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Can Marijuana Treat Anxiety Disorders?

By on May 23, 2013

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  • Ancient Indian medicine was the first to suggest that marijuana could reduce anxiety
  • Regular marijuana users report that cannabis helps to lower anxiety levels
  • On the other hand, panic attacks occur frequently in new users
  • Studies show that low doses of THC can reduce anxiety, but high doses seem to increase anxiety
  • CBD has been shown to counteract THC’s effect on anxiety as well as lower anxiety on its own
  • Anxiety disorders include OCD, PTSD, social anxiety and phobias. (Image) – The use of cannabis in the treatment of anxiety disorders was first described by ancient Indian medical literature, which said that cannabis helped its user to be “delivered from all worries and care” (Da Orta 1563).

    But as modern-day researchers have discovered, the relationship between marijuana use and anxiety is a lot more complex. For example, while it is true that reduced anxiety is a commonly given reason for using cannabis, reports also show that frequent marijuana users tend to have higher levels of anxiety.

    Using cannabis to self-medicate one’s anxiety may help to explain these conflicting findings. However, research suggests that marijuana — at different doses — can have opposite effects on anxiety as well.

    What are Anxiety Disorders?

    Anxiety disorders come in many different forms, all of which involve excessive worrying, uneasiness, apprehension and fear. Social anxiety, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) all fall under the category of anxiety disorders.

    While anxiety is a natural occurrence for all people, those who suffer from anxiety disorders experience severe impairment from their worries. It is estimated that approximately 18% of Americans and 14% of Europeans suffer from some form of anxiety disorder.

    How Can Marijuana Help?

    Studies show that the endocannabinoid system – the body’s natural cannabinoid system – plays a major role in regulating anxiety. Cannabinoid receptors – the binding sites of cannabinoids – are highly concentrated in certain parts of the brain that are responsible for anxiety, including the amygdala and hypothalamus.

    Interestingly, studies show that patients experience higher levels of anxiety when cannabinoid receptors are blocked by drugs such as rimonabant. Likewise, regular cannabis users report that marijuana helps to reduce their anxiety levels.

    Research has also linked the endocannabinoid system to the extinction of bad memories – supporting its potential role in treating post-traumatic stress disorder – as well as the growth of new brain cells (neurogenesis), which is believed to improve anxiety levels.

    On the other hand, paranoia and anxiety attacks are some of most commonly reported side-effects of marijuana use, especially in new and infrequent users. Indeed, studies have revealed a complex link between cannabinoids and anxiety, suggesting that marijuana’s effect on anxiety depends on both the dosage taken as well as the type of cannabinoids that are present.

    THC’s Effect On Anxiety

    Studies conducted on both animals and humans have revealed a surprising effect of THC on anxiety. That is, THC seems to have opposite effects on anxiety levels depending on the dosage, with THC acting to decrease anxiety at lower doses yet increasing anxiety at higher doses.

    On the other hand, experts believe that studies involving pure THC fail to accurately portray the effects of marijuana on anxiety, since cannabis contains over 60 different cannabinoid compounds.

    Most notably, marijuana contains a compound called cannabidiol (CBD), which has also drawn significant interest as a potential treatment for anxiety disorders.

    CBD’s Effect On Anxiety

    While THC acts primarily on the CB1 receptors that are found in high concentrations throughout the brain, CBD seems to have little to no effect on CB1 receptors. Still, studies have found CBD to play a major role in regulating anxiety and have even suggested that it may be a more effective treatment than THC for anxiety disorders.

    The first study to document CBD’s effect on anxiety was published in 1982. The study found that CBD could block the anxiety provoked by THC among 8 healthy test subjects, implying that CBD-rich marijuana strains may be a better option for relieving anxiety.

    Research on CBD’s anti-anxiety effects has picked up again in recent years, with studies confirming its ability to reduce anxiety levels in both healthy and sick individuals.

    The first study to investigate its therapeutic role in patients with anxiety disorders was published in 2011 by researchers at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. The study involved giving a 400mg dose of CBD to 10 patients diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, who then underwent a brain scan. The results showed that CBD – compared to placebo – was able to significantly decrease subjective anxiety measures as well as activity in certain parts of the brain normally associated with anxiety.

    Another study published by the same group of researchers later in 2011 involved 24 patients with social anxiety disorder, who were given a 600 mg dose of CBD before undergoing a simulated public speaking test (meant to induce anxiety). The results showed that a single dose of CBD taken 90 minutes before the public speaking simulation could reduce anxiety as well as cognitive impairment and discomfort during speech performance.

    What This Means For Your Health

    The results of numerous studies seem to suggest that certain compounds in marijuana could have an anti-anxiety effect, both in healthy individuals and sufferers of anxiety disorders. On the other hand, clinical research is sparse, meaning that medical marijuana is unlikely to be recommended by health practitioners for the treatment of anxiety.

    Furthermore, other studies have observed higher levels of anxiety and lower quality of life scores among frequent cannabis users, suggesting that marijuana may not be all that effective in treating anxiety disorders and might even worsen the condition. On the other hand, these results might be explained by a tendency for patients with more severe symptoms of anxiety to use cannabis on a regular basis.

    Overall, it is hard to say for certain whether marijuana is indeed useful for anxiety disorders when so little clinical research has been conducted so far.

    • jace

      This is good news. I have social anxiety and I find a little bit of weed always helps me.

      • catatoniac

        I agree completely…if only I had access to the correct type “CBD rich strains”…instead of the hit-or-miss types found locally.

        • Em

          This is why it needs to be legalized!

          • John

            Yes, once it is legalized, you can receive the proper thc levels that are needed.

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        • Guest

          Harlequin is a rich CBD strain, has low THC and almost always has the CBD ratio to 5:2 to THC. ^_^
          But i do suffer from the same problem you got there, you can only get whatever is around locally :P

          • Michele my Belle

            Where do you get CBD?Local dispenseries? PLS ADVISE

            • Cannabis Online Dispensary

              I’m gifting cuts as fast as Michigan law allows. Discrete packaging and stealth delivery is offered via UPS and FedEx with tracking numbers available. For inquiries check my public profile for contact info.

        • Dr Heyes

          Everyone gets anxious every once in a while, but some people can be debilitated by the anxiety they feel on a daily basis—it can impact their lives significantly. Though marijuana can actually create anxiety if taken in high doses, if using a strain that isolates CBD and taking medicinal cannabis in low doses, it can help to reduce it.
          Interested in medical marijuana for the above medical condition or others, email me at // and place your order. Keep it Clean!!

        • Dr Heyes

          Everyone gets anxious every once in a while, but some people can be debilitated by the anxiety they feel on a daily basis—it can impact their lives significantly. Though marijuana can actually create anxiety if taken in high doses, if using a strain that isolates CBD and taking medicinal cannabis in low doses, it can help to reduce it.
          Interested in medical marijuana for anxiety disorders and/ any other ailments, email me via // for inquiries and order. Keep it Clean

      • Guest

        “Overall, it is hard to say for certain whether marijuana is indeed useful for anxiety disorders when so little clinical research has been conducted so far.” how did you turn that into “yep, helps anxiety, go for it!!”?

        • Anthony Noel

          Oh, maybe because we read the whole article, not just the bottom line? A clear line has been drawn to the anxiety-reducing efficacy of both small doses of THC-rich strains (a puff or two per day), and doses of more CBD-rich strains, as the article states. But you DO have to READ it.

    • kweed


      • Bethany Short

        We people who have social anxiety knows that it works because we know our body and I’m not a pot head either I take one or two hits only when my anxiety sets in and I’m certainly not a druggie because if u anything about what marijuana was it’s a plant that helps medically I’m Indian I grew up with it I know everything about it and I’m also an ommp caregiver it’s an all natural plant that grows in the ground not pills that humans create marijuana is alot more healthy for u then pills that are drugs soo get a fucking clue pills will kill u marijuana won’t

    • jack

      I have social anxiety, and the weed helps me, legalize it.

    • Guest

      “Overall, it is hard to say for certain whether marijuana is indeed useful for anxiety disorders when so little clinical research has been conducted so far.” To those posting below…How is this “good” news…? It’s inconclusive at best, how on earth did you turn it into “yep, its good for anxiety”? Cause that’s what you want to hear, I’m a 12 year toker myself and I can tell you for certain I was not the depressed anxious wreck I am now before I started smoking.

      • Politiva_com

        So quit

        • G.A.

          Clearly you pot heads have PERMANENT cognitive impairment. Becoming constantly anxious or depressed doesn’t mean anyone CONTINUES to smoke. So he or she may not need to “quit.” Marijuana has long-term effects that druggies don’t want to admit.

          • Bob

            Pejorative and demeaning insults proves nothing but that you are hateful and ignorant.

            The actual science does not back up your claims. If you want something that actually does harm the functioning of the brain and rampant and costly human suffering, you have no further to look than alcohol.

            The government profits heavily off the sale of alcohol but this is what you and those like you chose to get all twisted up about? Pen lids and aspirin cause more harm than marijuana when you take out the suffering caused by laws that people like you have pushed for.

            • Leo

              BOB you stupid SOB ….. I used to smoke daily and it happened to me so fuk off dimwit

          • Prescription Drugs SUCK

            no dude you are a crusty ole fart and uneducated about pot. . It’s the prescription drugs that are toxic but legal. cannibis is less harmful than that shit! Our government is allowing doctors to be legal drug dealers. that shit is addictive and pot is not. GOD put it here for a reason. watch “making a killing” the truth about drugging on you tube, then watch “could cannibis cure cancer and then give your half cocked opinion! you probably have not even tried pot so u dont know! You are probably on antidepressants or anxiety meds that are way more harmful to take and hope u never have to get off of them.

            • Yozef Farley

              Hell ya weed is better than the shit they put in piles

            • Dave

              Piles? Lol

          • Michele my Belle

            @G.A….Hey, you ever suffer from Severe anxiety?cuz if not. STFU

      • FoxyBoy

        Quit and stop whining. We are not talking the abuse of the drug, which I bet you did, but a small amount that could help someone’s anxiety, but like anything else, it will not work for everyone.

      • Bryce :-)

        Well I’m no expert but I will throw my thoughts out there. I suffer with OCD and PTSD on a painful scale. I was reading a comment left here that was to the effect of “everything in moderation” and I couldn’t agree more. When I was younger I smoked “super chronic” pot with friends until we where all drooling and completely worthless, and after a few weeks of “trying to hang” I realized how much worse it was making my OCD and also I was having very severe panic attacks. I quit. I didn’t attempt to use again for 17 years, mainly because I had that “bad high” feeling burned into my memory and that is what my mind associated pot with. Anyway all these years later and with prescriptions of highly dangerous narcotics and struggle with dependency on those drugs, my doctor recommended weed. I was fearful at first but by explaining to the knowledgable staff at the clinic what my condition was and my immediate fears of using, I was pointed the correct way! Use in moderation!!!! Very little for me ( one or two good pipe drags) was all I need. Using to much or to strong of weed amplifies my condition and IS ABSOLUTELY COUNTER PRODUCTIVE!!!! only using small amounts, and picking the right strain will help with treatment of anxiety. This is my humble opinion of coarse. I’m glad it’s legal here because now I have had the opportunity to be educated properly by knowledgable professionals as to how one should PROPERLY USE THIS MEDICINE!!!

        • Michele my Belle

          @Bryce..yes dude!!!I relate. Been on Anti depressant for most my adult life. Felt suicidal on few of them Others make me jittery,and shit. I am ready to get a Card, and go find the right strain for my Depression,anxiety,and OCD.
          They cold turkey’d me last year (KAISER MENTAL HEALTH BTW).
          had absolute Psychotic episodes i thought I was gonna be crazy forever. I should have sued Kaiser.
          So,im like sick of being a guinea pig for anti depressants,and anti psychotic meds. Fck it. I am ready for some medicinal marijuana.
          Couldn’t hurt at this point.

          • Joshua

            I’ve been off mine for about a year. I’m still not in the place I want to be, but my behavior was worse on the myriad of pills I was fed. Ironically, I ended up in the hospital because of Pancreas issues from Pristiq and not from a mental disorder! Now that I’m off the meds, I’m 44 now, and I feel like my life has been stolen from me. The fight to legalize is very, very personal for me.

        • ken

          Hey I just have a question. I usually have random bud and it does give me a little more anxiety after a couple rips. Im pretty sure its a hybrid. Would an indica be different

          • Grace Baye

            i and my husband are very happy for this guy he did it to us in a grand sytle today contact him via Dr Peter Hurt details email Phone number +1(804) 537-0917 for all Meds,Weeds,Pains Killers, Oil ,Charlotte’s Web which contains 20% CBD and less than 0.5% THC. and Avidekel contains 0% THC and 15.8 to 16.3% CBD .

        • The truth

          It’s laughable how some are so uneducated on forums and comments under articles.

          I’m not proud but I use to be a huge pothead. I smoked regular, mid grade, and highly concentrated marijuana with plenty of THC. I have a few different forms of anxiety and also depression. I was an addict. Yes you can be psychologically dependent on marijuana . Not addicted as what most potheads believe but craving it in a sense. I used heavily on a daily basis during and after my high school years .

          I’ve also experimented with synthetic marijuana heavily and anti depressants pills) as well as plenty of research, but no true experiments as I am certainly not a scientist or doctor. While being on probation in college years . After probation I toned it down quite a bit but still smoked daily (just not as much) . I’ve also had a few 6 months sober doing so cold turkey . Recently I’ve only used extremely sparingly (at most 3 hits on a Saturday but not even every week) for about the last 6 months.

          OK kids here’s the truth. Take it and believe it or ignore it and be ignorant! Solely your choice. Everybody reacts differently, depending on prior use (tolerance), experience (how many times they’ve experimented and how they reacted previously), dosage (THC and CBD content), size, weight, and a few other factors.

          Basically moderation is the key as Bryce stated clearly! So don’t be a daily user unless absolutely necessary as it does carry long term side effects. Use only when necessary like when you are stressed more than normal (not emotionally just to get high). One to three hits is fine depending on the factors listed above . Find a proper stand that fits you (if possible) and stick with it. Beer is not the same as liquor and has different contents which carry different side effects. Similar in that sense to marijuana.

          Realistically a more pure form is what is recommended because when you smoke it . You’re also getting added chemicals (other side effect). Cannabis oil heals skin cancer whereas smoking marijuana only helps symptoms…

          Now for other drugs such as synthetic marijuana or manufactured anti depressants. It’s practically common sense if you’ve seen users over the course of years. It kills you slowly over time just like the crap in processed foods. Marijuana is natural and pills are man made. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out .

          The government doesn’t do “proper research” as they want it illegal. Hence insufficient data line of bs. Plenty of research was done and that’s why it is illegal. They profit from the “war on drugs” and pharmecutical companies make a killing . It is a controlled industry…

          Illegal synthetic marijuana is absolute garbage . You would be better off with an anti depressant as I say that hesitantly. Probably just a step down from Meth or huffing paint. Stay away at all costs.

          Once again use in moderation and use common sense. As with anything, as I honestly say respectfully, don’t open you’re mouth on sensitive or controversial topics unless you have some idea of what you’re talking about! There’s too many ignorant people in this world that believe everything they see and hear then spread the filth to their uneducated friends and family. It contributes to the dumbing down of society .

          Thanks for reading if you had the patience to get through all of it!

    • Becca

      DO MORE RESEARCH THEN DAMMIT!! I’LL BE YOUR GUINEA PIG PLEAAAASEEEE! It’d be so nice to explore other avenues for treatment of anxiety disorders.

    • Justin Lesniewski

      its quite simple really. After using it for a very long time, your levels of dopamine and other important brain chemicals that regulate everything from mood, to your fight and flight response, start to fluctuate wildly, or drop far too low. You know that old saying what goes up, must come down? Using basic logic we could say that long term abusive use has the opposite effects that it had when it worked perfectly for you. Sense of well being, Gone, sense of overwhelming safety and lack of worry, Gone, interest in things that fascinate you, Gone. Depression unlike anything you’ve ever known will set in, and if your unlucky enough to have a real panic attack on it, your mind will forever associate the link and you may never get to enjoy smoking again. I cant give you any proof of these claims besides that I have lived through and quit marijuana many times from panic disorder. Anxiety is a strangely powerful thing, when you have an attack, you can and probably will develop a form of PTSD, and then it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. My only resort has been to drastically reduce the amount I smoke, if I ever smoke… but it must be known, (and it is rather obvious to anyone that smokes how “great” it can be), anything that causes such a psychological effect must have long term effects on the brain. It just has to by the law of cause and effect. With all of that being said, it doesn’t really seem that complicated does it? What goes up must come down. And what goes really high up, comes down even harder. This drug is very very powerful, invigorating, intensifying, intellectual, sensual, it has soooo many facets. It has made me the person that I am today, but I say again, it has made me the person that I am today. I struggle with Panic in a way that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Enough said…. :/

      • voiceofreason

        I smoke pretty frequently, like multiple times a day to counter act ptsd and bpd. Anxiety is the main cause of my symptoms a lot of the time. The anxiety and teeth grinding and pacing and worry are overwhelming at times. After a couple of years of abuse as you would call it I had to cut myself off cold turkey for a job I just got and it was horrible at first. If I wasn’t working 85 hours a week I would have probably lost my mind. I got through it fine and after my probation period I could smoke agaIn. Well after not consuming for 90 days, I tried to smoke a joint with my girlfriend after work one day and I had the worst panic attack ive ever had. It wasn’t that the weed itself was bad and I know the general side effects of consuMing. I later came to the realization upon trying to smoke again that it was the fact that my tolerance was non existent. to me it was like getting sober in reverse. which just shows in my own opinion that the regulation of marijuana is where the issue lies. it’s obvious there are various benefits to consuming but if you’re not consuming the right strain or amount to alleviate your particular symptoms youre wasting you’re time. It’s like taking a multivitamin for a broken arm.

      • Harley

        I think I know how you feel, I smoked a strain with a really high THC level and had the worst panic attack in the world. Over time it’s developed into worse attacks that happen when I smoke too much or think about the wrong things. It’s even got to the point where I fear things I used to enjoy. Now it’s just constant panic attacks and just when I think I’m doing better I always relapse somehow and it’s back to square one. I wish hadn’t smoked that high of thc level, maybe I would still be the same. So to anyone who wants to smoke pot, do so in moderation.

        • Daniel Wright

          This happens to me I smoked it heavy evry day for a few years n 1 day I had a panic attack n I kept on havin them I worry about evry thin I do Evan when I have a drag I feel like I’m going to die n shit n it kept on happin to me at night now I suffer from really bad sleep insomia that’s all from weed it’s bin 5 years since n I still feel the same now.

          • bgbgbg

            Damn I have what you have fuck how do we fix this bro

          • Leo

            No one talks about this ….. It ruined my life even 20 years later……Weed ruins lives its not all rainbows and laughter…

        • bgbgbg

          I have the same thing. When you think about shit does it make you worried about you going back in one?

      • steve

        this actually happened to me :(

    • adam smith

      i think those who support that don’t have the real axiety, the anxiety that leads to panick attacks !!! they’re just depressed not anxious !!! he’re is my story.
      I stoped marijuana since my first panick attack when i was teenag, at the age of 26 some friends smoked it i had the desire of smoking with him, they knew im anxious so i relaxed the out by saying no im gona take just a half one, after 5minutes i got the worse panick attack since two years and i was in the wood, dont smoke cannabis if ur the very anxious type, those people thin abt anxiety as some kind of depression or bad feelings !!! not the physical effect on heart and lung

      • Michele my Belle

        TRY VAPING….less harmful on lungs “apparently”

    • Kathy

      Not sure about anxiety, but marijuana helps my anorexia and bi-polar!

    • Old-hand*2015

      For Gods Sake ppl do some research and learn about the differences between smoking heavily/strains/amounts/how etc etc.. Such generalisations and more is bound to add to negative stereotypes regarding MJ and those that choose to smoke.. Pointing out obvious statements of addiction and mental health is easy!! If you speak from experience please use the “I” or “MY” experience.. as this will ensure it is individual and not speaking as a “WHOLE”… there are so many variables..
      Yeah let’s continue to support the Alcohol/Tobacco/Pharma industries. Because as far as i know they have saved many lives. And they really care. Wake up ignorant people.. learn then comment!!

      Yes it is cynicism..

      • Michele my Belle

        Saved many lives MY ASS! “I” have gotten worse and had severe dibilitating side effects from anti dep.Psych meds.
        Research done on “MY” part, so….yeah FTS

    • itsablairplane

      Personally I’ve been struggling with anxiety for years. And the past 2 years I’ve been using marijuana often, but not everyday. And from my personal experience, its been the happiest 2 years of my life.
      Yes I still have my anxiety attacks, but no where near as often as I used to.
      But then again, some people it can have a completely opposite effect on. But that’s with everything in life. No two people are the same.
      I used to be fully against marijuanna and yell at my friends who used it.
      Now when people get upset with me, I don’t get it. I really don’t.
      It has helped me so much in life and I honestly believe that it should be legalized. Knowing how badly I struggled day in and day out with anxiety, plus the stories I hear of children and cancer patients and everyone else its helped, it seems like not giving this to people who clearly need it, is just criminal.
      I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t given it a try. I was definitely heading down a destructive painful path before.

    • greg dave

      we have top quality marijuana strains for sale text or call (567) 698 8469 or email ….

    • trev

      every time I have anxiety attacks I always go and have few puffs and I find it helps a lot

    • Mbakey

      I’m current on 5mg of Xanax a day. I smoke a small amt. of weed at night, without it I can’t sleep. You would think 5 mg of Xanax would put a horse down, but no.

    • recovering but hopeful

      There is no question that there is a relationship with mental illness and mood altering drugs. There are what appears to be some accurate statistics here in that regard. Studies have shown that the incidence of mental illness in the general population compared to the drug user is dramatically lower. This website seems to encourage individuals to continue to treat depression, bipolar, PTSD, and anxiety with street drugs. What the information in this article fails to show is that when looking at a group of recovering drug addicts that also had a past history of mental illness, that over 80% of these individuals that required medication to treat anxiety, depression, or any other treatable form of mental illness, did not require treatment after being sober for a period of time. Studies do show there are high percentages of mental disorders among drug users. I found it interesting that when this same seemingly mental unstable group is given time to recover from drug dependence, that the need for treatment of anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression is only slightly higher than the normal population. That would lead me to believe that smoking pot gives temporary relief to emotional disorders, but on the long term, makes them dramatically worse.

    • Teresa

      I have anxiety along with being a single mother of three. I smoke in the morning outside a little in my at lunch and before bed always out a bowl. It makes my day go better I work harder. Im more concentrated on my days with the kids and not the worries of the world and I sleep better. They gave me all types of medicine colonpins, adavan , Lexapro and Xanax. They all made me tired I could not function I was like a zombie and this was at the lowest dose. I did not feel like my self, one gave me a rash it was horrible. I always smoked weed when I was younger but I stopped about 7 years ago. After reaserching on the internet and using my own logic I came up with a weed care plan if you say so, I got a bowl called one of my cousins and got me some weed and used it like I would take a pill or and antibiotic a little at a time three times a day. Not enough to be baked because that is not the effect I want. Just enough to take a little of the edge off the day. It works great and has been working for 3 years now. My anxiety is at a all time low and I focus on the things that matter to me enjoying life, my kids and myself.

      • Michele my Belle

        Preeeach Teresa. Good example, advise. So glad you found a dosage and strain that works and helps you!!

    • Travis Crum

      yes, well i have an anxiety disorder around issues such as add and depression and weed is the WORST thing for it. especially really strong, downer indicas. in most people with anxiety, it eventually increases anxiety even if they are not aware that’s what is doing it. it is also possible that with proper funding and research they could develop excellent strains of pot for this purpose. for the meantime, i can assure you that i don’t get my health care service from stoners..

      • Michele my Belle

        Travis….stereo typing between STONERS that abuse pot for rec use, and MEDICINAL marijuana for users with chronic illnesses…NOT THE SAME. -period

      • gc

        you gave up weed??? no way!

      • Cratzky

        I see this type of claim every day almost, and its usually the same problem, the cannabis user didnt use it the correct way, or something has gone wrong.
        I found indicas the only soluton to panic attacks since sativas feels almost nothing in the body, but head goes bye bye to fckdupland, and that can be a little too much for many (not me tho).
        The best ANTI-ANXIETY experience i had was quite recently, i mixed about 15% Super silver haze, with about 50% Cheese, the rest was White Rhino, Powerplant and also Euphoria (euphoria is a 1:1 THC/CBD strain, does not get you high really so i cant tell if it actually made a difference at all in there)
        But DAMN, i was more high then i’ve ever been, and it was THE MOST pleasant high i ever had, ever.
        I was completely blown away since i had a small panic attack when i mixed amnesia and powerplant once, so i stayed away from mixes, but jesus christ, the mix i just wrote….. if you ever get the chance, try it, dont pussy out, go all in, you cant die, you will not stop breath, you should not feint unless u got some problem, but for a quite normal person, like me, that just happend to be punished by GOD or something with anxiety that made me completely immobile basicly for almost 7years, asocial, very rarely happy, almost zombie, due to i was ALWAYS afraid of having a new, random, panic attack and i knew, it that would happen, i would end up in hospital.
        So i started to use my brain, research how the brain works , and then try exploit it. Its possible to basicly force the brain to rerout the anxiety triggers, feelings, etc, if you force it over time.
        If you however just stop medicating with cannabis (with a strain like white rhino which is Excellent for anxiety), i would strongly disagree with it, then you will be stuck in the body perhaps rest of your life!
        Most people that gets anxiety, never gets rid of it, in fact, i think it was like…. 11% that gets rid of it? not sure now, high as fuck, but yeah.
        Smoke GOOD, Homegrown, strong cannabis with atleast 1.5% CBD, and if you ask me, THC has to be atleast 20%, id rather see 30% as the new standard asap ;) and ofc, the cbd could rise maybe a percent or 2, not much more then that or THC will not affect u much.

        You could always test urself with buying a medical strain like eurphoria for example, which has 10% thc,10% cbd,, grind it, and sprinkle that shit wth an entire bottom of kief from a standard sized grinder.

        Thats how weed is supposed to be.

        You get insane amounts of everything, and thats what you want, except for the head screwness from sativas if ur prone to panic attacks.

        Hope it helps, im just sharing my own experience, and im blown away by my experience that so far, is successful ! No panic attacks in 3 weeks, not even a beginning to one, or even a small thought on a trigger.
        If it keeps like this a year or so, i’ll self declare myself completely cured from anxiety thanks/and with help from cannabis, and also, an very interested mind, eager to learn, eager to fix, eager to know everything that can be useful and even if required: taken into real action for real testing, which i did.

        I dont regret it 1 second, in fact, i enjoy every day now like im 16years old again, because ive missed SO MUCH, from not being able to do stuff, due to my fear of anxiety attacks.

    • Reivin White

      I get better results for anxiety with Kava than Cannabis

    • Clyde Treser

      I have had anxiety and panic attacks for most of my life and am 55 years old. I got to the point to where it was difficult to even cut the grass. I have been on so many medications suffering through all the side effects when I finally decided to try pot.
      It has been a miracle for me. If I feel a panic attack coming on I just take one puff and I feel much better. I don’t like that it makes me tired but that’s much better than the anxiety.

    • Chantelle ProudMummy Johnson

      my panic attacks are random and not very pleasant and afterwards I always feel sick and constipated

      • Michele my Belle

        Constipted from…..???pot or what

    • Joshua

      The plant has to be legalized. Prohibitionists lump all the strains into one global plant. Each one does something different. The dealers of today will eventually become the pharmacists of the future. This is something that the pill mill corporations fear. You can’t patent weed. They’ll try to patent the drug molecules, but as the tragic experiments in France shows, you can’t patent nature. Being a Pharmaceutical Survivor, I can tell you, the side effects and physical withdrawal with anxiety meds are 100 times worse. I’ve experienced such humiliating and dehumanizing, toxic side effects from perfectly legal Pharmaceuticals. Pot isn’t perfect, but if it’s legalized, there is hope for people with mental illness. Research it! Tax it! Legalize!

    • Shamrock

      Its safer and works a hell of alot better than xanax and zombie meds…test me..ill prove it..

    • Sylvia

      I agree as well…marijuana i believe helped my friend…for any reason at all or whatever it is if she smokes a marijuana cigarette she’s fine i can always tell because she’s so calm.And she is just as bad as me.I get anxiety so bad that it puts me in an panic but medication has worked awesome for me.And I guess marijuana works for my friend…. But…if it works stay on it do what works for you not for someone else trust me until you have that problem don’t judge the other person its not a good thing…I speak for myself out of experience so do what works for you if marajyana works for you then so be it.

    • ken

      If someone knows of some that’s helps anxiety send me a message

      • Grace Baye

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    • ken

      The opening quote is true but the weed around today is breed with too much THC leave it alone and smoke it like it is. I don’t get dabs or concentrates.

    • ken

      What is considered a small dose. Like one hit or what.

    • ken

      I like marijuana bit don’t have access to specific kinds meds are no good and have a lot of repressed emotions and confusion about a lot of it while coming off of valuim at the same time hybrids mess with my anxiety and wish I could fond an indy

    • Sheree Slopack

      I’ve been taking the medicinal for PTSD and it’s been helping me a lot as well as for fibromyalga!
      It’s been a God send for me ☺

    • Nick Enchev

      One thing I’ve noticed with weed is the fact that if your lie is a stress-filled mess, any weed you smoke will be more likely to make you feel like a bigger stress filled mess. If you really want to make use of the benefits in marijuana, don’t smoke it to “get high”. Roll yourself a one paper, take a toke, put it out. I don’t even notice that it’s done something at first, but then you step out for a walk, listen to some music and it automatically hits you how in some subtle ways you’re more relaxed. Another great tool is the vaporizer. With a good digital vaporizer (arizer extreme q here), you can vape some of the THC out of your bud since THC vapes at a lower temperature than CBD and a lot of the other cannabinoids. Check your caffeine intake, if you drink too much coffee, your adrenals and thyroid will be out of whack. When those systems aren’t doing what they are supposed to, it won’t matter what you smoke.

      1. Use very little, don’t smoke to get high.

      2. Reduce caffeine

      3. For people with chronic stress issues, yoga EVERY DAY is so invaluable. You don’t have to go to some hipster filled yoga studio that costs an arm and a leg. Get a $20 yoga mat, and learn a few poses (YouTube) that can stretch out your tense body and teach you to breath calmly. You don’t need hour long hot yoga sessions, even 10 minutes of calm and focused yoga goes a LONG way.

      There is a problem with people misrepresenting what weed is, and how weed should be “used”. Most people that I’ve met that truly enjoy smoking and get a benefit from it use it with complete moderation and respect. Weed isn’t something you should sit around and get fucked up with.

    • Frank775

      The negative studies they do they don’t consider the amount of CBD or if it’s a Sativa… This change everything… You need the right strain and it does work, high CBD and some indica it can relax the mind. I mix an hybrid high CBD with an Indica high THC.

      • Grace Baye

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    • Matt

      I’m 23 and have been dealing with anxiety since I can remeberange. I started using cannabis when I was around 16-17 and I use different variations of the herb every day multiple times. Alot of people have stated that in different quantities/thc lvls certain people can and will get anxiety attacks or just make the reason for using cannabis in the first place a bad experience. Well let me tell you everyone’s wrong. Yes you might get a panic attack from trying cannabis when you haven’t done it in 10 years it makes sense. But for people suffering from severe anxiety don’t let the media fool you. Cannabis has helped me substantially over the years and I don’t know how I would go about my anxiety without it.. to me anxiety is constantly over thinking things and feeling stressed out all day over something as little as answering a multiple choice question. It’s different for everyone depending on circumstances. Well feel free to make fun of this post and claim how “marijuana” is the Devils lettuce while you sip on your alcoholic beverage that was once illegal and until the government realised they couldn’t make money off of it besides taxes they made it legal. “Pot” is still illegal because our shitverment still makes a ton of money off cannabis raids, dispensaries, and lawsuits. Society needs to check itself and make alcohol a stage 1 narcotic that does absolutely nothing for anyone and make cannabis a personal/age restricted choice like the other 2 legal drugs, tobacco and alcohol. Can’t forget about those since they have so many health benefits and they are legal and easy to obtain!

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      Everyone gets anxious every once in a while, but some people can be debilitated by the anxiety they feel on a daily basis—it can impact their lives significantly. Though marijuana can actually create anxiety if taken in high doses, if using a strain that isolates CBD and taking medicinal cannabis in low doses, it can help to reduce it.
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    • Dr Heyes

      Everyone gets anxious every once in a while, but some people can be debilitated by the anxiety they feel on a daily basis—it can impact their lives significantly. Though marijuana can actually create anxiety if taken in high doses, if using a strain that isolates CBD and taking medicinal cannabis in low doses, it can help to reduce it.
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    • Samantha Cook

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