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How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System?

By on March 28, 2013

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  • Urine and blood screens are the most common tests for marijuana
  • Blood tests measure THC levels while urine tests measure THC-COOH levels
  • THC is broken down by the liver into THC-COOH and other metabolites
  • Heavy users may test positive for up to 4-6 weeks after last intake
  • Infrequent users should be clear after 1-2 days
  • The amount of time it takes to clear a drug test varies greatly from user to user 
  • – All marijuana users are faced with a common problem when they are asked to undergo a drug test. The issue is that marijuana can be detected in the body for days or even weeks after last being used.

    How long it stays in your system depends on how frequently you use marijuana as well as your body’s rate of metabolism.

    Urine vs Blood Tests

    Urine tests measure levels of THC-COOH, not THC. Image source

    Urine tests are the most common way of testing for marijuana, but blood tests have been used as well, especially when driving under the influence is suspected. Blood tests measure levels of active THC and therefore can only detect recent marijuana use.

    On the other hand, urine tests measure levels of THC metabolites – the compounds that result from the breakdown of THC – such as THC-COOH. THC metabolites are known to remain in the body for much longer and therefore pose more risk to users being tested.

    A study published in 2007 by National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) researchers summarizes the findings of previous research on the absorption and elimination of THC associated with marijuana use.

    THC From Smoking Marijuana

    Smoking is the most common way of using marijuana and also happens to be the fastest method of absorbing THC.

    THC has been found to be immediately detectable after the first inhale of marijuana smoke, with blood levels of THC reaching a peak at around 9.0 min into smoking – just under a minute before the patients took their last puff (9.8 min).

    While patients seem to control their individual doses by varying how deeply they inhale, the average amount of THC in the blood dropped to 60% of the peak at 15 min after the last inhale and to 20% at 30 min. By the 2 hour mark, THC levels were below 5 ng/ml.

    It took between 3 to 12 hours for THC to drop below detection limits (0.5 ng/ml) for the low-dose group and from 6 to 27 hours for the high-dose group of the study. However, the subjects of the study were not regular marijuana smokers, which explains why THC levels fell so quickly.

    THC From Oral Ingestion of Marijuana

    A less common form of consuming marijuana is by oral ingestion. Oral ingestion of THC leads to a very different pattern of THC levels. A study involving patients given 20mg THC cookies found the peak in blood levels of THC to occur between 1 to 5 hours following consumption. Another study conducted by Kim and Yoon (1996) using 10 mg THC capsules of Marinol identified a peak between 1 to 2 hours following ingestion.

    In studies involving hemp oils and dronabinol, THC blood levels were found to fall below detection limits (0.5 ng/ml) by 25 hours following intake. On the other hand, THC-COOH was still measurable for more than 50 hours after the last dose.

    THC Absorption

    THC blood concentrations decrease rapidly after you finish smoking due to its fast distribution into tissues and metabolism in the liver. THC is a fat-soluble molecule and is initially absorbed by organs with high blood circulation, such as the lung, heart, brain and liver.

    THC and its metabolites are usually retained by organs of the body for much longer than it remains in the blood. Studies show that THC is mostly stored in fat tissues and – with regular use – can stay there for up to 4 weeks.

    THC Metabolism and Elimination

    THC is primarily metabolized by the liver, but other tissues such as the brain, intestine and lungs may contribute as well. Studies show that within 5 days – 80 to 90% of THC is eliminated from the body – mostly in the form of its metabolites. More than 65% is excreted in feces and 20% in urine.

    On the other hand, a study found that THC could remain above the limit of detection (0.3 ng/ml) in the blood of regular users for up to a month following cessation, although it varies by individual.

    THC in Urine

    THC is not found in its active form in urine samples, but rather as the metabolite THC-COOH. The results of urine tests have also been shown to vary greatly from user to user, even in controlled laboratory settings.

    For new or infrequent users, the window of time for detection (50ng/ml limit) is believed to last 1 to 2 days.

    On the other hand, studies have shown that regular users can test positive (20 ng/ml limit) for THC metabolites for up to 46 consecutive days following marijuana usage. In an extreme case, a heavy cannabis user of more than 10 years was able to test positive (20 ng/ml limit) for up to 67 days after last being exposed to marijuana.

    How Long Will I Test Positive For?

    Based on these findings, it is impossible to say for sure how long marijuana will remain in your system for. There are a number of factors that contribute to this uncertainty, such as the level of THC dose, method of intake, duration and frequency of use and your body’s metabolism rate. On top of all that, various drug tests have different levels of accuracy and cut-off limits.

    As studies have shown, the chances of testing positive for marijuana – even after a break in use – are much higher if you happen to be a regular user as opposed to someone who has just smoked once or twice in the past few weeks.

    • “Truth”onpot

      “Blood tests measure levels of active THC and therefore can only detect recent marijuana use”

      This is absolutely untrue. In DUID driving cases, crime labs can and do use gas chromotography to test for THC-COOH at extremely low threshold levels and gain convictions in zero tolerance states. So much for “truth” on pot. Get your facts straight.

      • Freedom Stillwagner

        you are absolutely right….Az is one of those states and the judges are even not letting the jury hear that defendants have medical marijuana cards issued by the state at a hefty fee mind you then are convicting sick patients of DUI up to 30 days after medical consumption…. source: The Az Republic newspaper Aug. 9th 2013 titled “Legal Fight Brews On
        Impairment In Medical-Pot DUI’s”

        • TheQLover

          Possibly the government’s way of pushing back; HOWEVER, just because you have a legitimate medical marijuana card does not give you a license to drive under the influence whether pot, alcohol or other Rx’ such as pain killers with opiates. These are separate issues. Do not get heavily stoned, drive and expect a “get out of jail free” card. It does not work that way. Any medical patient under narcotics should not drive if significantly affected — no brainer! Legal levels of intoxication still apply.

    • Eric

      I have not smoked in nearly a year. 6 weeks ago, I smoked approximately 4 grams and have not had any since. Today I tested positive on a strip test, and it was tested twice. I am somewhat overweight, but I exercise some each day. I need to know if the GC/MS test is also going to show positive.

      • fire115

        No it will not.

    • jason

      okay I haven’t smoked weed since june 20 2013, then on the january 23rd 2014 I smoked from a blunt about 5-6 hits…. how long will it take to remove the weed from my system.. im 6’2 175, I have a pretty fast metabolism exercise 3 times a week… I need to know because im about to have a job interview and be drug tested this upcoming month

    • jman

      Been smoking for 9 years 4 to 5 times a day. I just resently quit 4 weeks ago how long do u think it will take foe me to pass a piss test?

      • 420victim

        As a chronic daily smoker i just failed a pee test at 104 days without smoking anything in that time period,with some of the new testing methods weed is one of the hardest things to get out of your system.I did everything i read and was told to get it out of my system,i do not have much body fat and drank water to flush my self out but no luck at all.

        • bman

          is it possible that even though you went 104 days without smoking you may have been exposed to marijuana smoke? or that your living areas still have 3rd hand smoke? Im not sure if this helps

          • Jacquie

            There’s no such thing as second or third hand marijiana smoking. Once someone exhales marijuana smoke, it no longer has the thc in it. Therefore, you can’t get second hand from it. Im 14 and even I know this lol

            • Melissa Brennan

              Yes you will test positive through a hair sample,

            • Testing

              That isnt a true fact. I dont care how old u are you can get contact high. So who ever gave you that information is incorrect. I work at a k ab corp. And we have done numberous studies with persons who have never smoked. And had them in closed together in a room with four other persons smoking. And all but one tested positive on a 20ng test. Dont kid yourself kiddo

            • Pdotrilla

              Sencond hand marijuana smoke is definitely real! Think of shotties where people inhale the smoke and shoot into your mouth!

            • krc

              The person does not inhale the smoke that is giving you a shotgun. They just blow the smoke in your mouth.

            • pew

              Then where does the smoke come from?

            • heehee

              A real ‘shot gun’ or the way we did it as kids, was put the joint, lit part in the mouth and blow the smokable end into the other persons mouth.. hold the joint very carefully in your teeth, gently… scientific stuff.. equaling a great buzz!

            • chronic

              Your a fucking idiot

            • sfh

              HAHAHAHA love it chronic

            • matticusfinch


            • anothercalaisdrugaddict

              I don’t think any of you clowns know exactly how long it takes,So shut the f up…Ha ha ha..

            • Thoth

              I know the answer
              First a 5 panel test will test fir vitamin count,an creatine.
              So I messured how much I pea on average an it was 8 ounces
              So I took an bought:
              1 bottle of liquid vitamin ( use citrus flavor CUZ it’s yellow)
              1 bottle of creatine capsules $54at GNC)
              1 small travel shampoo bottle
              1 pack of hot hands (glove warmers)
              1 rubberband
              Half of each pill crushed that should show up like Adderal,ZANEX,any opiot pill ect.
              NOW HOW TO DO IT
              1)measure 8oz of hot water
              2)1 teaspoon of liquid citrus vitamin
              3) add a creatine pill (but don’t let the plastic capsule get in the water it won’t fully desolve in time)
              4) add any MEDS crushed up into hot water half a pill if u use 4 oz of hot water instead of 8oz
              5) mix and add to 3 or 4 oz shampoo travel bottle
              6) seal shampoo bottle and place on measuring cup or larger cup an run under hot water shaking occasionally so to desolve an mix content.(water should look like yellow urine)
              7) Now when on the way to doctor or test open hot hands and rubberband them to shampoo bottle so they keep water hot.
              8) make sure on bottle u pee in, THE TEMPERURE GUAGE IS BETWEEN 98 to 100 or hold hot hands against the TEMPERURE GUAGE till says 98 or 100, I’m to the point i just make it 100 but try to get 98
              And there’s my secret
              You can also flood your system with water an drink a vitamin pill crushed with water till u puke then your ready just eat 2 creatine pilks after you puke with more water an vitamins, it sucks but pass a 5 panel test for the iron workers union.
              I’d say good luck but u won’t need it if u do what I said
              The worst that can happen is it comes back deleted for drinking to much water,
              Peace out friends

            • jenny lopez

              Omg good one

            • kimothy

              I just pooped all over my balls. Will i be ok.

            • Wilko Wilko

              So if I haven’t smoked in 6/7 months then have 2 joints how long will it take me

            • krazyk

              I haven’t smoked in a month but I hit a blunt 2 days ago about 4 times do u think I would have to wait another month before I be clean again

            • bangbski

              ohh shiii… like how we did back in nam ????

            • butthead377

              Or vaporizers I never get as good of a buzz off of them but my friends swear up and down that they get higher but I think they just psyche them selves upi tricked a friend when there was no pot around I took clumbs of compressed grass off the bottom of the lawn mower and put it in a baggie my other friend was with me and we told our friend we got some weed after 3 hits he said he had a good buzz me and my other friend laughed till we cried we just wanted to get him away from his girlfriend so we could go drive around and he had a licence we didn’t lol funny how the mind works

            • Benson

              If I haven’t smoked it in over 8 month and had 3 joints and have a army test cause I had it when I was to drunk to know and have a piss test in 2 month do you think I will pass after training ?

            • Benson

              Please some one reply need to know

            • doug

              First thing for you to do is get an education of at least the 5th.grade.Only the army will have a job for you.

            • Disgruntled for a reason

              Doug, you’re an ass

            • Adam S. Moore


            • keegan v

              No i dont

            • Cody

              Rigght. Being an ex smoker who smoked everyday just about for four years..i got bored a lot and would blow smoke on bugs…youd have to be dumb to think they dont get high off the second hand smoke…

            • gh

              your fine man

            • brian lewis

              youll be fine as long as you give yourself 30 days of good hydration, meals and some exercise. Im an army vet and have been in your shoes. I started smoking medicinally after i got out of my first 4 yr. was out for a few months before i was missing it and wanted to rejoin. 35 days after i had last smoked i got blood and urine taken. passed.

            • Cody

              Hey I just smoked 2 days ago and there isa possibility of a piss test around January 5th will I be clean I haven’t smoked in 4 months before that. and what do I need to do to ensure that the test will be passed

            • Batman

              Dude, Im on the same page. I need to know exactly what you need to know. Someone reply to the question. I smoked approximately 6-8 days ago, and smoked like 3 joints worth. I’ve been drinking water, not a shit ton though. I may have to take a urine screen on January 5th.. Its not known for sure yet. I wanna be better safe then sorry. I haven’t smoked in like 6, maybe 7 months. It was like my first time again. After that smoke session, I haven’t puffed on any ganja since. Will THC show in my system still

            • rowdy

              I smoke about a dozen hits on a friday, eat minimal amounts on saturday along with an energy drink or two and enough fluids to pee clear all day, eat a lot on a Sunday with same fluid intake, and on Monday morning I drink 48-60 Oz of water to flush out any metabolites built up overnight and wait til my pee starts to gain LIGHT color, and test by 830 am.

              This is now my weekly ritual and it’s worked thus far. A few joints, even iif it’s dank af, should be out within 7-10 days given your low tolerance. Hope you passed your test brotha!

            • Lainey

              You may be ok, infrequent smokers can usually test neg after 4 wks or so. But it depends also on your fat content, hydration, and the strength of what you smoked.

            • butthead377

              If you just smoked a little bit and hadn’t smoked in months it will be out of your system within a week but its always a good idea to eat fish or non fatty foods and don’t be a couch potato get some excercise lol

            • Dr. Carlos Mitchell

              if you only smoked one time in the past month or so you should have been clean in less than a week

            • worried

              I am our was a heavy smoker. I got a blood test for marijuana at doctors 3 months ago. I have been trying to quit and I have slowed way down. I take a small hit maybe once a day. It is hard to quit after 38 years of smoking. I have another appt may 20th. I will not be smoking anything else. Will it be out of my blood? I told my doctor up front. Told him I smoked a long time. I am 5 feet tall, weight 135 have back problems that’s why I need to be clean. Will I have a clean blood test? I drink allot of water. That’s all I drink. I pee alot thru out the day. I take vitamin shots and a bunch of other medications. I’m scared to lose my pain meds. I’ve had two Back surgeries and need them.!!! Please reply asap! In dire need to know!!

            • Dr. Carlos Mitchell

              your blood could take up to a month but i would ive you a 2 week blood window shopping ay hydrated sweat if you can… green tea extract good green coffee exrtract good zinc tablets good also.

            • jack

              So i smoked last week and found out i was supposed to go to meps this coming week what should i tell my recruiter the reason i have to wait

            • yuppp_123

              Don’t waste the recruiter’s time if you’re going to smoke right before MEPS. They’re going to do a drug test on you and depending on your MOS, they will do a deep background check if you need a clearance. So if someone tells the investigator that you’re an avid smoker, you’re not likely to get through (that’s if you’re a big smoker). But depending on your recruiter, they might say that you’re not going to MEPS at all or to come back to the station when you’re clean. The recruiter should be doing a drug test on you before taking you to MEPS anyway.

            • Emily Munsen

              My name is ridge I recently took a piss test after drinking rescue detox I drank followed the instructions and passed now im in alaska I took a piss test today this is 6 days ago I took a piss test again for this company it came back neggative but that aint it there sending it to the lab will I be ok

            • Dr. Carlos Mitchell

              blood cleans out in a week or two for heavy user so that was a given you would pass that… 35 days… are you a heavy user? whats your body fat % ? i only ask because i have a drug test coming up in exactly a month after stopping smoking

            • monty

              I was heavy smoker,I haven’t smoked since January 22nd and I’ve recently been around some people that who smokes THC but I didnt smoke and I took a drug test n I tested positive for THC and I don’t understand because I been drinking water,cranberry juice..what can I do to get this THC out of my system before I have to drop again…?

            • Dr. Carlos Mitchell

              That could have been a false reading because being around smoke is not usually enough to test positive. How ever lets say you did smoke enough to have dirty pee. how long until your drug test? what is your body weight and height? what body type are you?

            • jerry

              i smoked for the first time on dec 2 2014. i only took 2-3 puffs and i had a blood test 2 days ago.. its been like 4 months. will marijuana show in my test? i never smoked before or after that date.

            • Dr. Carlos Mitchell

              not a chance. marijuana leaves the blood qicker than the urine. even a urine test would be clean after 3-10 days depending on your health a BF% after a one time thing.

            • darren

              Hi doctor Carlos Mitchell I gave up smoke cannabis 30 days ago today I lost my family bracause of it but I have smoked skunk for 16 years is it better to take a blood test rather then a home kit urine test?? Thanks you doc

            • Dr. Carlos Mitchell

              what is the purpose of the test?

            • flora

              Dr. Carlos
              I took one hit from a pipe on Friday night nothing more. I was clean beforehand. I have a lab urine test tomorrow. Will I pass??

            • Dr. Carlos Mitchell

              too close to call. could go either way.

            • jason

              Dr Mitchell I am 6’2 180 pounds I have mepps in a week I haven’t smoked I. 3 weeks and took 2 hits 5 days ago. Frequently active and drinking6 quart. Of water a day. Will I be clean by next week?

            • Dr. Carlos Mitchell

              were you a heavy smoker before that? its hard to say. if i had to bet on it i would say stay active for a few more days than waterload. make sure its not the first piss of the day and try to piss a little before filling the cup up i.e. pee in the toilet for a second then start to fill the cup. those are just a few little tricks ive heard from people cant back them. you are cutting it close but i think you will be fine.

            • jason

              I smoked maybe every other weekend. Before I stopped for 3 weeks then took 2 hits from a blunt about 5 days agI. I’ve bee. Drink I g 6 quarts of water a day and ha e been in the gym every day for the past month

            • Dr. Carlos Mitchell

              i think you should be fine

            • Josh

              Hi Doc,
              Before two months ago, I was a heavy smoker (more than one bowl a day) and I also ate a lot of edible before I quit. For two months now, I’ve been clean up until a few days ago where I took a few hits. Will I be okay for a drug test in 1-2 weeks if I start working out and drinking water? I’m 115 lbs at 5’5, and I believe to have a extremely fast metabolism (I eat a lot and retain the same weight). Please help!

            • Dr. Carlos Mitchell

              you should be just fine just do not smoke or eat any edibles

            • mg

              I have a question..last Friday I had my friend give me a shotgun..and now I have a drug test tomorrow..I don’t smoke at all..I should be ok..right?

            • Dr. Carlos Mitchell

              calling it super close. could go either way

            • Sofresh

              @DrCMitchell Hi I was a heavy smoker finally quit 2 weeks ago i smoked for 3 months just about everyday before i quit I’m 5’6 and 160lbs and i play basketball weekly and drink water alot. I may have a drug test in 2-3 weeks do you think the thc will be out of my system by then and if not any tips to speed up the process. please respond

            • Dr. Carlos Mitchell

              as long as you done smoke and drink a lot of fluids. water, orange juice cranberry juice. you can take some green tea and or green coffee bean extract, lots of sweating and urination. you are essentually flushing your body. some say niacin helps too. however it is very uncomfortable and makes your skin burn and itch on your entire body. some like it though. do some research of your own and decide.

            • Laurance Dickinson

              Hi Dr.Carlos Mitchell. I smoked for a first time since February. I smoked on the 25th April and I have a urine test in June/July. I go to the gym 5-6 times a week and train weights, I am 5″11 and weight 70kg. I always drink water and eat healthily. I should be okay right?

            • Dr. Carlos Mitchell

              not a worry

            • Joseph

              i’m 6’4 athletic 240 pounds, and have smoked about 5 joints a day for 3 years. big joints too.. I have smoked a lot lol wayyy too much. I have about 3 months to clear up.. I’m only 19 too, what you think Doc?

            • Dr. Carlos Mitchell

              you will be clear in no longer than 4 weeks

            • Sofi

              Are you seriously joking? Have you done any research?!?!? You’re just making a joke out of yourself. If you’re doing shit that’s going to contribute to helping it get out of your system, why’re you so concerned?

            • Christian

              Hi Dr. Mitchell, I hope you can answer me as you’ve answered others. I’m 6’2, probably 230 pounds. I smoked almost every day for about a year. On March 2nd, 2015 I stopped smoking so I could find a higher paying job. I didn’t smoke until April 14th. Since the 14th I smoked pretty regularly, give or take a few days, until the 30th. Since the 30th I haven’t smoked. How long do you think until I can pass a urine test? Thanks!

            • Dr. Carlos Mitchell

              the stop on mach 2nd – april 14th definitely did a good job of cleaning out your body. however smoking regularly for 2 weeks i would say you are looking at clost to a full 30 days depending on your water intake and how often you exercise. lots of orange juice will help lots off water and green tea and green coffee bean extract will help. you can also start taking 15 grams of coconut oil a day all of that stuff should help speed up the process as much as possible.

            • Jack

              I smoked about 4 bowls everyday for a week because I was depressed. My mom won’t leave and she’s not on my contract and has trethend me with cps. She’s brain waching my kid’s I’m afraid she’ll let someone molest them like she did me. HELP ME!!! She wants my children’s child support. I threw it all away, I don’t want to loose my kids: (

            • SarahLee

              Hi there,
              as a foster parent, I know that one failed drug test is not going to get your kids taken away. Stay straight laced and prove to them you want to be a father instead of smoking weed. They will test levels, so as long as your levels are consistently going down and then disappear altogether, they will not keep your kids from you. That’s if she even calls. best of luck.

            • Celly

              Heyy i was a frecuent smoker up until december and i stopped cuz i went put of town for 2 months i smoked maybe a blunts worth 2 1/2 weeks ago and i did 2 at home drug test and in both i tested positive im a 272 pound gal Help? Il

            • Dr. Carlos Mitchell

              try another test in another week… drink a ton of fluids water, cranberry(not the cocktail), OJ are all good.

            • jenny lopez

              Okay so I’ve smoked like 3 times a week for only two months now today is mon April 27 and I haven’t smoked since Tuesday so almost a week right but I was with a group of friends who were smoking in a closed room and blowing basically all the air to me on Friday I’ve haven’t smoked or been close to someone who smoked since then and before those two months I didn’t smoked at all. I’ve been stalling my test since April 12 thank god for periods but I’ve been done and I can’t keep it going any longer how long will it take for the weed to get out of my system please someone answer

            • Dr. Carlos Mitchell

              being around smoke will not effect your screening unless it is drastic circumstances. 3x a week being a casual smoker i would say not longer than 3 weeks. depending on your body type

            • Steve

              Dr. Carlos Mitchell, my name is Steve. I haven’t smoked marijuana in about 3 years, I am an overweight person, I haven’t really been too active until a few months ago. I smoked 2 small blunts of marijuana. Since I haven’t smoked within 3 years and smoked 2 for the first time within 3 years how long would it take me? I’m 5’9″ and around 305-298.

            • Steve

              Forgot to mention I have been drinking lot of water for the past 4-5 months too. Since the weather is warmer I do tend to go outside and at least walk around or do yard work in which I sweat. How long would it take for me to get clean and what advice would you have for me in the future. I’m not having a drug test anytime soon at my job but I have a feeling that they will be handing out one sometime this year.

            • Ramen Fletcher

              Since you smoked two blunts that is atleast going to be in your system for two weeks to three weeks unless you smoke two blunts a day then it will be a month(it honestly ranges but i would just stop for a month to 45 days). That is if you dont take niacin,dondont exercise, and drink a lot of water and cranberry juice but if you do it takes 8 to 16 days. You should have niacin and a detox on hand always if your going to smoke and know your going to get tested. Also a week from the test dont be anywhere near someone who smokes because you could fail the test. They have synthetic urine too if you dont have anywillpower.

            • Brandi Taylor

              Dr Carlos Mitchell I am Brandi Taylor and I need your help desperately! I have went into a program that doesn’t allow thc to be in your system, however, before starting the program I was an everyday smoker, sometimes,3-4 tumes a day. It has been 30 days and marjuana is still in my system. Is it a fact that overweight people store thc longer than a lean person? I need your help this is a deceision that takes my freedom or not!! Please reply as soon as possible and thanks in advanced!! Needing a medical response quickly please!! 4-11-2015

            • Dr. Carlos Mitchell

              are you a pysically active person? what is your body type? do you smoke cigrettes?

            • mistercap

              Im 5’11, 135lb male, high metabolism.
              I smoke 2-3 times a week for 2 weeks. I have a urine test in 11 days. Should I be concerned?

            • Dr. Carlos Mitchell

              that is very tough to say. It is very possible you will pass but very possible you will fail too. if you are highly active and you stopped and are consuming lots of water and diaretics you should be pulling it close. If i had to bet based on what you gave me id say you hace a 20% chance of passing

            • eddy boi

              Dr. Carlos i had stoped smoking for a year nd a half but i smoked on the 21 nd 22 of april and i have to do a drug test on the 20th of may nd i weigh about 150-145 nd some times sweat alot in work but what can i do to get clean or whay advice do u have ?

            • Dr. Carlos Mitchell

              you will be just fine do not smoke any more one time use is in your system from 2-7 days

            • Worried

              Please Dr. Carlos I beg for an answer! This is worried again.

            • Kiana Stewart

              I wish u well

            • Mdawg420

              Lol, ya maybe from touching weed, and the thc absorbs in your body. So you’re telling me, I can touch lbs of the highest quality dro, get a contact high, then walk around spreading it…? Once it’s inhaled, there’s no thc. Which is why I laugh at some people inhaling when they “shotgun.” Yes it’s possible to get a contact high on your own, if you personally have had your hands all over it.. But not if someone else has been handling it, then shakes someone’s hand.. So, don’t kid YOURSELF.. Kiddo.

            • Blahblahblah

              Contact high has nothing to do with physically “touching” marijuana!!! Hahaha that’s freaking hilarious someone would even think that. The term “contact” means literally” came in contact with”. If you are in a room and a blunt is being passed around, yet you choose not to smoke, you CAN still get high…there is active thc in the air. hence the terminology “contact high”. It is burning off of the end of the blunt or pipe or whatever, not every single bit is being inhaled by somebody, duhh! You can smell it cuz it’s burning, you can get high off of it if you take in enough. Studies HAVE shown that thc IS present in people who have been in the same room as other people who are smoking.

            • dstock


            • James_2015

              I used to smoke every day a couple times a day last year. I got a drug test like 4 months ago and it was BARELY positive. You can tell its barely because the line is faint, but its there. Anyways, i smoked weed once a month or so ago, and im getting tested for the army tomorrow. Fucked or am i good?

            • Mdawg420

              “Side stream smoke” is the only way you could get any sort of “second hand smoke” type of high. Or affect what so ever.. Which you’d literally have to have a straw up the blunt, sucking up the smoke that’s coming off the blunt “free base” .. Which could never even be detected even if you were to do something that lame. So yes, there’s the tiniest bit that comes from the blunt, but that’s not enough to stick in your system lmfao! But my point still stands.. You CANNOT get high off second hand smoke. Second hand meaning it’s been inhaled already.. Smh

            • chronic

              Hahaha finally someone who knows what there talking about

            • chronic

              Mabey you dont know what your talking about

            • jake

              So say I hit a blunt one time for three days and got a drug test in 17 days you think I will be clean by that time

            • jaque

              Definitly be clean if you are an infrequent user

            • timmy

              do you think I can pass with 5 puffs within 1 week tomorrow clean for 3 months? big job

            • chris

              I have the same situation I have a drug test in 17 days but I’m 200 lb an I no body fat has a lot to do with it but I just smoke half of a mid grade blunt u think I’ll be clean by then if I drink a lot of water an exercise

            • Maddrapper

              Can someone tell me???? I haven’t bin smoking for the past 9 month ..but I had a pinner joint mix with ciggrete 10 days ago will I pass a piss test

            • kountrie

              That’s not true, my husband shares with me, he inhales then blows into my mouth so I don’t cough so much n I get just as high as him. Not only that but each type of smoking bowl,blunt, vaporizer and bong all deliver a certain amount of thc, the rest isn’t absorbed. Besides that your lungs can only process a certain amount. I failed a hair test 3 months after quitting after “sharing”

            • chronic

              Your a dumbass too they tested positive so high even at all because they had never had it in their systems a regular smoker has a tolerance you of all people should know that

            • HigherLearning

              all yall are dumb except anyone who KNOWS second hand smoke/ contact high is real … thats like saying second hand smoke from cigarettes isnt real , its the same fucking process nitwits. Before i started officially smoking, i sat in the room with my gf & her homeboy while they hotboxed jst so i can get a lil contact high buzz lol

            • HA “Contact High”

              First off I just want to say I was put onto probation and had to quit smoking. It took me 4 weeks due to me being pretty FAT and I was a heavy user for 5 years. While on probation and tested weekly, I would sit in a car with 5 seats and 4 other were smoking nearly 1/8 (3.5 grams)in one sitting just about every day of the week with all the windows up (hotbox). We sat in the car for approximately an hour each time. Like I said the PISS POLICE tested me every week and not once was I ever dirty after the initial 4 weeks. I chose to sit with them because I enjoy the smell, and let me add I never got “contact high”. I just wanted to let people know they can be at ease when others are smoking around them. Now if your breathing the smoke that’s coming directly out of the bowl (take the pipe and inhale the excess smoke that’s burning off it) not just the “side stream” as mentioned below, I would assume that can make your piss dirty as well. I have three brothers in which have all been on probation and each one sits around while we all smoke and never had been tested dirty, might I add the room gets very smokey in other words “hot boxed”. With my personal experience you will not be dirty if you breathe second hand smoke.

            • guy

              So I smoked weed twice over thanksgiving break. Thursday and Saturday. I took a home drug test from Walgreens 23 days later and the results were negative. I don’t really smoke weed. The last time before thanksgiving was about 4-5 before that. I had to take a lab pee test for a company right after I took the home pee test. The results haven’t come in yet and I have been dying to find out. Should I be worried?

            • girl

              I am in your exact shoes right now. I smoked a couple times over thanksgiving break and a few times before that. I took a test my mom swiped from her work (she is a nurse) a week after the last smoke and it was negative. I just had to take a test for a potential job and still can’t shake the feeling that I might not pass. The reason being is that I take ADHD medication which will show positive and if they do a second test to confirm it will be a more strict test. My THC will be tested at 20 ng/dl on the second run instead of the normal 50 ng/dl. I know for sure I will be getting a call from the MRO on the Amphetamines so I will keep you posted. Let me know what you hear and good luck to you!

            • chronicman

              2nd hand smoke and being in an enclosed room while people are smoking are two highly different things and you want to call yourselves scientists???

            • the who? lanz m jownz

              numberous? lol

            • Jay Gill

              Naw that’s bull, the kid is right. Dnt know what test u were doing but we also ran a test with a doctor and some of us were exposed to heavy amounts of second hand weed smoke and none of us came up positive. Not to mention I han out with people who smoke around me in closed rooms everyday once just before my drug test (no ventilation almost killed me) and I came out negative.

            • Kelly

              Your a dead beat fucking idiot bet you never even passed he high get a life you dumb fuck

            • Jay Gill

              Lol, just saw this post today. Bitch mad

            • Troll

              no you can’t retard. go die. nobody loves you. hahahahahaha faggot

            • John doe

              Actually you can just like from a cigarrette smoke most paint used in houses will absorb much of the chemicals and release them slowly thus the readon you can tell when you enter a smokers house marijuana/ciggarette .

            • 14yearoldretard

              Thats bullshit kid. More like it’s present in such low concentrations in diluted smoke that it has a low absorbance.

            • fghfgh

              This is absolutely false. If you believed this, it serves you right for believing a 14 year old

            • jazzyjay

              That’s not true! People get second hand all the time. There’s no “third” hand smoking! What’s that? How do you do that? &you make it sound like your so old&that you know everythingat 14? Lol please little one haha

            • KK

              Actually speaking from experience I failed a test when asked I told them it was from second hand and I was told BY the CLINIC i took the test in that you CANNOT fail a test from 2nd hand smoking.

            • Bj

              I get high from second hand smoke….So sad you believe that lie…..

            • Bob

              Ok we get it..the 14 year old was wrong..carry on..that comment was sent 4 months ago..

            • Mdawg420

              I think that’s just mental.. As soon as thc hits your lungs.. It’s done. What your goofy asses could be talking about is called “side stream smoke” which is the smoke that comes off the blunt itself, therefore still containing thc since your lungs didn’t absorb it. You’re wrong..

            • Bubba J

              See now, your right about one thing… After thc is absorbed in the smokers lungs the exhaled smoke is “stale” BUT what about the smoke coming off of the joint or blunt or bowl thats not being directly inhaled…? That still has thc in it. Contact high is hard to get but it is very possible. Im 21 and even I know this lol

            • TheQLover

              You’re 14-years-old and by nature think you know more than you actually do. It is all part of growing up. You are not in a position to issue advice to anyone — particularly, with your teenage-level knowledge. Be careful and stay out of trouble — Miss Smarty Pants! That reference is meant to tease you and not put you down.

            • Dumb14yrOlds

              How stupid can you be?? Have you ever been in close quarters with someone smoking? Probably not. You can get a serious contact high. Go sit in a car with someone who is smoking, bet you will end up with a contact…

            • David Wheeler

              Done it and never did….. even after i quit not an inkling

            • Kelly

              Take a hit blow in a dogs ear and tell me it’s not a contact high you bunch of fucking idiots and for the 14 year old your an idiot who should be learning about history and academics not smoking pot that’s whats wrong with society today a bunch of fucking idiots who provoke a 14 year old to smoke more get a real fucking life you dead beat fucking idiots

            • roflmaorogue

              You only absorbed 10% of what ever you breath into your lungs.

            • chronic

              What about the smoke that comes from the bowl that still has thc in it

            • Shawn

              I’m sorry but this is an absolute false statement. I know because me n my gf save weed by shotgunning (i inhale then blow into her while she inhales the same hit…a 2nd inhalation). Just thought I’d let peeps know who might believe that statement.

            • bbonelove

              Your not correct on that, great to know your 14 but brag about something make sure your right
              Two… why are you on this blog?

            • UnbiasedNONPhilistineLady

              I’m truly amazed at grown people even having this discussion with a freaking 14 year old who shouldn’t be smoking anyway. This thread is retarded…

            • shi_dope420

              Thats not true at all . You can get contact high you dumb fuck. Obviously your too young to understand these things, you shouldn’t be smoking

            • butthead377

              Oh yes you can that is a lie they don’t want people using that for an excuse my nephew got brought home after staying with a relative at 1 year old his eyes was blood shot so my sister in law rushed him to the hospital and he tested positive for thc so don’t never let anyone tell you know different

            • Dr. Carlos Mitchell

              thats not entirely true young buck… it takes about 3-15 seconds for your lungs to absorb all of the thc depending on the amount of smoke ingested.

            • alex a

              You right but not entirely because there is some smoke that don’t make it to your lungs per example when a blunt is turned on and you just finish puffing there’s smoke that dosent make it to your lungs it has thc

            • Dr. Ross

              I’m 14 and I even know this. You’re a child and a idiot! Okay little girl, you are very wrong! As a medical doctor, it takes 30-45 days to be clear of THC. As well, THC is not what is tested in urine tests. They look for metabolites…now you have educated!

            • Juju

              You’re 14 and no nothing!

            • me

              You are ignorant I’m 14 and I know that without thc in pot smoke you couldn’t get a contact high so just leave your opinion out of it

            • pt1

              Thats incorrect. Too many times ive blown shotguns to people, who hadnt smoked, and they got high.

            • maddy

              That is incorrect. You still get contact high. I’m 18 and have friends who smoke it, I know this for a fact. My eyes were bloodshot and I would feel light headed after being around them while smoking.

            • Debbie Cropper

              I don’t Smoke but my son does in the house….I tested low level Positive. My Dr said it was second hand smoke.

            • Adam S. Moore

              That’s not true. You need to educate yourself. If you deeply inhale and hold it in, the exhaled smoke has little to no thc, cbd or cbn but if you are in a car or a small room with Several individuals who are smoking joints and blunts, they burn when not being smoked and also when you take a large hit the end of the blunt or joint smokes greatly and releases fresh marijuana smoke that contains full amounts of thc, therefore allowing an individual to inhale that Un touched smoke that DOES CONTAIN THC. if the circumstances are right, you can ingest thc second hand and fail a recent urinalysis. It’s happened before and it’ll happen again. It’s fact. And you need to educate yourself before spreading bad information please. Thanks.

            • kirra

              so wrong ever heard of a hot box

          • Alisha Chantel

            I only smoked on the 6th of December and I have a Drug test coming up. Will I pass even though I only hit the blunt 3×? Ohhhh and I dont smoke like that. Like at all… how long will it take for the weed to clea my system

          • Juju

            Yes, it’s very possible to get the THC in your system from being around pot smokers!

          • Endy

            I smoked for 2 months straight then quit for about a month. If i started smoking again once week will i be able to pass a drug test.

        • mishhh

          Did you ever take the test?

        • lish

          Certo =)

        • Josh

          420victim I really need to talk to you. My fiancé took a test for her prob officer and she receives 20 days in jail. She is the heaviest smoker I’ve ever known and only smoked the best. She quit after she peed dirty. When she went to jail approx 50 days later she peed dirty again and now she is facing serious jail time. I know for a fact that she hadn’t smoked in those 50 days and need to probe that it was still in her system. I need factual proof that it is possible for it to be in your system that long. I would appreciate any help we have 3 kids and she has an excellent job for 10 yrs. of she’s convicted it will ruin her life. I will even give my phone number if anyone will talk to me about this. Thanks josh

          • Bdub

            Ifthe same thing happen to me I’m on probation witch they call it drug court I smoked vary heavy I went in on May 10 and piss for them and failed I got locked up for a month witch was June 1 I got out it was still in my system so if she got out and didn’t smoke it will def be in her sysytem still they should check levels but knowing them they will say they don’t do that ….

          • Josh

            Don’t rely on the states testing methods. Take her to an independant lab and pay them to do a real test to measure levels and not just presence. I don’t know if this will help now because you have nothing to compaire it to before she went in but a combination of hair, blood, and urine should show active THC, THC metabolite and hopefully how long ago she smoked.

          • Warren

            Hey there, if your fiance is having trouble burning THC from her system, try using a vitamin supplement called Chromium Picolinate. Although little is really known about it, it still increases metabolic rate (Which helps get rid of THC through metabolizing fats). Also, WORKING OUT! Workout 5 days a week for an hour with about half a mile of running and it will significantly reduce the potency in her. I’m a 17 year old male who has smoked for 3 years+. I have an extreme diet and workout routine and have passed tests within 5-10 days, and I smoke around 3 times a week(only when I feel I need a pick-me-up). Avoid sugary foods because that will prevent the THC from being burnt as sugar adds to your fat cells. If she eats good, works out consistently, then she should have no issue passing a test. If it is a hair test then sadly there is NO way to reduce the content of THC, hair samples are there for a period of time and that’s it. I hope everything goes well, also green to extract is a very beneficial supplement to have. If you’re going to be a stoner is an alcoholic world, you have to be smart and know the short-cuts. Don’t waste your money on fake piss or “detox” products, these are false. No matter how much water you drink or what you drink, it will be there. WORK YOUR BODY, BURN FAT!

          • aly

            yes it stays in your system up to 3 months

          • moni

            Oh shit! I just applied for a probation position today. I’ve been a smoker for at least 20 yrs and I’ve always worked with children and currently working on a degree in early childhood development. I will be working with children with learning disabilities and children with mental health issues. I’ve never had to take a drug test until know! My father who is a smoker ,but a few months away from retiring referred the position to me. I thought if i sober up for a month I’ll be alright. I’m worried now because my father was hired almost 30yrs ago, the hiring process is very difficult and different. Can he get in trouble if I test dirty? They know he referred me and I’m his daughter. What should I do?

          • drew

            took me 84 days to pee a negative test. 27/195lbs/heavy chronic daily smoker

          • Brian

            I have burned chronically for 30 years am 55 years old and overweight 250 lbs at 6’2″. I stopped and tested myself after 125 days and was still positive! Tried clean outs,herbs, flushing and it’s all bullshit. I’m physically active and take relative good care of myself yet still came back positive. Fellow smoker who was skinny,active,ate healthy took 90 days to piss clean. I got caught with too clear a sample because too much water and Gravity was off….auto fail. What’s funny is I run a 11 mil company for 30 years yet life insurance is fucking me over because of this. Trying again to clean up and still hot after 80 days. Fucking bullshit

        • Smoke free

          I was a user for about 14 years. I used about 2-3 times daily. I quit 74 days ago but just took a drug test and came back positive with 24 ng in my system. I’ve done everything to try to clean it out of my body. I’ve exercised, tried to lose weight, drank lots of water, and even spent $42 on a 2 day detox and cleansing treatment from GNC. Anything you put into your body that is toxic your body tries to fight it off as fast as possible, but it keeps and stores Marijuana? Since this is the case it cannot be that bad for you. Why won’t it leave my body? Whatever happened to 30 days? I’m so frustrated!

        • concerned citizen

          where you often in areas with other people smoking?

        • rodney

          I’ve been clean at 3 days and it’s still in my system I’ve been a smoker for 30+ years a quarter ounce a day and I got a test in seven days and I don’t know what to do

          • rodney

            83 Days

        • yep

          exercise like a machnie bro,and eat green foods,the most important right there

        • vit

          your probally fat. i get weed out of my sytem as a chronic user in 11-13days with exercise

        • dee

          Shit yeah right

        • Jason Spiro


      • IWFO

        Depending on your diet and the amount of exercise and water you consume then it could be gone, or low enough to pass any drugs test – However, to be 100% sure I’d say another 2 weeks maybe (I understand that this question was asked 3 months ago)

      • blitz

        give it 2 months, get a piss test from the store, try it yourself, if you pass go ahead, then if you dont wait for the 3 month marker to come about and you should be goochie

      • Antwon Seymore

        It will take 2 weeks just have to drink water everyday

      • sid

        Drink a gallon of water every 2 hours nothing else but water people say drink this or that negative water eat greens and healthy food that contains water and go to a sauna/wprkout/jog and I promise u be good in two weeks the secret is passing and sweating ALOT.

      • Austin

        What. Lmao
        That’s hilarious jman

      • Steve

        I did the same and I failed the test 2 months and two weeks later

    • Darian

      I do not smoke often at all, once every few months tops, but I did smoke about 2 weeks ago. I’m currently looking for a job and scared I’ll fail a drug test. I really need some advice of I should be clear or not. Should I air on the side of caution and take an at home test?

      • Heather Keller

        You’ll definetly be fine

        • Bobby J Arnold

          God Bless, You heather 4 helping these people with the info, u are providing…
          Matthew 25:35-40:

      • Heather Keller

        It will stay in your system for up to 10 days if you’re not a heavy smoker

    • campy80

      What about saliva test?

      • Abram115

        Saliva tests are a joke. The saliva test only tests positive within 10-14 hours of use

    • BOB

      I recently had a edible chocolate bar… I took 1/16 of the bar and felt a light buzz that night. My drug test is going to be around 8 days away from the night when I took the edible. I’m 123 pounds and 5 6′. Do you think I’ll pass?? Please answer.

      • bob

        You may or may not be, it really just depends. THC stays in your fat, so the less fat you have the better. Try to do some running, and drink lots of water.

    • Doug

      Hey guys, for anyone who can answer. I have not smoked for 8 weeks now. Prior to that, I was a fairly frequent user. I was smoking a decent amount, i suppose for a month, roughly from thanksgiving to Christmas. Prior to that, I took 7 weeks off. So in the span of 19 weeks, i smoked for about 4 of them. And I have a drug test next week. Would you think I’m clean? To give you an idea, I’m roughly 6’1 and 225 lbs.

      And what are your thoughts on at home drug tests? Are they helpful?

      • damon


    • serbian

      i smoked one small joint 10 days ago, and week before that one joint more. i’ve been drinking water for two days and today i am going to piss for a test. what do you think? positive or not? pls.answer

      • Hannah wilding

        What happened ??

    • jed_hoyer

      if you smoke every day,do you really think you’ll be doing anything that requires a drug test?

      • bob

        Uhhh…a job? probation? random drug test from current employers?

        • jed_hoyer

          don’t know many daily smokers with jobs at all

          • John Doe

            good troll 0/10/

    • Ferch

      I weigh about 220 punds, smoked 17 days ago for 3 days straight about 2 to 3 hits, I had a drug test today, any idea if I’ll pass?

      • jerry

        So did you pass

        • Shaunnalyssa Meiklejohn

          Hey! I need some help I’m 16 I smoked for the first time a couple weeks ago and i just applied for a job at a hospital and im worried they might drug test me and i might fail.. what do you think ? and if you think so how can i prevent that and i haven’t smoked since

    • CAYJ

      I havent smoked in 6 months but used to be a heavy smoker.. I’m due for a drug test from probation Apr 7th. If I decide to smoke (ex: a half of joint) whats the chances of my drug test coming back positive in April?

    • dj

      Ok so I smoked about three weeks ago then like a month earlyer before that and I am worried that I am gonna fail a random

    • curious

      heavy smoker for years quit completely and passed a take home test after 18 days is this possible or should i retest

      • Chronic Smoker

        Retest yourself.

    • marcus

      I only smoked 4 puffs of a small joint but IRS the only time I smoked. I have a high metabolism and weigh 154. Its already been 8 days will it pass a drug screen if I have it soon

    • 72L65as

      I smoke for six months straight been clean for 7 days I am 6′ 7″ 340 how much longer would you think it would take for me to get clean or am I clean?!

      • jazz

        I smoked for over 8 years everyday and it took me 65 days to be clean

      • SweetDonna

        Re: subsequent dirty tests when she hasn’t smoked in a long time & is supposedly facing jail time as a result– if she truly hasn’t smoked since originally testing dirty, while she may continue to test dirty for some time due to previous chronic use, the tested levels will go down. She should only have a problem if the tested levels go up (indicating recent use). Everyone knows that pot can be detected in previously chronic users for months; so as long as the tested levels continue to decrease, she will be cool.

        By the way, shot guns are the equivalent of taking hits & so are not the equivalent of 2nd hand smoke. But, 2nd hand smoke, ESP after continuous exposure, can get you high– it may be from non inhaled smoke or whatever, but it happens. So, face it 14 yr old, sitting with your stoner friends in a car, day after day, with the windows rolled up, will eventually cause you to cop a buzz. At least get your facts “straight” before you speak. Most of us have been in the loop since way before you were born.

        I can’t wait until the least harmful, and in fact beneficial, drug is legalized. Alright, alright, alright!!!

        • Joshua Reagle

          so i took like 10 hits of low grade marijuanna and my system was tottaly clean before i toked, how long do u think itll take till im cleac, i have a very fast metabolism, and weigh 134lbs

    • JC

      I am a fairly frequent smoker, probably 5 or 6 bowls a day for a few years. I’m very skinny (5’10″ 135 to 140 lbs) and have a very high metabolism. I eat like a horse and haven’t gained a pound in 15 or so years. I have a test coming up but will have been clean 28 days by the time I take it. I’ve had 4 or 5 good sweats recently and been drinking at least a liter of water daily as well as a gallon of cranberry juice in the past 5 days. Whatcha think, am I good?

      • vanillarapper

        bro youll be fine I have taken 30 drug tests and I weigh the same and I have a fast metabolism… weed will only stay more than two weeks tops… if you have a lot of fatty cells and don’t work out then you’re in trouble but youll be fine!

    • vanillarapper

      if you guys work out and eat healthy then you guys will be fine! I have taken so many drug tests due to probation cause im in texas and its sooo easy to pass a test! if you’re fat as fuck and don’t do shit but smoke weed then marijuana will be detected in your system for about a month… ps: I only smoke dank :)

    • kooky

      A few year ago I had a urine drugs test, I was so nervous like an idiot I lit up a dooby a few hours before. I panicked again and on route to the drug testing I drank two litres of water. Did the test and passed. I have another today but this is blood. I usually smoke like a joint-3 a day but Iv stopped for about a month. I’m female 5’4″ and weigh like 50kg. So I’ll let you know if I pass

      • TheQLover

        no you will not pass

        • Derpy

          4 months ago you and replied 4 days ago…..

    • Sasi

      I smoke last saturday and I have a drug test tuesday its been around 9 days and I don’t smoke at all just tried it and I have a drug test tomorrow which is Tuesday will I pass the drug test/?

    • Jacquie

      I smoke about a joint a day. Im 5’4 115 lbs. I’m a wrestler so I sweat and drink lots f water everyday, how long do y’all think it would take to get thc out of my urine?

      • Jacquie

        I forgot to mention I’ve been smoking for about a year now. I did stop for two months from December- February of 2014.

    • kingcharles

      On probation get tested once a month been clean for about 76 days if I toke up a few hits will I test positive on my next urine test 24 days away?

      • TheQLover

        Yes…not worth the chance unless you have a secret desire to go to jail/prison! On probation equals not smoking or drinking or any other conditions of you terms.

    • IWFO

      Hi guys,

      I know this post isn’t active anymore for the individual who asked the initial question but I thought I’d give some input from my recent experience within drugs testing (urine sample) which took place earlier today. I promised myself that if I passed my drugs test that I would post my “story” online so that people in similar situations could feel a little reassured and more aware.

      If you’re from the UK or USA the general cut-off for instant urine sample testing is 50ng/ml – Therefore depending on the timescale in which you have until your drugs test, you DO have time to get it out of your system. IGNORE what all of these bloggers say about it taking 45 days or more to get out of your system (this is only true in EXTREME cases. E.g. A morbidly obese individual with a bad diet, does no exercise and is a chronic smoker). I can’t speak for everyone but personally, I smoked 3/4 times per week sometimes more, sometimes less… I never had a lot to smoke when I did smoke (2-5 joints between 3 people and it wasn’t potent weed, just the regular stuff). I’m 18 years old, 6ft4 and around 71kg, therefore I have a pretty good metabolism I’d say.

      Anyway, I got myself worried sick after finding out I had been assigned a pre-employment medical/drugs test 6 days in advance, I genuinely thought I’d stand no chance of passing my drugs test as I’d smoked every night for the previous 4 nights prior to the phone call informing me of my drugs test. I struggled sleeping etc purely because of the fact that none of my family members knew I smoked weed and therefore they would obviously be upset, as well as me not getting the job.

      However, straight away I began by “cleanse” by drinking 10-12 glasses of water per day (I timed it as 1 glass every hour or so) and although it may sound pretty grim, believe me, it was 100% worth it. I did this for 5 days straight, I also exercised (10 minutes cardio – some heavy lifting) every night, I ate as little sugary/fat foods as I possibly could. I recommend eating healthy cereal such as weetabix, porridge, corn flakes as much as possible and wholegrain/seeded bread with as much fruit as you possible can.

      I acknowledge the fact that I am fortunate enough to have a fast metabolism, however with a positive mindset and following what I did (more vigorously depending on how much you smoked/your metabolism/your current weight etc) you will stand a very good chance of passing your drugs test!


      Another tip, which I am sure most of you have read countless times already is to drink as much water as you can on the day of the drugs test, try to urinate twice or more before your actual drugs test as your morning urination will probably contain the most metabolites. Also, eat something light – don’t have a big breakfast/meal (stick to fruit/cereal) and then when you actually have to urinate for the test, urinate a little in the toilet first, then the “middle” part of your urination into the container and finish it in the toilet as the beginning and end tends to contain the most metabolites. Don’t bother buying ANY pills or cleansing kits from the internet, there is NO PROOF that these work. However, if you have the time then I’d recommend purchasing a cannabis urine test kit (£4 on eBay) and testing yourself as much as you can to test your progress and give you a piece of mind before you take the real one.

      I hope that my personal experience can help at least one person, I’ve tried to put in as much relevant information as possible and all the information I gained took hours and hours of scanning the Internet and reading journals/blogs/etc.

      Thanks for reading if you made it this far, I have faith in you all! if you have any more questions, I’d be happy to help as I know how you feel and it’s a pretty bad feeling!

    • DeRob

      I smoked every day for 11 months consecutively. On the high end, I’d smoke all day, about every hour or two, on the low end maybe just a bowl or two in the evening; either way I never missed a day. I was able to pass drug urine tests after 27 and 35 days of not smoking in my two years of this “study”. Advice: sweat everyday, whether its running or lifting weights, just sweat the THC out, and go heavy on drinking water. (I’m a Male 5’10″ 150lbs)

    • Ruby red86

      I have a drug test in about 15 days, I smoked 2 days ago but it was only a couple onies. Before that it was 3 weeks before I smoked but I was a frequent smoker than. Would I be ok?

      • Ruby red86

        Please reply..

    • Ruby red 86

      Needing answers ASAP. I have a drug test for a job in about 15 days. I smoked 2 days ago only 2 onies. But didn’t smoke for 3 weeks before that. Before than I was a frequent smoker. Would I be ok?

      • david

        I have almost the same kind of situation here and have a urine test in 15 days. so i wanted to know that did you cleared the test or not?
        Reply Asap!

        • whocares

          same situation. what happened!!

    • i wonder who

      I took a few hits like 3 and danced at a dance and sweated my high away. Im 5’6 281 but im active for walking and jogging. Now I have a pregnancy scare and have to take a urine test will it show? This was 4 days ago. Will this show up? Please dont judge me. Idk at the time if I was unsure about my prego scare.

      • Cheese and rice girl

        5’6 281? Jesus Christ lose some weight. I can’t believe someone even slept with you. Inb4 every girl is beautiful

        • Laaidy84

          My god….who are you to say that about her? your a jerk!

    • Shy Sharon

      I didn’t smoke for 3 years this month and had some strong small buds the first week of April and again last week 4 small bowl each time…I will probably be asked to take a urine test next week…im 5’2 225 lbs, do you think I can pass?

    • Firdaus Asraf

      I passed my thc test today and the last time i smoke was 12 days ago. I am a very very hardcore smoker for about 3 years. I took pots and at least 5 blunts a day. But right after I stop smoking, I do workout alot and not forget to mention that I am very careful with my diets. I drinks a lot of water too. Just workout, drink a lot and make sure u sweating like helll, right after that keep your finger crossed and do the urine/thc test. U will be fine. Trust me.

    • Dave

      I smoked 2 weeks ago, dabbed like 4 times and before that I have only smoked once in the past 3 months. i work out daily and drink a ton of water every day. Could I pass a drug test tomorrow afternoon?

      • Firdaus Asraf

        Yes, you will.

    • Sammm

      Okay, i have a piss test in 3 days, i stopped smoking yesterday, I weigh 105.9 pounds, and i’m 5’6″-5’7″, do you think that if i drink lots of water and work out constantly and get a detox method that clears your system in two days would know the stuff out? I’m very worried.

    • 24213

      After reading all these posts… I am wondering what’s the point of smoking this garbage if your busy trying to cover up your truth?? Where’s the integrity in that?
      I don’t smoke it… Never will. My mind and job are safe and sound from any drug test. I know I can sleep well with my truth.

      Something to consider….

      • zz

        youre a fuckhead

      • Zac

        If you dont smoke why come here and read this/comment? I guess your safe and sound mind are awful bored.

    • Dabaholics

      Hi I’m 17 5’8 150. I’m on probation for some hit n run bullshit. I told them I haven’t blazed since may 10th and the last time I smoked was may 12th they gave me a 30 day grace period. I’ve been smoking everyday not sure how much it varies I’ve brought a zip to a concert and smoked it before I left, I’ve also only smoked a blunt to get to bed. I’ve been smoking since I got off po last time and I wanna say that was last December (2012) or January. I also picked up dabbing in June since then I’ve been smoking on average .6 a day give or take some depending on the day. How long will It take to get clean ill do just about anything I was charged as an adult so now I don’t go to little boy jail anymore instead 90 days in county. Please help.

      • sorrychief

        you deserve to go to prison

        • Dabaholics

          Cause I smoke trees lol you liberal fuck. Go fuck yourself.

          • Anna816

            No, you don’t deserve to go to prison for smoking weed… But you do deserve to go because you wont stop smoking for your future… They give you a 30day grace period but you still continue to smoke…….. That to me is why you deserve to go to prison. Smoking weed is worth more than your freedom, obviously…

            • Dabaholics

              I smoked a blunt the night before court I’m not asking for your opinion. I’m asking if I’m clean why waste your time to tell me what you think.

          • MikeyC

            Because non-violent potheads belong in prison. You sure that won’t just make them into much worse off individuals? #Faileddrugwar

    • truth

      Hey Guys. The first step to finding out the truth is disregard everything you have read here. I am a forensic scientist who has actually performed drug testing and most of this information is mainly speculation and is based on nothing. There are several ways to test for marijuana/drugs, and they all have an extremely low power of detection. Gas Chromatography is sensitive to points per trillion, and can be used on hair, urine, and blood. Disregard information about fat content. Yes, marijuana is fat soluble and therefore is “stored” in fat, but there is fat inside your bones and in your organs, not just under the skin. If you want more reliable information on the subject, check out google scholar, not google. Apply this to everything you want to learn. The best way to not fail a drug test is to not use illicit substances. I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted to hear.

    • xavier

      I got a drug test next week n I haven’t been smoking for 5 days I don’t ssmoke everyday but a lil bit I’m 5″10 n weight 160 n drink a lot of water n run everyday for 1 hour do yall think I’m good ?

    • bruno

      hi, I smoked weed 8 days ago, and I hadn’t smoked over 5 months. They did a random drug test today at work and to my luck they picked me. Right after work I went to a lab to take a instant urine drug test and the lady told me that I came up negative. I also took one of those drug tests that sell at the pharmacy and also came up as negative… what are my chances of testing positive on the lab test????

      • moonbat galoop

        you should be fine

        • Bloodshot

          Iv been looking at websites nothing is really clear. I have only smoked three times in my life one being a month ago. But I am a regular blood doner. I’m suppose to donate today will my blood be clear ?

    • Gemma

      I have been smoking for about 4 years now and have been offered a job in the mines, which obviously means a drug test. I have until the 16th of June to do my medical and have stopped smoking only since yesterday when I got the call, how can I pass!?

      • Anna816

        If I was you, I wouldn’t get your hopes up… You’ve been smoking for 4 years? You need ATLEAST 28 days… The only thing I think could help you is drinking a lot of cranberry juice. But I doubt that will work since you’ve been smoking so long…

      • moonbat galoop

        you are screwed

        • Joshua Smith

          My bro pissed for 2 years on probation and smoked every day up to the test except that day. All he did was drank lots of water and mafe sure he pissed numerous times before his test piss. No food and only water, passed every time and I myself witnessed it.

      • TheQLover

        Go to the drug store and self test…Why are people on this forum not commenting on the efficacy of drug store tests verses the outcomes of their formal testing? Good information for all asking these questions.

    • Eddie Barron

      I rarely smoke, i smoked about 2 weeks ago and im wondering if its still in my system

    • Hombre

      I see a lot of comments asking about how long it will stay in your system. The article above says:
      “On the other hand, studies have shown that regular users can test positive (20 ng/ml limit) for THC metabolites for up to 46 consecutive days following marijuana usage. In an extreme case, a heavy cannabis user of more than 10 years was able to test positive (20 ng/ml limit) for up to 67 days after last being exposed to marijuana.”

      I’m pretty sure until a little more time passes, research will have been done in CO, or it needs to be done, which will illustrate a huge range of weights and smoking frequency. It could even be a chart that we someday just Google and can easily answer this question. It’s a matter of missing research. The best way that we can help understand its metabolism is to continue to talk about experiences with drug testing. The above information seems the most credible and logical that I have seen. I have looked this topic up over and over. I wish relative terms like “heavy” were more stringently defined. As far as detoxes, I only know of one that worked before a test, but I also understand that tests are getting smarter since the time he tested 9 years ago. The easiest way for me to treat it in the end is to acknowledge that smoking pot is a lifestyle choice. I really enjoy smoking, but after being forced to quit, I didn’t feel as different as I expected. In the end, I believe pot staying the above listed 46 days and varying upward based on extremity of regular use, i.e. pipe bowls vs. bong bowls. Like nicotine, the amount of intoxicant absorbed is relative to the depth of the inhale. Varying concentrations of THC also need further study. The difference between dank vs. mids and specifying strains, cultivation processes, etc. one aspect that definitely needs further study is pesticide use.

    • M

      I hit the blunt for the first time in my life on Wednesday && I only hit it once but I took a drug test Friday do you think I past?

    • Andrew

      If I smoke smoke every other couple of days and I had 30days to get clean and I took one hit of a bowl and one hit from a bong a couple of days latter and I took a a small dab of oil and I got 16 days left to get clean for a probation drug test will I be clean??

      • Joshua Smith

        Drink lots of water that day and numerous pisses before your piss test. No food cuz the thc will stick to it.

    • Drew

      I smoke one time a year ago and then this year i smoked one time then 2 weeks later i did again. I have 40 days until my drug test will i pass it?

    • jIGGa

      ok i just smoked today and im going to take 4 Azos Maximum Strength to clean my system. I beleive i’ll be drug tested for a job that i just applied to today on thursday (she set up an interview). Do I have hope ?

    • Scared

      I am no regular smoker it was my first time and i smoked two puffs and this happened last night is it going to show

    • Elma Carriaga

      I haven’t smoked for about 5 weeks …before that wasn’t a frequent smoker..3 days ago I took bout 4 puffs…now tomorrow I have to take a urine test..will it show…Its for a job interview …what do you all think…

    • jane

      i smoke one joint in a day frm past 1 yr.. for how long m i suppose to take gap before goin for a urine test ??

    • Big L

      I’ve been clean for 3 months but hit a big ass bong about a week ago, I took one hit from it that’s it and I have a drug test on Tuesday u guys think Ill pass or na? I’m also pretty skinny I weigh 130 and have a fast metabolism

    • jane

      i smoke one joint in a day frm past 1 yr.. for how long m i suppose to take gap before goin for blood test ??

    • Help Dx

      I Smocked The Whole Last Week And On Monday and Got Blood Tested On Tuesday Drank a Little Bit Of Cranberry Juice OnMonday And Tuesday Will They Still Find Out Or ?

    • Help Dx

      Also When Yuhh Get Blood Tested And Your Under Age Do The Doctors Tell Your Mom Yuhh Been doin Marijuana Or Waht ?

    • soccer guy

      I’ve smoked the past 6 days once a day and have a drug test before the 26th when should I do it will I be clean?

    • rdcan

      Im not a regular smoker I haven’t smoked in years. I took a hit off a blunt on the 20th of June. My test was the 14th of July am I OK? Test comes back in two weeks

      • TheQLover

        Let us know…..

    • Kerri

      Iv smoked weed three times, once in April, then July 3, and July 11! I have a unrine or blood test coming up in 30-48 days! I’m about 5’4, 125 pounds with a fast metabolism! I work outside, and drink lots of water! Should I pass my test?

      • DeadGodsofKemet

        You should be clean after 21-30 days from july 11 session maybe give yourself a few extra days for peace of mind.

    • RH

      I haven’t smoked since pregnant but now I’ve had my baby (5 mths old) I’d love to have a cone again. Is it safe to smoke while breastfeeding? What if I smoke and substitute with a bottle feed for a few hours? If it’s not safe I’ll wait until I finish breastfeeding in a few more months.

      • Val

        Personally, I would hold off – the simple answer is that it really isn’t known what sorts of things could happen… Nothing solid out there about how long it would stay in your milk either… I’d think, though if you pumped and dumped and subbed for a week or so depending, there probably wouldn’t be any in your milk, or your urine (especially if it is just a one time ordeal)… Not very concrete or conclusive tests have been done, there are a lot of contradicting opinions out there on the web, as I’m sure you’ve probably sifted through some. It is known though, that the drug does pass very easily into breast milk, and infants feeding from mothers that have smoked, test positively for it. It has the potential to decrease your milk production, and have also read in several places that it can cause the baby to be really sleepy, and on one, mentioned that it could increase the risk of SIDS… Hope that helps!

      • TheQLover

        Anything you digest transmits to your child via breast feeding…anything and everything down to spicy foods. Be smart and do not contaminate your breast milk — baby first always.

    • Sunny

      Alright, summary: clean 60 days, weekend of around ten hits, five days later clean.

    • Bubba J

      About a year ago I had weekly drug tests for court. I weighed roughly 275 pounds at the time. Good amount of body fat. Smoked daily, several times, a day. I was clean in 28 days. For urine tests, sweat like a motherfucker (dripping/soaked) and lots of water.

    • Islandmom

      Okay. I am new here. I have been on pain management, taking oxycodone for almost 10 years. I don’t smoke weed, but my meds ran out. My kids told me to try CBD. I have my next monthly dr appt and ua in 2 weeks. If I take CBD tonight, will it show up in my ua on the 12th? Momma hurting!

      • TheQLover

        What is CBD? Sorry you’re hurting Momma! Be honest with your doctor.

    • Blocca G

      Look I smoked hydro on Thursday after I dropped nd the following Monday 3 days after I had a random UA (piss test) for federal court house in Tucson Az I drank lots of water nd that’s it passed with no signs of thc I was completely clean.,, I was a heavy smoker b4 nd would only smoke high grade hydro nd was clean in 19 days, I am 5’9 nd 130lbs

    • josh

      im 5’9 214 I quit smoking for months n bout 3 weeks ago I smoked a few js I got piss tested tues.u think ill be ok

      • Zac

        No cuz you’re fat.

    • Millerman

      I smoked yesterday and have a drug test about 4 days from now. i had not smoked for over 50 days and I had a clean test before I smoked. I’m very scared will i pass??

    • Brittany

      I haven’t smoked in like 3 weeks but I also stopped like 2 months prior to that & I just took a drug test… Am I gonna pass it?

    • Smoovebaby

      I’ve been on probation for some months now I haven’t smoked in a while I smoke on Monday the 4 th and again on the 8 will it be out of my system on the 18th I’ve been taking azo and drinking lots of beer and water to flush my system

    • Ben

      I use to smoke weed I haven’t had it for 8 or nine month and had 3 joints about when pissed and have a drug test for the army in just under 3 weeks if I drink loads of water and exsersise will it go out of my system ?

    • Ben

      2 days ago when I had it *

    • p

      I take 2-6 hits off a bowl fri, sat and sun. I get randoms at work, what is tge possibility of failing a drop? I dont use during the week. Only weekends

    • Dimdom

      I had like 4 puffs off weed on Saturday got drug test on Thursday haven’t smoked in years will be out off my system need to know please help

    • mdog

      i have been clean now for months, had an instant drug test a week ago and came out negative. I smoked 3-4 times since then and i just found out that i will have another instant urine test in 12 days. Would i be clean if i drank a lot of water and exercised? i smoked altogether about 0.6g not even more than a gram.

    • Lee biscuit

      Yea no shit qui ripping the 14 year old and answer the effing questions. I give the lil guy props for having an opinion. But unless you are locked in a closet with fifteen do oboes being smoked at once your chances of failing from contact are slim. But on the other hand it still is possible. Thc is very freaking tricky. If you’re skinny and don’t eat (just to be safe) I give you a week.(non smoker). But if you’re skinny and smoke like a chimney then I give you a month and a half. Bigger ppl and non smokers I say two weeks. And bigger avid smokers two months. Not a scientific response just a guy that says better safe than sorry mates. I don’t smoke really but just found some knockout had to try it so I puffed it a few times. Regret it now but yea no one really knows. Peace y’all. #wannagethigh

    • Joshua Reagle

      so my friend took around 10 hits of low grade marijuana , before he smoked his system was totally clean, how long will it take him to get clean u think??, he has a fast metabolism and weighs only 135lbs

      • Zac

        “you’re friend” lol. we all know you mean yourself kid.

    • BooBaby

      I have like 6 cones before I go to sleep every night, is that a chronic smoker?

      • Zac

        Nope you’re a lightweight. Smoke more.

    • please help

      I somed like Monday and it was the 1st time in a while I took a drug test and past before I smoked im about 100 pounds im five three how long would it take to leave my system

    • scott fierce

      30 days clean and still failing UA-put into intensive outpatient for relapse***

      I have been clean since about July 26th 2014, give or take 2
      days. I had a UA with about 188 ng/ml after my 2nd week of alcohol treatment,
      which I knew i would fail as it had only been a couple weeks since i quit. I
      totally expected to be cleared up with the next one. So, 30 days later I do a
      UA and fail again. This one comes back at about 80 ng/ml (8-19-2014). Now this
      is very confusing, and to them I have no defense in this and I just got bumped
      to Intensive Outpatient. Of course, they don’t believe me at all, but i have
      not smoked a dang thing since starting treatment. It sounds to me that if in a
      month my THC level cut in half, then in 3-4 more weeks it would be clean. The
      treatment agency says that isn’t possible and they and the LAB know all the
      science and it says i used after I started treatment!! I didn’t know where to
      go for any advice so im just looking anywhere I can online. It seems like a
      bunch of BS advice everywhere. Any Suggestions? Here is some back info.

      ***I’m from Washington state.

      ***I used a little in high school but didn’t use anything
      again until about September 2013. From that point I used an [U]eighth[/U] every
      two weeks up to July 2014.

      ***I also quit drinking in January 2014 and lost 25 pounds
      since that time.

      ***I am 5’11”, 190lbs now. Not fat but not a totally flat
      stomach either. I consider myself average build. My BMI is 26.5. I don’t
      exercise and I drink lots of water all the time my whole life.

      ***The few days before my first UA (7-28-2014), Even though
      it had been about 2 weeks since i smoked, I started a cleanse called 7 day
      TOTAL BODY RAPID CLEANSE. On the 4th day i stopped using it because I was near
      to crapping my pants every 90 minutes on top of having to pee every hour and
      that looks bad at work.

      ***Their confirmation limit is 15ng/ml

    • bex22

      If this helps: I’m 5’5″, 150 lbs, female, I smoke about an eighth a month by myself (about two to three small bowls a week), I run 2 to 3 miles twice a week and eat well, I’ve been smoking for at least a decade. I tested clean after two weeks, no tricks.

    • mems

      hey, so i used to have low potent(usually dry but can’t complain since this is all i have access to) weed stash that usually lasts for 3 weeks to a month, then have a week-3 weeks break. i eat healthy, drink lots of water regularly (around 2-3 liters a day) and do yoga religiously. i’m taking a drug test in more than 12 hours from now? will i test positive? i have stopped smoking for 33 days. i’m 5’1 and weigh around 95 lbs. please reply. a little anxious

      • Warren

        You’re fine dear, trust me.

    • Helpplss

      I taked like 6-7 hits from a joint and it was like 13 days ago , and i am going to do a urine test . Do you think it’s out of my system ?

    • derek

      I havent smoked in year today i tokk seven maybe eight hits how long till iam clean again

    • NeedToKnow

      Smoked for two months straight about two blunts a day I have a drug test in 30 days.. Does anyone know if I’ll pass? (I been drinking cranberry and lots of water) someone with real expertise please answer..

    • Ckatz123

      I’m 6 foot 155 lbs just started smoking. team got drug test beginning of October did it today and have done it 5 other times in the last month 2 weeks until the test will I pass?

    • shawn

      So I have to go to a clinic and take a pee test for my job. I smoked regularly for about a year to 2 years 2 to 3 times a day, taking breaks of couple weeks to a month every now and then. The last time I smoked was on the 4th where I smoked one regular bowl with a friend. Today is the 15th if tomorrow I take the pee test will I pass ? I am 18 with high metabolism and only weigh 125lbs.

    • sr

      I quite smoking in the 30 of aug n i just did a Silvia drug test under my tongue tell it turned blue n i took it on the 16 of September so i was 17days clean do u think i passed?

    • jj

      just recently got on probation I’ve been on probation for four months already it took me 45 days to get clean from when I went to court took a drug test after the 45 days came out clean went home smoked for about 2 weeks maybe a joint here or therehave 32 days before I go report again would I come out clean

    • Mann

      if I haven’t smoked in a month and hit a blunt one time how long should I wait to take a drug test? I weigh 127 and I’m 5’4

    • me

      question what if i buy a gram and roll 2 fat blunts but only smoke a few drags to get me high then turn it off the last time i smo, ked was over 2 weeks ago … am i still dirty… ih and be for thay i was only smoking once everyweek .. soo am i dirty?

    • mongo2145

      i never have smoked pot before. I am 26 years old and i smoked for the first time sunday. There were 3 of us hitting it. we smoked one before we left for our destination and about an hour later we smoked the other one. The last one had chronic in it. (not sure how much but it did)… so my question is, how long will it stay in my system? i am roughly 210-215 lbs at 5’1″ tall.

    • Jenn

      Just had 2 tiny bites of an edible but I feel like it got me high. I havnt smoked in about a year but drug test in like 4 days

    • Dr.pepper

      I smoked 3 days ago, i never smoked before that for a really long time and i just so happen to have suprise drug test in an hour. It was only like 2-3 hits.
      Do you think im fine? :/

    • kris

      If I haven’t smoked it in 4 months but before that smoked it everyday about 9 grams a day for 5 months will I fail or pass a test

    • Joey

      I was a frequent smoker and I did it almost everyday Im 5’8 180lbs will it be out of my system by March. Last time I did it was October 1.

    • notimeforit

      I think the best answer to this is just don’t smoke or ingest THC if you want to be sure to pass a drug test. Otherwise you’re putting yourself at risk to either not get a job you want or lose a job you have.

    • Shaunnalyssa Meiklejohn

      Hey! I need some help I’m 16 I smoked for the first time a couple weeks ago and i just applied for a job at a hospital and im worried they might drug test me and i might fail.. what do you think ? and if you think so how can i prevent that and i haven’t smoked since

      • LAD

        Excercise and lots of water will be your best friends between then. Since its your first time and with just one joint, you’ll be fine.

    • Taylor

      How long does weed stay in the body

    • kk100.420

      I took 4 hits of loud off this blunt on satutday at 4 in the morning, if i get tested on monday around 4 o clock will it show up in my drug test? are there any water pills i can take to help get it out of my system?

    • stoner4life

      I quit smoking for a month after being released from jail and smoked 2 joints and have a drug test the 31St think I’ll pass??

    • ping

      Help guys, i smoked weed almost everyday before then i stopped for 2 months, if i smoke a joint how long will it stay in the body?

    • ping

      i need u guys to reply asap
      please, thanks

    • Tim

      I have been smoking on and off for 3 or so months I have a pee test coming up what do I do to try and pee clean

    • joints

      I smoke at least 2 times every month. I’m taking a blood test tomorrow and the last time I smoked was 3 days ago. Will I test positive? It was only one joint.

    • paul

      I just took one breath of a joint like 3 months ago….and I have a drug test in a month. Should I be worried. Pls do reply :)

    • dm123

      If I haven’t smoked in 2 months and took 8 hits of a blunt yesterday how long will the thc stay in my system. Need to pass army meps medical test soon.

    • Lisa juketvshow

      I’m a person who smokes maybe 4 times out of a year. I’ve smoked last Sunday. Today is Monday so that is a week ago. I smoked 1 blunt but not a whole to myself. I have a drug test for a new job today. Would I fail?

    • jaaaay

      Havent smoked for a year and I smoked a joint on the 15th of this month I am 5″8 255lbs would I be clean by the 4th of next month

    • Rayden43

      I was an excessive smoker, smoked the really good stuff for over 3 years strait, and reggie for 9 years before that. I’d say I probably smoked 3-5 times a day on the good stuff and 5-8 times a day with the reggie. I have been smoke free for 84 days now. I failed a urine test after 45 days so I figured I would give myself 75 days. I did a lot of cardio and strength training exercises since I quite almost 3 months ago, lost 25lbs! Feel great and had high spirits so today(day 84) I went to purchase a First Check home urine test for marijuana….and it’s still positive! Speechless….trying to figure out how to get rid of this crap! Any other ideas out there besides giving it more time? Wish this country would just decriminalize this stuff already!

    • Jadie

      So I’m not much of a smoker but my friends defiantly are pot heads, in this past month I had took two hits two different times && I now have a probation appointment this morning. I’m worried to fail this drug test does anyone know if I may be likely to fail it?

    • a-buddy

      hi. i have been smoking probably 5-6 times a week for the past couple of months. i have a drug test coming up in 4 wees and i am wondering if i will pass it. i swim at least 2 hours a day and i am 5’11 at 160 lbs. will i pass? please let me know, thanks

    • Arnold Paul

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    • janet

      I I smoke 3 days ago my first time smoking I’m Goin to take a drug test tomorrow for this new job would it come ok ?

    • idfk

      i have a boxig medicsl coming up and they take a piss test i smoked a couple weeks ago probably 5-7 hits thats all will i pass?

    • John Doe

      There is no way in hell to test positive after 30 days + if you hit the gym regularly and drink lots of water. Some of the most retarded and dumb comments i’ve read on the internet since 2000 in here…

    • Butcher

      So i really need some help
      I have been smoking for about 3 years. nearly everyday, used to be 3 times a day but for the past 6 months its only been once a day. the past week i have slowed down to only when i feel like it which was about every other day. i stopped on Wednesday because i have a medical test next week for the reserves (Military). so am i completely f**ked? i kept doing it because i thought i was already screwed, but i snapped myself out of it and wanted to be clean. this is a huge huge deal to me. im really really worried. i just really hope maybe someone has a real idea on how i can get it out of my system just for the day at least. i know what everyone says to dilute it and drink lots of water and all that stuff but i dont know if it will really work. i just wish there was something, anything that will give me a big chance of success. even if i have to order something. if anyone can help its really appreciated.
      if it helps i have a very high metabolism and dont weigh much at all!

    • Rolee

      Can someone help me i’m a 17 year old girl who weighs 200 lbs. smoked a decent sized blunt on Tuesday, how long until it’s out of my system? I never smoked weed prior to this either lol.

    • maryb

      I smoked once 2 months ago took test yesterday. Will I pass my drug test?

    • Danny

      Was clean for 2 months then ate one brownie and smoked a joint, then 2 weeks later smoked another joint. Used to be a heavy user before I quit then I was clean for 2 months. Then just wanted to relive old times. How long you think it will be in my system?

      • Danny

        Anybody have an idea? in addition I’m 6’0 and 185lbs. I smoked schwag and most likely Reggie the 2 times I smoked again but idk about the brownie

    • Gee

      I stop smoking on sept 22nd 2014
      when should I take a urine test

    • Bluntmaster

      My question is I have very high metabolism shit goes right through me plus I have no inch of fat on my body I been smoking for 10 years about at least twice a day or more now I have a job interview Thursday it is now Monday do you think I should be ok on that piss test if I sweat it out drink tons of water etc.?

      This i important that I get an answer lols

    • one time only

      I hit a blunt(1pull)
      Haven’t smoked in 10 yrs(stress)
      I’m fat
      How lng will it take leave my system

    • shhimity

      I haven’t smoked in about 4 months….and smoked about 3 weeks ago and i have been working out everyday..I have a test in 2 days will I be fine?

    • go green

      Does the fake urine help to get negative test result? Or can i use the urine of non smokers?

    • rickdiesel

      I have smoked 2 to 3 times a day for over a year, I am 5’7 and 171lbs. With a body fat percentage of 14%. My job is very physical and I live an active life style. It’s been 7 days sense I last toked. Any guesses as to how long it would take before I can drop clean?

    • Geo

      Is it true that I will be clean in 3 to 4 weeks without smoking I was locked up took a 2 month break from smoking after almost 8 9 yrs then started again for about for months now I’ve stopped a week ago due to having court coming up next month and know I’m going to be tested please someone lmk I’m also drinking a gallon of water a day and running doing lots of cardio

    • matt Gallagher

      I never smoke but yesterday i took three hits will it show up on a test tomorrow? ?

    • Hector Rosales

      Desperate … help… 911..
      I smoked for 7 month straight . Like 15 blunts a day of Reggie. . I stopped smoking a month ago and I still keep coming out dirty… I’ve drank. All sorts of tea’s and detox bit nothing works.. I’m about to apply for my dream job and this is holding me backk.. need some tips… plz

    • Jerry

      Ok I smoked one joint two weeks ago and that’s the first time I have in a year or so how long will it be in my system?

    • Mrs. Alex

      Aww man! my mom passed away jan of this year, i had about three occasions about 5 months or so ago that i smoked weed. I only smoked it two or 3 times…other than that i never smoked weed… i just took a urine test today “will i fail?”

    • crawl

      Im not an avid smoker i smoke occasionally. But over the last 3 months i have smoked maybe once or twice and i have a hair test coming up. Ive read that those can see back as far as 3 months, but i’ve also read that they don’t pick up one or two time uses but they look more for all the time use. So just curious if i should be worried or not any info would be appreciated.

    • michael cortes

      i havent smoked in three years, i take a little hit, how long till it will leave my system? I’m 140, 5’7 and i do exercise…. please no rude comments

    • autumn

      I try not to smoke but I just smoked October the 30th and then smoked again November 15-16 idk how much and I inhale deeply I’m 16 yrs 5’4 and weigh 130lbs how long do you think it will take to pass a urine test please and thank you?

    • Jhulie

      I smoked for the first time in Friday and have to take iron and blood test will it come out positive

      • Jhulie


    • smily

      Hey so i smoked a joint about 5 months ago and i havnt smoked since i smoked once or twice b4 that i have an army drug test coming up i just wanted to know if ill pass it

      • Ivan Lira

        Dude of course, you have absolutely NO problem what so ever!

    • Ivan Lira

      Can someone please help? I’m a 19 year old who’s been smoking almost every day for about 4 months, I’m 6’0” 170lbs and I plan to get tested in the beginning of January, it’s Nov 11 and I barely have a day without smoking. I normally run 5 miles a day, 6 times a week. I drink 4 qts of water a day. Do I have a chance on passing that test?

    • carlos

      i havent smoked for 4 months if i smoke half a blunt of regie will it come off in one week? cuz i got my drug test next week

    • Envypookie

      I am about 220 pounds I smoked a week ago but only took 2 hits of the weakest weed in the world after having a clean system. Will I be able to pass a random drug test?

    • Buddy

      Ive been 78 days thc free..ive been around it 4 times within these 78 days…These 4 incidents were minor, a blunt or two in the atmosphere in closed rooms for 3 out of 4 times…I smoke black n milds everyday about 3 to 4 daily..I have to take a urine tomorrow for probation.What’s the chances of my urine test coming up dirty?

    • Mary

      My son smoked marijuana 6 days ago and has a pee test on Friday! Will it still be in his system?

    • Tyler

      Ight so I’ve smoke a like .5 bowl once a day for the past 3 days , and my parents are making me take a at home urine test , I’ve already started flushing myself out and I’ve gotten to the bathroom 3 times so far today but I have to take it tomorrow morning … If I stay up and do this all night , even though ill be tired do you think I will pass ?

    • beth

      Hey I rarely smoke but I shared a joint with two other people on tuesday, I’m drug testing friday. I have a low fat content and I’m trying to detox but I’m sick, do i have a chance?

    • shane

      I ave been smoking since 2002 i stopped smoking june of dis to do a drug which i did 17 of oct will i be ok someone plz ansa really need to relax

    • Weed conqueror

      Second hand smoke is real guys. Depending on how much you take in, your lungs may or may not absorb it all. If you put 2 grams in a bong and did it all in 1 hit, you would not absorb all the THC. There’s a certain max capacity that the lungs can absorb. I’m not saying that you would get super high, but there is THC left over depending. My 2 cents.

    • Tc7

      I last smoked 18 days ago, maybe 5 or 6 pipes will I be okay tomorrow for my test

    • Crossley Tony

      I smoke 3 days ago an had to take a pee test today do u think I past it

    • Jamaica

      If I smoked only one blunt and been cleaning for one year will I be able to pass a drug test the following month

    • tina

      so i used to be a heavy smoker but i stoped for 3months n pissed clean . but yesterday i took 3 big inhales off of a dro gar nd i gotta piss test on the 4th if i drink alot of water do you think ill be fine -_-

    • anthony flores

      What If your not an active smoker & you smoke dro for the past couple of days & you have a drug test in 19days

    • Prettyboy

      I didn’t smoke for 7 months and I smoked a few times in the past week how long do you think it will take for me to pass any type of test?

    • Destinee Menting

      I quit smoking about three months ago. Didn’t start smoking heavy till this past summer but was a light smoker for about a year before that. But i haven’t smoked for about three months. My friends smoke around me and I just helped clean a pot plant. Is it possible that I will pee dirty for my p.o meeting in 2 days?

    • sam

      For one month I smoked about 3 bowls a day. I quit two weeks ago & had to have a drug test today for work. I’m scared it will come out positive.Please can anyone give me an answer on if you think it will come back negative. I have never been a heavy user.

    • Gmartin

      I took one hit a day for 6 days I don’t smoke often how long will it be in my system I drink water and detox tea and a fast metabolism

    • regan proctor

      I hit a blunt blew it straight out and didn’t inhale could I test positive ?

      • cmdc2009

        What was the point then, Clinton????

    • shelbz

      I have smoke just about everyday for the past two and half years. I need to be clean by march. Exactly three months. Do i have a chance at this..any tips to help me get clean by the three month mark.

    • muddman

      had to take a blood test 2hrs. after I took one hit,will it show up

    • Pman

      I have an important question. If I smoked 5.5 days ago was hydrated took a military drug test then did a home test and passed the home test, next morning did another home test and failed it, do you think I passed the initial military drug test?

      Please any responses will help me

    • little jones

      i have a very small cock and thats why i smoke pot to help me ease the pain. don’t laugh at me!

    • Barb

      I smoked 9 days ago and had to take a urine test for a job. I only took 2 hits, would it show up?

    • Tom radon

      If I smoked a joint on Sunday and have a drug test on Thursday, and I have been clean for 3 weeks, do you think I would be good?

    • selena_eliza

      I am 19, 5’3″ and 130lbs. I recently quit 18 days ago. I have a pee test tomorrow. I have had about 2 liters of cranberry juice. In the 18 days of being completely sober i have been on a no carb diet, as well as working out on the daily. I should be okay right?

    • Marcus Johnson

      Hey I been smokeing for about 12 years everyday about 3 to 5 blunts a day .. I been clean now for about a month now I been taken niacin 500 mg 3 times a day for a month I have a drug test in 5 days you think.i will pass in i been drinking lots of water

    • blade

      Not everyone the same I first time I quit weed it took 8 month for my system to test clean that was after 14yrs of smoking I recently started smoking for only 6 month and quit it now been 2 month and I’m still testing positive

    • TigBudz

      I’m on probation,
      If I’ve been clean since July (it’s December 11, 2014 currently), and decide to smoke once (as in a few hits), will I be clean quickly enough for my next PO visit? I’m a big guy, 220+ lbs.
      Other words, I’m clean, if I smoke, will it be out of my system in a week or few days OR stay in my system for a month?
      Thanks all who can help!

    • Rip

      I smoked a bong hit and I haven’t smoked in almost four months how long will I be dirty for anyone help

    • GunnerHaas

      I’m 265 pounds and I took a hit of a bowl on thanks givin. I’ve been holding out on filling out my application because I know the next day I’ll have to take a UA. Not only that I have to pass it too. Before that it had been an entire year to the day since I smoked. Should I wait tell January to fill out my app or should I be good to go now?

    • amm

      I haven’t smoked in a year and hit one blunt on the 3rd and have to go take a pee test today what do u think

    • Carre

      If i smoked one bowl a day fora week and then once more a week later.. how long would that stay in my system about? I am 5’8 155

    • brain

      I used to smoke like maybe once or twice maybe sometimes three times a day but not everyday. Probably like 3-4 days out the week. I haven’t smoked for like 3 weeks do you think I would pass a urine test? I weigh about 125 and my metabolism is pretty fast. And I have been working out a little bit. And drinking plenty of fluids. Any thoughts???

    • viann

      Wondering if weed will show up in urine test. I just smoked one joint on November 29 I having urine test December 24th.

      • viann

        Help, give me some advice.

    • Nick t

      I smoked once, one drag about 2.5 months ago and I still test positive. Why?

      • cmdc2009

        You are an f’ing idiot! That’s impossible and you are unnecessarily scaring people who are desperately looking for accurate advice

        • Nick t

          Than explan it to me and my job

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    • sweetleafx3

      ive been smoking for 7 years heavily im 24 and i stopped smoking on November the 24th.. im trying to get a job as a phlembotomist i was wondering how long should i wait till i look for a job i don’t want to come out dirty for weed.. :/

    • pittboi3

      OK guys here’s the deal. I’m 30 5 foot 8 and only 128 lbs. Super high metabolism
      . I smoke everyday and have been for close to a yr but smoke one bowl like 3 hits once in am once in afternoon and once before I go to bed. I have a drug test in 2 dYs and quit 6 days ago. Ive been drinking 8 ounces every hr every other day and run 4 miles the last 2 days. Its a urine sample . ive passed before but with using the same methods ive statd .. Just seeing if I can get some clarity if I’ll pass. This is a huge job

      • pittboi3

        Let me rephrase I’ve passed before using same methods but did so for a week and a half I have 8 total days to get clean. Need help

    • abcdefg

      I messed up and smoked marijuana bout week and half ago for like the first time in a month. I have a drug test tomorow for a promotion and just wondering if ill pass or not. Im really stressing out about it…….

    • Gab

      I dont smoke no more but sometimes I feel like taking a puff or too, so how long would stay on my sistem?

    • Ton

      Smoked once a week for 4 weeks and am smoking today I have a test in 10 days and I am 6 1 and 160 will I pass

    • Chronic Smoker

      As a chronic smoker of almost 20 years, getting arrested for less then half a gram after an anonymous call to the police, I tested positive after 93 days of NOT smoking marijuana with a standard urine “stick” test. It had metabolized in my system, and I had to run to an urgent care to get a blood test, to prove at I had no marijuana in my system, only after I was told to wait for a warrant for my arrest. Oh wait, that was a crooked probation officer who said I tested positive when in fact I was not allowed to see the urine being tested. Most times, if a person is on probation or something that requires regular testing, I suggest that you request blood draws to prove the levels are lessening.

    • John

      So, here’s my dilemma. As much as I love the green stuff she’s outta my life for awhile to come. I either have a d-test Dec. 30th or Jan 8th.
      I was heavy smoker again for about 5 years, after I took a year off (08-09). Was completely clean. Then went on a 5 year bend of just smoking pretty hard in the evenings after work. In August/September/October, I cut back heavily. The amount, the potency and time. In fact I’d go clean for about 3 weeks at a time each month, then smoke lightly for a week. I quit permanently from Oct. 21-Dec. 2nd. During a night of drinking on Dec. 2nd, I slipped up and took 4 hits. I coulda had more, but I stopped myself mid-pipe and said shit, no, got d-testing coming up in month or so. I’ve been clean ever since. I’m pretty sure I should be fine. My metabolism is pretty fast. I’m 230, but not a lot of fat and tall. Probably will do a checker before.
      I know we’re all here looking for an answer that nobody knows, but I don’t think I should have too much trouble.

    • Smith

      I puss was clean then I smoked like 4 or 5 days out of tha week. I havent smoked in a little over 24 hours and I been drinking water like crazy. Can I still pass a drug screen

    • mspacman

      I smoked two days ago and I smoke every 6 months. How long until I can pass a test? 5’6 120 pound female.

    • Johndoe

      I havent smoked in 5 weeks and may have a drug test for a job in a week. 6’3 190lbs extremely low body fat. Used to smoke almost daily. Should i be good to pass the test?

    • jennifercatina1

      I took 1 hit of MJ for Thanks giving and 5 hits of MJ Christmas break. Do you think I can pass a hair follicle test? Other than that I don’t smoke…

    • jmd

      Hi need help I smoke at night not even a hole one when should I stop I might have a pee test on the 12 please help I only started smoking about 2 months ago.

    • Drew Tullier

      Look I smoked one hit of weed. If that even. And my levels are tested. Not a panel test. I tested 4 days after. I have been clean for two years prior. Will this cause my levels to be able to be detected 4 days after I smoked one hit of weed after being clean for two years I’m 5’11 and 160 in weight. Please answer me

    • ChazfordHogus

      I smoked every day for a week straight ending today. I have a urine test at the end of the month at Quest Diagnostics for my return to work. I am wondering if I will pass. I am very very active. I train jiu jitsu at least 5 times a week, also weight train 4 or 5 days a week as well. I am 19% body fat and drink plenty of water. Anyone else ever have something similar like this happen

    • Bula

      I smoked for the first time in 4 months then smoked a lot thenI didn’t smoke for a month … Then smoked a vape maybe about .4 grams (most likely less) and that was 16 days ago… Am I clean????

    • Yoyoma

      So i barely ever smoke but i smoked 4 days ago and i took a uribe test today… Am i good or not?

    • ivann7

      I used to smoke a lot for about 3 years of college then took a hiatus of a couple weeks and went on vacation and smoked again a decent bit. It has now been 54 days since I last smoked I’m 6’1 210 and was wondering if I would pass urine test? In that span of 54 days I have been exercising & running as well. Roughly 4-5 days out of the week. Would I pass?

    • doctor who

      Have a question I’ve been smoking pot for at least a year on and off about 3 bong hits a day for about 3 days a week/ maybe more how long would it take to get out of my system for a blood test? And for a urine test? What test does a doctor do when you ask for a drug test for work? Going into a job and want to make sure I can test fine when I do start I quit 2 days ago

    • vanessa christina

      I dont smoke alot. I go months w/o smoking and when i do smoke, i take a veeeery small puff, i dont even inhale hard or hold the smoke in my lungs for longer then a min. And the most ill puff is two puffs. Would i test clean if i had a drug test and its been about 5 to 6ish days?

    • bill

      I smoked 2 joints new years eve and 6 days prior for 4 days straight. I have a thc urine test in 2 days. im drinking 2 gallons of water, apple cider vinegar, and crannberrie juice. what are my chances of passing

    • BWizard

      I am what would be considered a chronic user I smoke every day… I have had it happen twice now where I have only not smoked for 2 or 3 days and the pee test came up clean. I was very confused as to how that happened especially after it happened a second time so I tried to do some research on it. I found a couple sources saying that in rare occurrences some chronic users had it out of their system extremely faster than most people. It makes some sense just because I have realized that the high does not stay in affect as long for me even half as long as when I have smoked with a friend, usually for most people it is a couple hours and for me its an hour tops. It seemed as if not enough research was done as to ascertain why though…. I am to this day curious what is different about my body or the way it works as to where I have had that happen multiple times… I would just think it would be interesting to have a more in depth study done and to find someone that has had this happen as well to use for such a study. With most people taking a month or more I just do not understand what makes my situation different.

    • Marcia Hughes

      I was clean 30 days ago but I started back smoking Christmas and I quit again jan 2. I have to take a blood and urine test in 30 days will it be out my blood stream then. Before that I was a year clean. I eat fish and drink plenty of water I’m a bit on the thick side tho. Will my blood be clean I know my piss will. I drink plenty of water.

    • Lil ma

      I smoked like 3-4 weeks ago!!!! I just took two hits!!! I took a home drug test today and it came out negative!!! I also had to take a lab test today as well, do you think the test will still come out negative???

    • stassi

      I took one hit of a joint last night and have to take a drug test tomorrow will it show up? That was the first time I smoked any thing in 6 months and even then it was less than half a joint

    • Steve

      Do you think it will be out of my system if I haven’t touch it for 140 days? If I did it 5 times a day?

    • rosana demosre

      I have not smoked weed since December 1, but. Been around people who have & i rolled a joint for her, how long will it take to clear my system. But i was a regular user before that, shouldn’t my system be clean and do vinegar help clean your system the day before

    • Jr

      I took one hit of a joint didn’t inhale long or hard a week ago I haven’t smoked for about 6 months should I be ok

    • trkw1

      it has been 62 days since I smoked weed , at 45 days I tested positive for weed. I just brought and home test and still tested positive . how long will the weed stay in my body ? help someone

    • David

      Alright I have to meet with my P/O on February 17 22 days from now. I’d say I smoked about 6 or 7 blunts not this past weekend but last weekenwith some friends, I’d say about 4 heads or so.

    • David

      And I smoked like a joint last week on wed. More than likely I’ll get drug tested but I am currently 173 a athlete who weight trains 5 days out of the week and drinks plenty of water. My body fat is at

    • David

      11% and my metabolism is pretty high. If I smoke a blunt today and still do my activities will I pass on the 17

    • Bob

      I went about a month and half without smoking, then this past weekend I took a couple of hits from a hash pen and one dab when I was drunk. I haven’t smoked since then. How long do you think this will be in my system? I’m an active 5’10 150LB male. Thanks for any help.

    • Cosmos

      I have a question. I smoked about half a joint last 7-9days ago, and it was my first time.. and there will be a pee test in 15hours. Will my test be positive?

    • Sam S

      Yesterday I took a drug test, exactly 19 days after smoking 2 hits of marijuana. I’m not a regular smoker, maybe once a month if that and It’s never a large amount being consumed. What are your opinions? I’m thinking I’m clean but just want to know what others think! Thanks

    • shawnat

      I smoked a joint 2 Sundays ago, and then about 3 hits last sunday.. i just found out I’m going have to drug test on Tuesday r wed next week.. I’m a female, 5’3, About 117 lbs.. what can i do to pass?

    • Rayon

      I have a question that everyone is going to laugh at. Four days ago I was on a date. My date blew about three puffs of weed, nice grade, into my mouth I took a really good drag and either two or three more small puffs. Killer point, it was peer pressure. I hadn’t smoked in 349 days. If I get tested for a job this week will I be okay?

    • Guest

      If i have smoked about an ounce of weed with in a week for the past four to five years, and have quit for a little over two months and have smoked about half a dub’s worth of weed. how long would it take for me to get clean and safe to pass a drug test?

    • newname

      if i have been smoking a little over an ounce of weed every week for about four to five years and just recently quit for a little over 2 months, and smoked just about a half of dub’s worth of weed, how long would it take for me to get clean enough to pass a drug test???

    • kelvin

      I recently stop smoking weed 30 days ago and did a urine test today. I drank alot of water and cranberry juice i even took vitamins b2.. will i pass the test.. i also weight 130 and height is 5’4

    • Julie

      I have been a daily smoker for three years two to three times a day. I have a urine drug screen in April it’s currently feb 4th I’m 5 4 and 134 will I pass my test

    • rodney

      I have been smoking marijuana for 30 plus years a quarter ounce a day I have been clean for 83 days and I still have THC in my system how the hell do I get it out

    • jessica

      I have a urine screen for probation on the 11th and just smoked today. How can I pass?

    • Rebel dip

      Sorry y’all but I smoked 4 days ago and there is a blood drive comin up at my school and I want to participate in but I’m scared that their gonna find that I smoked and are gonna tell my parents I’m 16 and this is my first time at smoking it and I’m freaked out and I want to be a good person by giving blood to a person in need of it

    • Zach

      I think everyone who is high is the ones who are reading this article lol.

    • greg dave

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    • bear

      I quit 4 days ago I am regular can I clean out in two weeks

    • lil mamma

      I dont normally smoke but hit a blunt a few times yesterday and have to go drop today between 3/6pm can I pass if I drink lots of water between three and six pm today do u

    • jdaddy

      So I’ve been smoking consecutively for the past 6 months. I’m a swimmer and exercise regularly, probably about 2-3 hours a day. How long will it take me to get clean??? Help please

    • maynard

      i was a chronic smoker for like 10 yrs I quit 3 weeks ago and then smoked small joint one week ago. I have detox drink and pills for cleansing. Don’t know if they will spring a drug test on me which will be a week and a half a way. They said no physical but im gonna take detox pills and drink anyway that morning before I go to job. will I pass?

    • Ryan

      Never smoked before 2 days ago….. didnt get high but i did smoke it. been drinking alot of water, thoughts?

    • chanty

      I smoke dagga 2day n im gettin tested 2m wot can i do 2get it owt im gna get tested wif my piss

    • tam

      My friend has to go for hair test.he shaved his body and cut hair short.stopped smoking Feb1.did not smoke month of Dec.smoked weekends in Jan.half of November..washed hair with b.soda and vinegar.Will he pass test.

      • tam

        It is a hair test

    • hayyall

      I gave some a shotgun last nite and have a
      Drug test this Friday what are my chances of passing

    • Lonnie Breeden

      Hey guy’s I have a piss test on Monday 02/16/15 at 8:00a.m. and I’m a regular, or some say chronic user anyways, can someone please help me out by giving me any information on how I could pass it, oh I almost 4got but I’m also dirty for colonzapm, and alprazolam, and I’m a regular user on both of them??? PLEASE HELP, a.s.a.p. THANX!!! ;)

    • alex

      I smoke a fat joint 2day .i dont smoke like that .before 2day i smoke a month ago ill be tested in 3week .can my system be clean by also 210lbs

    • A

      I ate an edible sucker 13 days ago and I had a test yesterday.. I’m 5’10 170lbs very athletic and i workout every day. I drank lots of water and cranberry juice the morning of the test, should I be good?

    • sam

      I have cleansed my body of smoking i have not smoke weed in about 2 weeks and i know im clean but i have to take a urine test for court in about a week and 1/2 can i smoke 1 time today and be ok?

    • iron maiden

      I havnt smoked anything for about 3 weeks and before that i was quite a light smoker maybe half a joint or just few puffs before bed. I had a few puffs on friday and have just found out i have a piss test on wednesday will i pass????

    • missloveless

      I smoke Tuesday and had to drop today do u think I am going to pass it?I haven’t smoke since christmas

    • noname

      I have not smoked in 5 mpnths want tp smoke just a joint of low grade weed im 5/2 abd 130 pounds and some what axtive how long will it take to get out of my urin please help

    • IJR

      Jeff Cigar is as dumb as a box of rocks and much less useful.

    • timmy

      am I ok 5 puffs in 1 week non 3 months user pee 2 days?

      • timmy

        any reply

    • Beto Dominguez

      What if they do a blood test guys? please answer. i have a JOB INTERVIEW on wenesday and a drug test in a couple weeks.

    • Shygal

      I weight 170 lbs and I am 5-4′ was a frequent smoker and quit 3 weeks ago i have a drug test in two days. Please help. I took a first check drug test on THC showed up UGHHHH!!!

    • john

      I quit and started again smoking bong hits. About 10 to 15 day. I quit on Jan 1st and now it’s March 3rd. I just did a self test for 20ng / ml and I’m still positive. I am 5’7 165lbs. The last time it took me 12 days but I am 25 lbs heavier

    • tgod

      how long does it take if i kust smoke once

    • CP15

      I havent smoked in 8 months. I had a hair drug test on 3-2-15. Will my results be positive? The test is through psychemedics.

    • Chase

      So I am a heavy smoker I have smoke weed for about 4 to 5 years straight and have only stopped a couple of times I am very skinny and I have ADHD and I have been clean for about 20 days now due to a better job I have a drug test coming up in about four days from today I have been drinking a ton of water and peeing like crazy but I am still dirty what is the best way to get clean for my drug test??

    • Kenny Simmons

      if I havent smoked in lets say six months and just left my probation officer today I have body fat what is the longest it will stay in my system if I smoke one blunt??? Let me no asap.

    • Juju

      So I’ve been a heavy pot user for over 20 years. My Dr said that there should be no sign of pot in my system within one month. The problem is that it’s been 26 days and wants me to test today. I know that it can stay in my system for over 2 months. He has told me that if my urine doesn’t test clean that he will take my greatly need pain medication away. I have chronic pain and have for years. He’s the only Dr. that has given me problems with my pot smoking. Yesterday I used “Rescue Detox Ice”. It’s supposed to be an instant cleansing product. It says not to eat or drink anything for 3 hours before drinking this product, then drink the rescue detox 17FL. OZ. Then drink 2 times that in water 32 FL. OZ. Within a half an hour. Then not to eat or drink for 3 hours after consumption. I took a home THC test this morning and it’s positive. Even after peeing like a race horse last night. I followed the instructions to a T and I’m screwed, taking two tests this morning. So APPLIED SCIENCES LLC DID NOT WORK! I have to take my test this morning and I’m going to test positive. Meaning my Dr will Not prescribe my pain medication. Does anyone know what I can do to get this out of my system?!?

    • ken

      I haven’t smoked in 7months and i hit a joint once yesterday will it show up in my hair

    • Jared Christopher Hill

      Ok so I quit smoking like 2 1/2 months ago. I want to know if I was to smoke one entire blunt alone, how long will it be in my system. Please try to get back to me ASAP

    • Mary

      I only took one puff how long will it take to get out my system?

    • andrea

      Been clean from marajuina for 7 months and over the period of the last 2 weeks I’ve smoked maybe 9 hits off a joint, I’m 95 pounds with a high metabolism, and I don’t drink hardly any water and get plenty of exersise. How long will it take to b out of my system.

    • frank

      I smoked weed today and get hair tested tomorrow would it show that i smoked that exact day? Plz someone

    • Teek

      Have a new job opening up and I just ate edibles 2 days in a row. I do T smoke or anything, just did it for the first time in years. I was wondering how quickly it should be out of my system?

      I only ate about a half portion each time.

    • Walter Bishop

      Infrequent user here smoked a small bowl of mediocre shake a week ago last time I smoked before that was over a month ago before that a couple of months. Am I good? I work out a lot take vitamins, drink a lot of water, and drink a lot of pre work out full of vitamin c. I eat healthy and I’m 5’11 164. Am I good?

    • Bigdog88

      Smoked two hits off of the pipe of pretty good medical smoke waited two days took a home test 50 ng an failed it I’m going to test again in a few days I will let yall know. I haven’t smoked in 4 months

    • Kirsten

      NEED HELP! Took 5 big puffs last Saturday(5 days ago) and 3 normal today. I have been drinking water since Saturday and i am getting a dna blood test TOMORROW. Will it show up?! Please please someone who knows what they’re talking about help me!

    • theresa

      I never smoked marijuana in my life but I tested positive for marijuana yesterday at probation which I am on probation for a totally different reason they said they would send it off to a lab so why would I yest positive if I never smoked it.

    • bjsc

      I used to smoke a joint at night, it was a better muscle relaxer for ms than anything I’d ever been prescribed by prescription. Seven weeks ago I decided that I want off all ms meds due to concerns about side effects, some are worse than the ms. After seven weeks without the bedtime joint I’m feeling good, even without the ms drugs. I’ve been told the ms drugs are no longer in my system but I wonder if the marijuana still is. I feel great and would be excited to find out that with zero drugs on board, I’m great. Is it possible to still have the weed on board and IG so, would that give me a false sense of well being?

    • Please help

      Hey I need help , really fast metabolism , work out daily , had medicinally for extreme anxiety for about a year but only around .3-.5 a day ( around my bongs head filled with ground up erb). Recently shared a small jay with a buddy because I’d only had 15 hours of sleep in 6 days due to anxiety , had been clean for a week and a day… How long until it passes through my system ? Quite small with healthy liver , like 8-10% body fat and not much muscle.I’m getting tested Thursday (it’s saturday had Friday night) want to know if it will pass if I detox and workout a lot , and I’ll drink lots of water before the test ( standard shitty dipstick test that we have to just piss in a polystyrene cup and they put a piece of litmus in) thanks!

    • BestNews@WorstTime

      I just found out I am preggers 5 days ago and of course, stopped smoking immediately. I have been a chronic smoker, 2-3 joints a day, for nearly 15yrs, only stopping for work related screens. 5’4, 200lbs. I am scared to go to MD as I dont want to have a positive screen at MD office. How long will it take to get out of our systems? Will I have to wait until the 2nd trimester to see my MD? Im a healthcare worker and my MD is at my job so there’s many strings attached.

    • Josh

      I’ve smoked heavily for the last 10yrs & stopped for 3 wks bc of probation & I relapsed and hit a joint 3 times… I am subject to random testing, having took my last test 2 weeks ago… What should I do?

    • Jack Lewinsky

      If your a once a week smoker how long do you predict the thc stays in your system?

    • Jeniffer

      I ate some nuts with thc in them about a week ago, not many, and I exercise regularly, I never smoke or take drugs, but I’m afraid that it will show in a drug test, and I’m getting one for a new job soon. Anything I can do to make sure I will pass?

    • nilo

      I might have to take a urine drug test for a job, I weigh about 130lbs and have less than 10% body fat with a high metabolism. I smoke daily, I’ll smoke two or three times a day only taking two to three hits from my chilem at a time. Any thoughts on how long it’ll take to get out of my system?

    • Megadeth123

      Hey guys!

      I’m about 6’2 and 210 pounds, and a heavy user( smoking for around 4 years with gaps of 2 months a year). I have a test in about 1.5-2 months, and was wondering what I should do to make an attempt to pass it? I stopped smoking about a few days back and have started exercising vigourously.

    • Eduardo Hernandez

      So my last smoke was this past Friday, will it show by chance if I under go the drug test?

    • buzz

      Hey, I just blew a doobie. Can someone taste my piss and tell me if it taste like weed?. I gotta take a piss test in a few days. Y’all are all retarded. LMAO

    • Ed

      I took one hit hit from a joint last night and have a job interview tomorrow. What are the odds of me passing?

    • angel

      Iv been clean for about 4 months and i smoked today i only 4 hits how long do you think i will be dirty for?

    • julio

      Have a drug test for a court coming up in about a week or 2 haven’t smoked in 30 days was a daily smoker for about 3 years I weight about 220 nd 5’8 I work construction sweat a descent amount any chance I’ll pass?

    • annonymox

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      Jeff Cohn, Paducah, MD, USA

    • Spencer

      I just smoked an eighth this weekend and just found out i may be susceptible to a piss test soon. How long will this take to get out of my system? I have an extremely fast metabolism, not much body fat, and have been drinking lots of water, prune and cranberry juice. I used to smoke 3-4 times daily about 3 weeks before i smoked this weekend. Anyone know when i will be good for my test?

    • brock

      Ive been off pot n everyother drug about a year, i took two hits. one a week ago, the other 4 days ago. One hit each day. I have a ua in one week. Someone give me some advice please

    • yookid

      I stop smoking on Monday n I was a heavy user n I just found out that I have a pee test on Thursday so I bought xtreme flush kit and I’ve been drinking lots of water will I pass the test?

    • YoungBuck

      Hello everyone! I just would like to give my experience to how long the psychoactive chemical (THC) stays in your system. I’m currently in the military and an occasional to frequent smoker to help my appetite. I usually smoke around a bowl to three bowl packs of weed every other week, sometimes more. I also occasionally smoke d2e(aka spice) around 2-3 hits every day! I knew i had a drug test(urine) coming up on the upcoming saturday so I stopped smoking weed on Monday and then stopped smoking spice on Wednesday. Which gave me a few days to clear my system. I’m 6’2″ around 160lbs, and i spent the next few days taking 2 glasses of cranberrry juice everyday, as well as 2 glasses of water, 1 cranberry pill after each meal and 2 niacin pills everyday. I passsed my test, so its certainly possible. Hoped this helped, Good Luck and happy smoking!!

    • Nikejorden

      Gettin THC outta your system is hard, apperently. Smoked OG at least 3-4
      times per day for several years. Quit Jan 19th, still testing positive as of last week…. Am about 70 pounds over weight, have always drank tons of water.

    • mikey

      I aint smoked in 3 weeks but smoked a couple bluntz a day for like 3 years would it be out my system in 3 weeks???

    • mikey

      Cuhz i did thre weeks in jail n got pissed tested the day i came out??

    • Need true opinions

      Ive smoked for 35 years…since Jan. I have cut the consumption down big 5’6 188lbs..will 30 days of non smoking do it for me?..passed saliva test but failed urine.

    • Jerry7

      Haven’t smoked or been exposed to THC for 52 days now and still test positive, using professional urine dip testers I purchased online. I am 6’5″ and 345 lbs. I smoked every night for almost a year, but not during the day at all. I may or may not have to test for a new job, not even sure if I got the job, but have been proactive by testing myself. Thought the THC would be long gone after nearly 2 months, but I don’t exercise or eat well so I just wanted to confirm that depending on certain factors, you can still test positive after a long time

    • deniz

      If i smoke pot once a week how long does it stay in my system?

    • noah

      I smoked 2 days ago and took about 4 hits. That was the first time in 2 months. How long will it stay in my system. Or show up on a urine test. Im very active working out 5 days a week and drinking lots of water.

    • BrotherSoft

      Hey I took 1 hit from a joint not a deep in hale but I have a possible piss test in 35-45 days how do u think I’ll do

    • Ronald

      If I haven’t smoke in 4 months took one hit of a jay what will happen..

    • msgethigh

      I take at least 10 pulls a day need to be clean by the end of the month,will stop today will it help

    • Ben

      Don’t know if this will get answered but I wanted to know how long it will take for someone who has not smoked for the last 4 months and did 3 bong rips and some puffs on about 5 joints and has been casually working out, drinking about 2 water bottles worth of water a day and some cranberry juice for the thc to leave the system?

    • Spencer Dare

      If I was clean, smoked weed, and then took a test and showed up clean, and then smoked again 2 weeks later, am I more likely to not pass? Btw I am about 110 lbs, 5’5″ and drink plenty of water and excessive regularly.

    • maddy

      I only smoked it once and took one big hit. Felt sick for 4 days. Weed is a drug so it’s very bad. Best choice is to not do it.

    • mahnsta

      If I took two tokes from a joint on Thursday night, will it still show in a urine test on Monday morning

    • worried

      I am not a chronic or heavy smoker. About 13 days ago i smoked a little. Will it be out of my system by now?

    • chris234

      If I smoke once a month for 5 months and stop smoking for one month will my drug test be positive or negative

    • Kev

      I haven’t smoked since 3 or 4 years now until I had 3 puffs today off of a joint. Would I be ok to pass my piss test that I am taking on Tuesday?

    • MdMom

      Needing help!! I was recently diagnosed with Adult ADHD and my Dr said that he is going to test me for THC, and if the test comes back positive he wont give me my scripts. I have been an avid smoker for 4+ years (3-4 times a day/night) since my appointment (two weeks ago) I haven’t smoked… at all =/ in fear that I wont get the meds I need. My next appointment isn’t for another 2 and a half weeks… will this be enough time for the THC to clear my system? Im 25 5’3.5″ and 155 lbs.
      Help please!?!

    • DeDe

      I smoked once a day for 3 weeks, how long would it take for me to pass a oral swab test and urine test?

    • DeDe

      I’ve smoked once a day for the pass 2 weeks. How long would it take for me to pass a oral swab test and urine rest?

    • Bluejay

      I smoked pot about 2 1/2 weeks ago, I’m 160 lbs, I’m 5’2 and I’m disabled so its impossible for me to exercise. I have to do a pee test in about a week, I have been drinking 2 quarts of water a day for the past 2 weeks, do you think I can pass the test.

    • tony26

      Hey Dr. Carlos. I was a regular smoker of about 4-5 days a week for a couple of years. I quit 6-7 weeks ago. But, about a week and a half ago I fell off the wagon and shared a blunt w a friend one drunken night and haven’t smoked since. Now I have a urine drug test in 7-8 days. Is there any chance I’ll pass? I’m a male 6’2, 230lbs definitely some fat on me but not crazy heavy just belly fat.
      Also, I have qcarbo with eliminex that I used successfully in the past, but this time the job is in the medical field and I feel like they may have a more legitimate and precise drug screening process and I’m afraid the cleanse may show up as a masking agent even though it’s worked great for me before.
      Thanks for any help you can provide.

    • EDS

      I smoked for the first time in months about 6 weeks ago. Both by a brownie and a joint. I need to take a drug test in 6 weeks, meaning it’ll be just under 90 days. How likely is it that I will test positive for a hair test?
      Prior to 6 weeks ago I smoked 6 months before that.

    • Cali

      I need help i’ve stopped smoking for 3 months and i have a drug test in about a week or so and i recently smoked yesterday and sunday… is there anything i can do or am i screwed… thanks. I’m 5’9, 200lbs most muscle but i do have a beer belly lol. I drink alot of water and work out daily…

    • 420hadmelike

      I have been smoking for 2 years, have been a month sober and had 3 hits of a bowl last night. How soon do you think it will take for it to be out of my system?

    • I miss weed

      I was a daily smoker for 15 + years. Quit for 7 days and passed a piss test. All I did was take an actuall detox from gnc and drank an ocean every day. I couldn’t believe it but it worked

    • paul

      How long does on hit of marijuana to stay in your system?

    • seth

      I know I’m late to the party, but I have a 15 ng/ml drug test coming up on Thursday, I am 60 days smoke free but I had been smoking for 2 years daily before I stopped. I have exercised 2-4 times a week and I am 6’6″ 225 pounds with some body fat. I passed a 20 ng/ml drug test about 4 days ago but will I make the cutoff for 15? If someone could answer that would be awesome!

    • eddy boi

      I havent smoked in about a year nd a half nd i smoked four blunts in two days and i have a job i gotta be on the 20th what can i do to get clean fast or how long will it take for me to get clean?

    • jenny lopez

      Okay so I’ve smoked like 3 times a week for only two months now today is mon April 27 and I haven’t smoked since Tuesday so almost a week right but I was with a group of friends who were smoking in a closed room and blowing basically all the air to me on Friday I’ve haven’t smoked or been close to someone who smoked since then and before those two months I didn’t smoked at all. I’ve been stalling my test since April 12 thank god for periods but I’ve been done and I can’t keep it going any longer how long will it take for the weed to get out of my system please someone answer

    • Blah

      I’ve smoked about once a week for the last 7-8 months. I’m tall and skinny, but do not work out at all. I drink 1 bottle of water a day. How long do I need to quit for THC to be out of my urine for a drug test. Any methods to speed this up?

    • Louise

      I’m 4’10 and have been smoking every day for about 9 months. I’m about 140lbs maybe? A bit ‘chunky’ but not too heavily overweight. I don’t smoke multiple times a day but will smoke some potent stuff over the course of an evening. I have a urine drug test in early August. I want to enjoy the last few weeks of my semester which ends may 12 but I’m wondering if I should start my regimen sooner then that. I had been planning on doing heavy cardio and weight lifting to not only get clean but to loose some of my school weight. I’m wondering if I i had 80 days to get clean if itl be enough with tons of water and exercise daily and a 9 month smoking history. Please respond! Thank you!!

    • steve

      i was tested on a wednesday morning at 830 at 11 am that same morning with no liquids added to my body i took a over the counter home test (first choice) and it said i passed. I did have 2 small hits the friday before the test. this is a dot test. should i believe the over the counter test?

    • Heyman

      Will I pass a test if you smoke on Friday and the test is on Monday? If you barely smoke at all?

    • PGo4th

      Have not smoked in 3 months – hit a joint 1 time ( lightly ) how long do you think the thc will show up in a urine text ?

    • justicearagon

      If i smoked four bouls four days ago and i have a urine test today and ive drank about 2 gallons of water and about a quart of powerade and ive been taking vitamins with niacin and vitamin b-12 do yiu think ill be clean

    • collegekid

      I smoked and consumed edibles pretty frequently from last December until April 26th. Since then, I have been clean. I’m a pretty active guy with a pretty fast metabolism, 5’10″, 175 lbs, athletic build. Will I be okay for a urine test next week? And what can I do between now and then to help the results to be in my favor?

    • josh

      I used to be a heavy smoker (at least once a day) but i quit exactly two months ago. I also ate a lot of edibles right before i quit for good. I got really drunk and took a few hits just the other day. I may have a drug test in 1 to 2 weeks. Will i be fine if i work out a lot and drink a lot of water? I am 5’5 at 115 lbs and have an extremely fast metabolism. Please help!

    • goldie mack

      took 2 puffs friday and took a drug test monday so worried if i passed i worked out all weekend and sat in the sauna i work out just about everyday as it is someone give me some insight on if i passed or failed

      • JustsayNO

        You failed,loser.

        • goldie mack

          i passed! thanks buddy

    • James

      Hi Dr. Carlos Mitchell.. Writing from Derbyshire in the UK. I was banned from driving last year for driving under the influence(Alcohol) I’ve been clean of all alcohol for over 6 months now but have been a heavy cannabis smoker since 15 (I’m now 29). when i say heavy, i mean maybe 3.5g per day. My question is.. I have to sit a medical examination and have a blood test with my doctor before i can reapply for my license, how long should i leave it before doing this? I’ve not yet stopped smoking. I weigh 11 stone (154LBS), am just under 6 foot tall, Quite skinny and have a very fast metabolism. I’m not very active and probably don’t drink enough water. Thankyou

    • Samuel

      I smoked about 8 hits A week ago today. It’s the first time in about 4 months I have a pee test tomorrow dus anyone know if I’ll pass it. I do drink a lot of beer and water I’m 5.9 at 175lbs please reply asap

    • Bill

      I took edibles about 2 and a half weeks ago. I rarely take any kind of weed, but it freaks me out cause i have a drug screen in about a week. will i be good? my life will be over if i dont pass.

    • Intern

      Hi, I am going to be given a drug test for an internship. I am unsure as to whether the test will be blood or urine. The last time I smoked was over a month ago (End of March) and I only took a few hits. Prior to that I was hardly smoking at all (less than a month). I don’t even know when the test will be but I want to feel confident that I will test clean. Do you think I will be okay?

    • flanders

      Hi Dr Mitchell can you please help me. I smoked daily until February 20th and stopped until April 12th and smoked every other couple of days just 1 or 2 hits. Now I stopped 7 days ago. Will I pass a drug test tomorrow? Im 6’5 and 280 pounds. Not super active.

    • Thenamegame

      I was a heavy smoker for over 5 years and have not smoked in 3 months. I’m 165 and 5’8″ medium build. i have a urine test coming up 2 weeks or so. Should I be nervous?

    • matt

      I smoked for 3 weeks than stoped and i have a drug test soon its been 2 weeks and 3 days sence i smoked and i hadnt smoked for 2 years before will i be clean soon i weigh 166 pounds

    • cuttingitclose

      Hi Doctor, I smoked almost daily from August 2014-January 2015. I stopped from February 2015 to March 20, then smoked daily for one week (until March 27), then stopped for one week. I then started smoking daily again (just under 1g per day) for over two weeks, from April 6 to April 22. I have not smoked since. In short, I smoked daily for 3 weeks out of the month before I stopped on April 22, after quitting for almost 2 months before that.

      I have a pre-employment urine test on May 20 or May 21, putting me at around 4 weeks since I last smoked. I am 21 years old, 5’11″ and weigh about 175 lbs. My body fat is roughly 20%, give or take 3%. I would say I have an average metabolism.

      Am I cutting it close? If so, when should I have started drinking lots of water, cranberry juice, exercising, etc. in order to ensure my system is clear?


    • jenna

      It has been 23 days dince I last smoked. I was a daily user for about a year and a half to two years. My partner and I smoked about an eighth every two days or so. Will I be clean with a simple urine dip test?

    • Jim Smith

      I never smoke but I did last Friday night. Now I may have a test on Thursday morning. Any chance I can pass?

    • chan

      Dr. Mitchell. I started smoking around end of March a couple times a week until May 5th. I stopped smoking after May 5th but will have a drug test at the end of may. I am a heavy girl 5’6 and weigh 280lbs. I have started drinking lots or water and cranberry juice. How do you think my odds are to passing this drug test?

    • T

      oh and take practice tests before your actually drug test good luck everyone

    • sofresh

      @DrCMitchell:disqus Hi I was a heavy smoker finally quit 2 weeks ago i smoked for 3 months just about everyday before i quit I’m 5’6 and 160lbs and i play basketball weekly and drink water alot. I may have a drug test in 2-3 weeks do you think the thc will be out of my system by then and if not any tips to speed up the process. please respond

    • Wyatt

      Hi, I’ve been smoking marihuana for the past 2 to 3 years couple joints a day. I’ve been quit now for about 20 days and have a Urine test in less than a week any ideas to flush my system out? I’m about 6’2″ and 170 lbs. HELP PLEASE!!!

    • ddo

      Okay i havent smoked in 3 months but i took a hit yesterday i have a job interview in 10 days i weigh 230 6’2 will i be clean

    • bree

      Same guestion kind of. I’m an occasional smoker and around :May 3 I took a few hits but I’ve been clean since then. a week later I toook an at home test and it was negative with a faint line… will I be clean in a couple days for my piss test? Because I’m told a faint line is still a line.

    • dave

      I took 3 smell hits on Saturday 16th and on Thursday 21 I have to drug test for this job do u think I’ll pass ?

    • Ashleyanne

      I smoked for a little less than a year. I would say 4-5 time a day. Not whole joints but maybe whole bowls a small one at that but I would smoke till I was good. I quit I think in March or April. Before that I hadn’t smoke for over a year. I exercise everyday but I don’t have the fastest metabolism and I’ll need to pass a test soon. How long do u think I have left? Normally I was told it takes anywhere from 3 months or longer but I don’t think il have that long.

    • jr

      Hey doc so my job drug tested me and smoked 8 days ago for about three days, and had a urine test i stayed hydrated and havent smoked since. I’m 5,8 150 lbs what are the odds of me passing?

    • Coco

      I haven’t smoked in 4months and 21 days ago i took 4hits from a bowl then 1bong rip 1.5 days ago. I sweat like crazy and drink lots of water at work..2day drunk a lil more then a half gallon..will i pass my urine drug test in 12hrs? Still drinking water n pee is white

    • Coco

      Please dr carlos let me know thanks

    • Coco

      And im 5ft 5 weigh 154