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Can Marijuana Fight Leukemia?

By on April 28, 2013

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  • Leukemia kills over 200,000 people annually
  • Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects white blood cells
  • Studies show that THC and CBD can kill leukemia in human cell cultures and mice
  • THC cured 25% of mice with leukemic tumors in one study
  • Clinical trials have yet to be conducted
  • Marijuana is also effective for cancer-related pain and nausea 
  • – Many cancer patients have turned to marijuana for relief from cancer-related pain and nausea associated with chemotherapy treatments. However, medical cannabis is also gaining popularity for its ability to fight the disease itself – an ability which seems to span numerous forms of cancer.

    Interestingly, recent research points to leukemia as being one of these cancers. And there is no doubt that an effective treatment is greatly needed. In 2000, approximately 256,000 children and adults around the world developed some form of leukemia, 209,000 of whom died from it.

    What is Leukemia?

    Microscopic view of chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

    Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects the blood or bone marrow, most often white blood cells. White blood cells are part of the immune system and play a key role in defending the body against infections.

    Leukemia does not refer to a single disease, but rather covers a broad spectrum of diseases. Leukemia can be classified as either chronic or acute, depending on the rate of progression, and by the type of white blood cells that are affected. Acute lymphocytic (or lymphoblastic) leukemia is the most common leukemia that occurs in children.

    Most forms of leukemia are treated with chemotherapy. However, treatment becomes less effective when leukemia spreads – usually to the central nervous system, skin and gums, and sometimes in the form of tumors.

    Furthermore, treatment outcomes vary greatly and, in many instances, leukemia will eventually resurface after a period of remission.

    How Can Marijuana Help?

    Countless studies have implicated medical marijuana in fighting numerous forms of cancer, including cancers of the lung, breast, prostate, pancreas and many more.

    Marijuana’s widespread medical applications have been attributed to the endocannabinoid system – the body’s natural cannabinoid system. As it turns out, cannabinoid receptors have been found in most parts of the body, including white blood cells. This has led researchers to investigate the role of marijuana in treating leukemia, already revealing promising findings.

    One of the earliest studies to document marijuana’s potential in fighting leukemia was published in 2002 by a team of researchers in Virginia. The study showed that THC – along with other cannabinoids – was effective in inducing apoptosis (programmed cell death) in a variety of human leukemia and lymphoma cell lines. The study also found that THC could inhibit the growth of lymphoma tumors in mice, 25% of which were reportedly cured.

    Other studies have provided confirmation of THC’s ability to fight cancer in human leukemia cell lines. A study published in 2005 by researchers in the U.K. showed that THC could elicit its effects as early as 6 hours after administration as well as induce cell death in all 3 leukemia cell lines that were studied. Interestingly, the study found that the effects of THC were independent of cannabinoid receptor activity, suggesting that the cancer-fighting action of cannabinoids may occur through a number of mechanisms.

    Besides THC, researchers have also investigated the effects of CBD – a non-psychoactive compound that is also found in marijuana. For example, a study published in 2006 found that CBD was able to kill cancer cells in both human leukemia cells and animal models of leukemia. The authors of the study noted that CBD could provide a more selective method of treatment, since its actions seemed to be primarily facilitated by CB2 receptors, which are mostly found in the immune system.

    “Together, the results from this study reveal that cannabidiol… may be a novel and highly selective treatment for leukemia.”

    Excerpt from Cannabidiol-Induced Apoptosis in Human Leukemia Cells: A Novel Role of Cannabidiol in the Regulation of p22phox and Nox4 Expression (2006)

    Finally, some studies have even suggested a synergetic cancer-fighting effect when THC and chemotherapy agents are administered together. A study published in 2008 found that THC could sensitize leukemia cells to chemotherapy agents, leading to higher rates of cell death than either form of treatment could achieve on its own.

    “The current study has reinforced a possible application for THC in a cancer therapy setting, not only as a single agent… but in combination with chemotherapy agents.”

    Excerpt from Enhancing the in vitro cytotoxic activity of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol in leukemic cells through a combinatorial approach (2008)

    What This Means For Your Health

    Numerous studies seem to show that medical marijuana can not only provide relief from cancer-related pain and nausea, but may even be able to fight the disease itself.

    On the other hand, while evidence from preclinical studies seems quite promising, it’s important to note that no clinical trials have been conducted so far. As a result, it is impossible to say for certain whether marijuana’s ability to kill leukemia cells can be replicated in actual practice.

    Still, the devastating nature of cancer has led many patients to experiment with alternative forms of treatment, regardless of professional opinions. For these patients, preliminary evidence may be enough for medical marijuana to be given careful consideration.

    And so far, research seems to show that both CBD and THC can be remarkably effective at killing leukemia cells, albeit in cell cultures and animal models.

    • Nils Laersen

      Never underestimate the healing power of the green side.

    • kat peterson

      I recently was diagnosed with CLL. I have been a just about daily smoker for my adult life. I have a low percentage of leukemia cells and have this desiese for about 6-8 years. Coincidentally, or not, 7 years ago I was forced to go 18 months without smoking. That’s when I got this. Thanks government.

    • Peggy

      My mother has CML. She is using THC in joint form. I think CBDs are more the route she should go. Any suggestions or experiences that may help her. She continues to vomit and have alot of nausea even with the THC. She is taking the chemo pill Gleevec. Thanks in advance.

      • martin lashov

        hi Peggy my mother is taking chemo pill glevec,and now iam going to give her CBD oil,my Email adress is

        we can help each other!

    • Sonny Fellers

      Everyone should be consuming cannabis as an essential part of daily nutrition. Juicing raw leaves and trim along with cooking flowers and oils into meals and desserts would normalize and regulate all our immune system activity. Smoking or vaping would be supplemental only or for acute medicinal applications such as lung damage or anxiety/depression relief. Cannabinoid deprivation is the CAUSE of almost all cancers and many other “degenerative diseases”. The prohibitionists and law enforcement are guilty of giving us cancer, chron’s, and alzheimers and almost all our current governmental officials from top to bottom deserve mass incarceration.

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