your face, knowing that you’re any amount of allergic to weed, then you need new friends. Before I smoked, I simply asked my friends who did, not to bring it around me. So they didn’t, bc they understood that I didn’t like it. So…that being said…get over yourself, maybe you should keep yourself in your house if you have such an issue with it. It’s your problem that you’re allergic, not ours.

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          • olcurmudgeon

            Ill say youre a liar
            Symptoms you claim to have would be big national news

          • Yesimallergic

            Why don’t you go and smoke more and quit responding. YOU don’t have to believe me, I will NOT lose any sleep over it!

          • samljer22

            he was right.
            but he did say it like an ass.

          • D R

            I just took 2 days worth of medical marijuana for pain and guess what I have a severe allergy too. Please know that hundreds of people have anaphylactic responses to lots of stuff! Please look it up anaphylactic shock.
            Peanut allergies for some is so bad that people die. So please don’t say to anyone you are not allergic.

          • Reese Daniel

            The medical mary jane is probably GMO Frankenweed. You know everytime Uncle Scam get’s his greasy paws on anything it gets contaminated in some way. And nobody said somebody “was not allergic”. Go back and re-read the threads.

          • Pdub

            This is. The problem with our country a few people have a problem with what everyone else is doing so everyone else has to stop just for a few go hug a fucking tree if u don’t like it stay away from it I don’t like queers so I stay away from them I don’t tell them they have to stop sucking dick

          • Christine Solazzo

            I had my pancreas fail from Marijuana use and NO it was tested and not laced. I am allergic to THC so cannot be anywhere near it. FACT

          • Velasquez

            Yesimallergic is correct. We are finding a very small amount of people who really do have this reaction. Fortunately on the good side far more people are reaping the benefits to the Cmd affects in the drug. It is not unreasonable to ask people to keep their Pot, Vape, oils, dab, shatter etc in their own area until we discover more. I have heard of some scientists who are almost able to eliminate this problem but it will take some time since the stigma has existed so long. Now that DNA engineering is being performed I’d bet in the next 20 years most allergic reactions will be blocked from happening. Sorry for your condition, I hope we find a way to keep you safe. It’s not too much to ask for peeps to keep their stuff inside.

          • Patricia B

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          • Bryant’s Buds

            Warning ⚠️ SCAMMER

          • Yesimallergic

            LOLOLOL nice!

          • BobMarley

            LOLOLOL? Wtf is that? I agree with the posters that think you are a retard.
            Btw, as far as the law goes about having your marijuana only at home, most people obtain their marijuana from someplace other than their home, so how does one perfectly conform to your wish that they keep it only in their home?
            Also, you seem awfully angry. You seem to be blaming others for your problems. You are probably one of those idiots that voted for Trump.

          • Reese Daniel

            Whoever voted at all is an idiot. (Left Wing and Right Wing are attached to the same Bird).

          • geniuswaitress

            this is absolutely fantastic and hilarious

          • Leah

            Right, it’s our job to go out of our way because you want to expose us to it. Absolutely selfish. It benefits you and others around you suffer, so your response is that they’re at fault.

          • Jade

            It’s not about avoiding people that smoke, you run into people on the train, walking down the street, where the smell just overcomes your and your head starts to pounds and you can’t focus on anything. It’s truly one of the most awful feelings I’ve ever had and there’s nothing I can do to avoid it 100%

          • Mark Donald

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          • stefany scolos

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          • Daryl Quesnel

            dude love your comment,feel same way

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        • olcurmudgeon

          Tell us why special arrangements should be made for the few who have allergies?
          Plus your story sounds like total BS

          • Yesimallergic

            When did I say special arrangements? (Is that the fog you live in) I asked that you follow the law but the laws don’t pertain to you, do they?

          • Ylice Golden

            I feel for you. I am in the same boat. It makes me ill, but for some reason people like us are the bad guys, liars, crazy, etc. Sigh!

        • samljer22

          the part pissing people off is probably where you bashed the passing of the law and progress.

        • Jimmy Dyke

          vote yes on illegal peanuts bro im allergic

        • Reese Daniel

          The problem is not so much lack of compassion (and yes that’s part of it) but SELF-CENTERED and ENTITLED thinking. I know people who are allergic to cheese. So they don’t eat cheese. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us should have to walk on eggshells because of them. That’s a narcissistic way of thinking and THAT is the real problem in our world. It’s full of narcissists who think they are “gods”. It’s your responsibility to avoid places where people smoke cannibas, not their’s to tip toe around your Royal Highness. Get off your Narc Horse. You ain’t God.

          • Yesimallergic

            So wanting people to follow the law is on a Narc Horse…wow!

      • trouble

        Yes lol

      • AnonymousAndy

        Alcohol too

        • Reese Daniel

          Somebody, somewhere is allergic to something so let’s just BAN EVERYTHING!!! ; }

      • Stephanie Hazeem

        yeah because people spoke peanuts in people’s face.

        • Yesimallergic


        • olcurmudgeon

          Who blows pot smoke in people’s faces?

          • Cj2780

            All pot smokers do. Maybe not intentially….. But the smoke lingers on for ages weather it be from their breathe, their clothes, hair, the space in which they smoke.
            When you smoke pot you have no idea how much the smoke and smell lingers on to others around you, including pets as well.

            But in saying all that, pot smokers are very protective of their weed so there is nothing you can say against weed without making them angry. Weed is perfect! Lol

        • samljer22

          actually peanut dust is a real thing. you cant eat that shit in the same room as those who are allergic, use your head.

    • BillW

      You should probably just stay away from me if you want to avoid pot. You’re poor genetics are not my problem.

      • NotBillW

        >your not you’re
        >in b4 grammar nazis

        • BillW

          Shut up fool, I’m lit as hell!

      • Steven Romero

        Here here

      • Alicia

        Ironic that your name is BillW since that is the name of the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous which led to Narcotics Anonymous.

        • Paul J Salerno

          12 step programs have a success rate of keeping a person sober after 5 years of between 3 to 5 percent

        • olcurmudgeon

          Even stranger is that marijuana isnt a narcotic
          Its a mild hallucenogen

          On top of tht if a person gets caught with cannabis they are goven the optin of jail time or regab
          Which would you choose?
          Hence the drug rehab increases

          Its nearly always the case that anti pot crowd will lie, will say literally anything to stop others from enjoying the plant
          i.e. Gateway theory, pot causes cancer, pot has no medical benefits, ppl who smoke have no ambiton or are lazy (tell that to a host of Nobel Prize winners and the pot smoker who has won the most Olympic Gold medals ever)

          • Reese Daniel

            I don’t smoke pot but I agree with you. These few “entitled” narcissistic loud mouths always seem to ruin everything for everyone else in this backwards thinking society where these narcissists take no PERSONAL RESPONSIBLITY and instead blame everyone else for their own stuff. So sick of it.

        • Ironic-man

          Oh yeah, super ironic. There are probably 4 million BillW’s in the USA.

      • Jeremy

        Fucking retard?

      • Yesimallergic

        Really, Poor genetics? I guess being an idiot is hereditary also it was passed down to you.

      • trouble

        Hahaha me too

    • Grey Wolf

      I too am allergic to it – I can smell it and it shuts my lungs down making it hard for me to breathe – I get headaches and a severe skin rashes too – I’ve even been hospitalized

      • Yesimallergic

        Is your situation becoming worse with the difference in marijuana today as it was years ago?

      • olcurmudgeon

        How is it all of your cases have gone unnoticed in a world where the cannabis haters have easy access to media ?
        The DEA et al cant wait for proof its deadly and yet none of you have provided any shred of proof
        The DEA NIDA , ONDCP would be all over this if itvwas such a huge deathly problem
        Theyve spent forty years lying about cannabis causing cancer
        Theyd be absolutely THRILLED to meet you all

    • Stephanie Hazeem

      I have the same reaction. It s.cks living in Oregon.

      • Yesimallergic

        Has your reactions become more severe or different lately?

        • mbgm

          Sorry, this is s poor question, cannabis hasn’t changed in recent years, so I don’t see how they can get worse, unless the body itself changed. And no the law doesn’t matter because prohibition doesn’t work, we know how well that turned out. People will continue to do drugs no matter what laws say. And to be honest, banning cannabis for that reason is exactly like banning peanuts. You can’t ban something because you’re allergic.

          • Yesimallergic

            Really? You don’t think it’s changed. Smoke another one why don’t you. No one said to “ban” it but those of us who are allergic would appreciate people following the laws and NOT smoke it in public.

          • Aussie chick

            Hi. I smoked pot for 20 years and have noticed I have developed an allergy to it in the past couple of years. Maybe since having kids. So now I’m trying to give it up which is not easy. I get bad hayfever type symptoms. Try ignore those morons.

          • Yesimallergic

            Aussie chic,
            Sorry to hear about the difficulties you are having giving it up. Benadryl seems to help me. Have you tried that?

          • olcurmudgeon

            Oh wow hayfever symptoms
            and the world is supposed to cater to the very few who are allergic
            Have you been tested or are you just assuming its cannabis

          • olcurmudgeon

            Why dont YOU stay inside? Its your problem.

          • Yesimallergic

            You are just an angry person…hmmm guess the study is correct. I’m asking you to follow the LAW

          • Yesimallergic

            It has changed over the years. In the 60′s the level of THC was 5-7, now it is about 25. No one said “ban” it we are talking about our allergies and our reactions. It is not legal to smoke it outside of your home.

          • olcurmudgeon

            The legality of smoking it outside the home is what has you anti cannabis folks to be up in arms and not because of any allergies

            You dont want to see it
            Youre supporters of the negative stigma surrounding the plant and youll say anything to prevent cannabis users from getting any more freedom to enjoy it than theyve eked out over the past 40 years
            That becomes clear with retorts about cannabis usrs being idiots so stoned theyd be hit by a bus,

          • Yesimallergic

            Whatever. I pray for your family as narrow minded as you are. I don’t give a flying F*** what you do in your home!

          • Reese Daniel

            If they are having these horrific reactions my guess would be because of “medical marijuana” not natural grown stuff. The “medical marijuana” is most likely genetically modified “frankenweed”. That stuff is nasty and to be avoided like the plague. It will change your DNA. No kidding. Stick with natural grown mary jane. Whenever Uncle Scam gets his dirty hands on ANYTHING, it gets ruined for the rest of us.

        • Stephanie Hazeem

          more severe. It’s been a problem with more and more people smoking out in the open. I also have family members that smoke. I have to be careful if they have touched stuff after smoking pot or eating edibles.

    • jeremy

      You ever been a retard?!

      • Yesimallergic

        It is my hope that you are not asking me if I “ever been a retard.” If you are speaking to me…WOW study much in school and manners??? If you are not speaking to me the word “retard” really isn’t the best expression to describe someone. Just sayin’

        • FuckYourBadGenetics

          Just by the way ”retard” is a word not an expression… just thought I would let you know since you were starting to get all ‘did you go to school’ on that guy which is not the best way to inform some one that they are not intelligent as I do believe that they do not teach you when it is the correct time to ”describe” someone as a retard. Also allergies are in your genes… idiocy is caused by ignorance

          • Yesimallergic

            I hope your spouse, children or parents are never allergic to anything. Nice way to slam me for my comment and not the guy who used the word retard. Please don’t reproduce

          • olcurmudgeon

            My spouse and my children dont make up stories
            I suggest counseling for your patholical lying condition and find out why you fell the need to make up stories in an attempt to keep cannabis in a bad light.

          • Yesimallergic

            They must be so proud of you NOT.

    • lu_kc96

      Do your eyes ever swell or get pockets of liquid on them?

      • Yesimallergic

        Yikes, I don’t have that reaction but I have spoke to some that it does happen to. Does Benadryl help?

    • Brittney

      Yeah, I’m allergic too. I break out in hives when I just go passed someone smoking. In class people would have it in their bags and I would nearly pass out from it. It’s horrible, and its such a common thing to smoke pot that people don’t ever take me seriously when I say I have an allergy to it.

      • Yesimallergic

        Don’t you just love it when people “test” you.

      • olcurmudgeon

        Any symptoms such as your claim would definitely have been big news
        Gee I wonder why its not even with the myriad of research being done?

    • Dr. Robert F.

      I am allergic as well. Just tried it for first time in my life and both times I got a splitting headache about 20 seconds into the first inhalation. After coughing the headache goes from painful to intolerable. The headache lasts all day long. This sucks.
      On a bright note, I did try an edible and it did not have that same problem. So consider edibles.
      Personally I will never inhale cannabis again, but will use edibles to treat my illness.

    • Judip77

      Hey, myself & Grand daughter are the same!

      HeyI agree! They ban peanuts from school! What about the legalsation of this shit! (marijuana) I get an INSTANT migrane with the smell??? What are MY rights??

    • Richard Cranium

      That is not an allergic reaction

    • samljer22

      So because people are allergic, and dont keep Tylenol in their homes (IE: in thier purse for example), you hate that too?
      What about those allergic to perfume…?
      be realistic.

      The world wont stop for your allergies, manage it like everyone else has to manage something.

  • LoriBee

    si if someone acts like they are on a bad trip after smoking…will that be called an allergy or just a bad reaction to everytime they tried it?

    • Yesimallergic

      As I stated in my comment all someone who has smoked it has to come near me (or have it on their person). How can that be a bad trip?

      • Bob_Laublaw

        Why the fuck do they spend all the time and money training police dogs when your incredible sniffer can not only smell a closed baggie in someones pocket from a distance but you smell it so strongly it knocks you out for days. That is some superhuman bullshit. I’m starting to think you’re just another one of us stoners getting wasted and fucking with people. We should totally get high together sometime

  • Empathuse

    Anyone with allergies to MJ just take a lot of Vitamin C. By a lot I mean like USANA Health Science’s “Proflavanol” (a super vitamin c, ten times stronger than vitamin c you get from food).

    • Yesimallergic

      Unfortunately that doesn’t work for me :(

      • Mike

        You probably have problems absorbing nutrients likely caused by digestive issues.
        The digestive system is at the core with alot of allergies.

        • olcurmudgeon

          Oh no
          Its cannabis, Y has decided, so everyone else must make sure Y is comfy

  • buddetime

    in the 70′s 80′s nobody was allergic to gluten or soy or any of that crap. only in the last couple decades this has come about cause of all the genetically altered food we eat now days. it is mutating the human form. we r all doomed unless u grow your own and live off the grid so good luck.

    • Stephanie Hazeem

      it has increased. However there is also more knowledge about it.

  • Julie Gonzalez

    What about CHS (Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome)? I’m surprised these articles about “allergies to marijuana” doesn’t mention the worst type allergy to marijuana, which CHS. For those who don’t believe, you are sadly in true denial. I was the biggest pot smoker I’ve ever met and in about 1995, I developed extreme stomach pain, nausea and vomiting (non-stop). Went to UCLA and every hospital in L.A. County and no-one could figure out what I had until I met a gastroenterologist at Cedar Sinai who told me I have Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS). One of the common traits among the suffers include taking numerous hot showers or baths a day (hot water helps the stomach pain). I couldn’t believe it. I suffered incredibly for 10+ years, lost everything (family, friends, career and time), had needless surgeries; why? because I was a huge pothead. Who would think that something that is used for stomach pain and nausea would actually cause me the same symptoms that it supposed to help. But, when I stopped smoking, all my symptoms went away. I wish it wasn’t true cuz I looooove the weed, but for those who are suffering the same symptoms as me, try to stop and see what happens. I was close to death and stopping the weed saved my life.

    • Yesimallergic

      I’m sorry for what happened to you but glad you discovered it before it caused death. Best of luck to you!

  • TLC

    It’s amazing to read the comments made by marijuania smokers who have NO empathy for the people who are allergic to it. I use to smoke when I was younger, but I have come to realize that I always took an allergy tablet when I did. I’m also allergic to Ragweed too. I can’t be around people who smoke cigarettes either.

    • Yesimallergic

      I know…you don’t see people getting outraged by people allergic to strawberries or bananas.

      • olcurmudgeon

        Ppl allergic to strawberries snd bananas atent trying to keep me locked in my home because I enjoy them
        Nor do they make up total bs stories about instantly passing out etc, symptoms that should make one check ino a hospital

        • Yesimallergic

          The LAW says you need to stay in your home, I’m asking you to follow the LAW! Love how much respect you have for other human being

    • olcurmudgeon

      I have empathy for someone with allergies
      I have never had anyone with hayfever tell me to burn my lawn so, we can go outside
      They take Claritin D or deal with it…welcome to life and personal responsibility,

  • Ali McKenzie

    Its all the vaccines that is destroying our imune systems in combination with gmo food. I sympathize for those who cant enjoy the bounties of what the earth provides for us and their trust in pharmaceuticals and their TREATMENTS instead of the imune systems ability to HEAL our own bodies.

    • Youstupidmowfucka

      Have fun dieing cunt

  • jay

    I just found out I’m allergic to MJ too, but its only a mild reaction compared to some reactions I’ve read and heard about; I show non allergic rhinitis like symptoms, swollen nose, runny nose and difficulty of breathing through nose, I guess I can count myself lucky I don’t have such a severe reaction but, its still unfortunate as I already have a big nose and when my nostrils get inflamed I look hideous, I also heard that anti-histamines(h1blocker) and leukotriene inhibitors, these treatment methods are supposedly able to stop the allergy completely (for my symptoms) as it would stop the overreaction in the immune system. side note, for some reason I only started to become allergic to marijuana in the winter time, I smoked weed in the summer as well but I don’t recall having these reactions, guess I’m going to have to wait till next summer to see if this is a seasonal thing.

  • Delfina Herrera Hoxie

    I have taken MJ capsules for pain since August 2014 and have begun itching most of the time. This is the same reaction I had when I was taking doctor ordered pain medication. I am doing research to see if I can find a solution since I do not get high with the capsules and feel well with the exception of the itching.

  • rubberducky

    I have smoked for 23 years and vaped for 2. About 11 months ago I stopped partaking. I started back up after 5 months and now I am allergic. Smoking and vaporizing are OK, it’s the contact during prep. I start sneezing when I open a bag. After handling it I have to wash my hands or I will get a rash if I touch myself. Touching my eyes can be very painful. It’s really weird, but the benefits outweigh the allergy for me. Roll another one.

  • AnonymousAndy

    I’m a casual user because I think I’m allergic. So on occasion and I don’t know if its because the weed is too strong or if I’m truly allergic, I’ll get nauseous, get cold sweats, start convulsing enough to make me worry and have to lay down in front of a fan and of course puke my brains out. Imagine for a moment that your “Eyes” are Marbles in a “Glass Jar” and someone is shaking it around making the Marbles roll around. Its like that and it doesn’t go away until I pass out. But I can’t willingly sleep when like that. All I can do is lay in front of a fan on a bed, under a bush in the wind, on a concrete floor since its cold. Or put ice on my head and neck. I also get tingly arms and what feels like tight chest during these freak occurrences.
    I don’t know anyone who has had similar experiences like this. Am I that one person who can’t smoke weed?

    • Yesimallergic

      Scroll up and read Julie Gonzales post about CHS. It seems like you have those symptoms and it is extremely dangerous. Best of luck to you

  • Kristal Chapman

    I’m allergic to plants and it’s only logical that I’d be allergic to smoking a plant as well. I just cough more than often not really a big deal but definitely annoying lol.

  • Piroska Palocsay

    A friend who smokes daily had a severe reaction like anaphylactic shock, swollen face, itchy and bright red all over and trouble breathing yesterday! We don’t know for sure if it was the weed as we have never heard of such a reaction before, especially as he smokes it all the time! Any ideas please?

    • Yesimallergic

      I react this way just being around someone who is smoking it (out in the open).

  • J C

    I’m not allergic to other plants but if someone walks past smoking cannabis I risk anaphylactic shock- first experienced in the 1970′s in a room full of cannabis smokers. In other words my heart goes so fast that my blood pressure drops and I could die from the a medical state of shock. Interesting that people say you can’t be allergic because it’s natural; how bizarre. Nut are natural and kill through anaphylaxis; indeed most allergens are natural.

    • Yesimallergic

      I hear that so often. I have the same reaction for the same thing. Maybe we are just both crazy? LOLOL. Have you ever had anyone say, “is it just in your head?” UGH

  • Jen

    I am severely allergic to Cannabis. The first time I reacted (to passive exposure at a party) it nearly killed me and tore a valve in my heart, which was beating dangerously fast while I was unconscious.
    To avoid cannabis I have to avoid people, so no shopping or cinema trips, can’t even take children to a playground or visit a hospital due to cannabis smokers. The allergy triggered later reactions to alcohol, antibiotics and most drugs, so I can never eat away from home because restaurants use alcohol in their kitchens. The cannabis allergy will kill me even if I never come across cannabis again, because of the damage to my heart which cannot be treated because I became allergic to drugs (due to cannabis allergy) or because of a related reaction.
    Please please could cannabis users eat the stuff rather than smoke it. It works better that way and doesn’t inflict danger on other people.

    • Yesimallergic

      Yes, going out in public is very difficult. I am not as bad off as you are (and there aren’t too many people I can say that to) as long as I can take benadryl soon enough (so far). Best of luck to you!

  • Jen

    Interesting that nobody discusses a much more common reaction to cannabis, ie cannabis triggered schizophrenia, which is very common in Africa and the West Indies where the drug use is endemic, and becoming more usual generally.

    Experts in schizophrenia now recognize that cannabis is the most common trigger for the disease. Some of the raging and angry comments found here on this site give an indication of how common the disorder is. As we can see, many cannabis smokers are paranoid and lash out verbally at any criticism and are incapable of rational discussion or thought; this is the first stages of schizophrenia. It would be interesting to hear from these contributors in a year or so to see how many have developed full blown schizophrenia or had a mental breakdown, or even just found it impossible to hold down a job or keep a relationship. There will be some people capable of using a drug for many years with little effect but the mental change may be obvious in many others.

    • Yesimallergic

      UCLA did a study many years ago and was able to link marijuana use to anger. So many think just because it “calms” you at first there is no way it can cause angry outbursts. I was not aware of the connection to schizophrenia but it makes sense as it kills brain cells.

      • olcurmudgeon

        Because the most recent studies show cannabis actually grows brain cells and helps the brain

        • Yesimallergic

          Wow, smoke another one and keep believing what you want to justify it.

  • Nita godzicki

    I heard that even though u are illergic to pot that u may not be able llergic to oil. Is this true?

  • Ylice Golden

    I am also very allergic to to THC, and live in Colorado as well It is is common place here and just being around the smoke causes nausea, and that doesn’t mean that anyone was rude and blew it in my face either. Merely being subjected to it, is enough to make me feel ill. I have actually vomited from simply walking inside a grow house to look at the plants.
    I figured out it was the THC component after going into anaphylactic shock from someone giving me some infused oil for a sore shoulder. I even stopped breathing three times that day, so my reaction to it is more than simply mild. It is truly life-threatening, so I have to be very careful around my friends that partake. I never eat candies, cookies, brownies, etc without asking if they are safe — just like someone with nut allergies. All I ever ask of my friends is that
    they make sure not to light up in an enclosed space around me, nor offer me anything that contains THC.
    Many pot users I know think that my allergy is merely a claim that
    simply cannot be true because pot is “natural”. Well, so are
    strawberries, nuts, pineapple, shellfish, and bunches of other
    consumables that kill folks all the time. It’s just not fair to assume that because it is great for you, that I or anyone else is lying about what it does to them. We aren’t crazy. It really does hurt us and could possibly kill us.
    And no. I don’t hate legalization. I am 100% for it. It should be legalized nationwide. I really think it is a good thing for
    many people… just not for me.

  • allison

    I’ve tried it once and felt like I’m dying every since bc when I tried it my heart was racing super fast and still does nobody believes me though it feels the same as it did that day ik I won’t ever do it again in my life

  • Lampy

    I’m happy to hear that I am not alone in my allergy to cannabis. I live in a “legal” state and was trying to find a product that would reduce my knee pain. Instead of pain relief, I got: increased heat rate (160 beats a min), hyperventilating, muscle contractions, and bicycle legs (legs rotate in a circle). You would think that after this happened once, I would swear off cannabis….but no. I tried several times (my knee really hurt) and each time it was the same symptoms, in the same order of occurrence. I have to be really careful about avoiding cannabis in any form…smoking, eating, and even trimming weed. My husband grows his own and I help him trim. Normally, I don’t get a reaction from trimming but he did an accelerated outdoor grow this year, with a higher THC content, and I started having muscle contractions in my face. I quickly washed off the sticky resin and put on gloves. I don’t have a reaction when people are smoking…yet. My husband is really good about not smoking when I am close to him. Yes, I’m allergic to cannabis…..sadly.

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  • Dixie

    Okay I smoked and ate weed for many years now. But just until recently I started breaking out with bumbs and start to itch every time I smoke. Can your body start rejecting it after all these years? Nothing has changed always made the same way for years. Does this mean my body can’t handle no more?

  • Boobie Bobber

    I never had an allergy problem. Or so I thought. Lack of knowledge, I reckon. However, I always tried to avoid allergens such as poison ivy and oak, sumac and things like that.
    Well, I got married to my soulmate. He was trying to get me acquainted with his friends, since I wasn’t from here. So he took me to a party. I never smoked, so I turned down the rolled pot that being passed around. I was having a drink. I got to feeling sick, and thought it was the drink. My new husband came to me and asked what I had been doing. I was just talking and having a drink, that’s all. And the people I was talking to backed me up. They had noticed, I was swelling up and getting a rash. My husband took me outside to get some fresh air. I had swelled up like a balloon, with some difficulty breathing. He was about to take me to the hospital, but just getting out of that apartment and into fresh air, helped a great deal. Being stubborn as I am still, I suggested that it may not be a good idea to bring attention to this reaction I was having. Some will call me a stick in the mud, but I’ve never done any elicit drugs or had a drinking problem, much less smoked. It never interested me.
    Over the years, I could tell if I was too close to the smoke or aroma. So I did all I could to stay away from that allergen. It’s only been since I got breast cancer that I acknowledged that allergen. Then I found that a few of my police friends were allergic to THC too. So, I’ve become more comfortable with acknowledging the allergy.
    Evidently that exposure was just the beginning of my allergies. After I turned 40, I became allergic to penicillin, and sulpha. It was a terrible frightening experience. I lost my ability to walk and was in excruciating pain. Had black ulcers all over my legs.
    So, I can relate to the allergy to THC.
    Now I’m doing research to see if I would be able to use the cannabis oil to fight cancer if it’s coming back. I have found new knots on my neck. Next month, I have an appointment with my Oncologist. So, I’m open to some alternative treatments over doing Chemo. There’s a lot to consider now.

    • W

      I’m trying CBD oils now, seems I’m allergic so far = headaches lasting a day or more and insomnia/jitters for 10-12+ hours. I’m thinking it might be due to the CBD being derived from Sativa. According to things I’ve read, Sativa is a “head high with energy”, while Indica is supposed to be a “body high, putting you on the couch or bed”. For pain and inflammation, you need to sleep so I don’t want a Sativa. Most CBD oils advertised don’t say which one they’re derived from and maybe this is why some people think they can’t use it, a problem with Sativa (& THC) itself. I’m hoping to find a CBD-only oil derived from Indica and maybe I won’t have these problems. I’m in Maryland and Med Dispensaries aren’t open yet, supposed to be summer 2017. Does anyone in a Medical State know if the Dispensaries label the CBD oils with which one they’re derived from?

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